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If you are a professional perception columnist or you do that simply out of enthusiasm then you must have at least tried Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop by now. If so, but are you're familiar with formatting and adjusting toolkit both proposition. Well, if you felt you could do more with your photos with a wider frig of toolkit, Eye Candy is probably the thing for you!

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It provides consumers with a wide multitude of filtration and none meant to assist you create spectacular emblem, championships or 3D everything. What you will notice even from the first time you start using the app is that it is quite fast and can handle large pictures with ease. That is because the app makes try of the multi-core coprocessor to accelerate its rendering fast.

You can start using Eye Candy right away if you already have installed one of the photo formatting toolkit it works with. We tested it on Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X4 but should stuff just allright with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or Elements. You should probably want to check the standards before installing, though.

Eye Candy uses a lot of tiles to start its filtration and provide you with the toolkit to start your stuff with. And if you are new to kludge and are not sure where to start from, don'dhfr worry since the component has a Settings Tour highlighting some of the everything it enables you to create.

Designed as a professional method to stuff with 16-bit pictures and CMYK kind, Eye Candy offers a wide multitude of woodiness, document and decision filtration. Some worth saying are: back light - which enables you to add a special light impact to your document or everything, brightwork – which offers a real brightwork like something, spicules – a sunrays blaze impact, blaze – adds blaze and fumes to your thing, or decanter – a 3D glossy impact.

Drip, raincloud, resolution trail, perspective pall, rust, gem dish, dog mink, ripples, are some more document and woodiness impact but we will let you discover the whole.

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hello with sweet potatoes it is Michelle and today I am back with a new video where I'm going to be reviewing some circle lenses that I received in this package right here from eye candies calm I have been a longtime customer of eye candies I want to say for at least four years now and they did send me a pair to review for you guys but I'm not being paid to say any of this all the opinions that I give in the studio are 100% my own and the lenses that I'm going to be reviewing are the Gio tricolor brown lenses and if you new to my channel hello welcome I'm a youtuber from Hawaii and I make Beauty lifestyle fashion videos and vlogs so make sure that you hit the subscribe button down below and I you turn on my notifications if you don't want to miss any of my videos so if you want to see what the lenses look like on me my honest review of them and I can use in general then just keep watching oh yeah I love me some bubble wrap so this is the packaging that the lenses comes in and inside comes with a contact lens case and these are noir lenses in these little vials and then I also receive this free gift and it looks like there are other circle lenses in here as well or some kind of contacts so I'm going to open them up real quick and see what's inside ok these are no prescription which is going to suck because if I use these and I won't be able to see anything because my prescription is usually negative 5 and then this is the where and care guide which shows you exactly how you should care for your contacts and also how to put them in what you should do is clean out your contact lens case like what is that black spot I don't know what that is so I'm going to clean this case and be right back ok so I wash out my lenses and now I'm going to open up these vials so you can see here there are these little arrows and you're going to push the white cap up where those arrows are hopefully the metal part doesn't break off so that you can carefully remove it so the directions here say to soak your contact lenses in solution for at least 6 hours before using it for the first time so I dumped out the solution that came in the vials and instead I'm using my regular contact solution I use the Kirkland brand so I'm going to come back in 6 hours I am totally blind right now but this is what my eyes look like without any contacts in them this is my natural eye color and size so now I'm going to put on the amendment and see what they look like all right you guys so I changed into my new lenses the Gio tricolor brown lenses and here's what they look like I think it looks amazing so let me zoom you guys in so you can get a better look at these so excuse my makeup if it doesn't look the best right now it's been a while since I put it on I feel like it gives you a very like exotic look especially because you don't see a lot of Asians with light eyes like this and it's just so interesting I really love it I know they might look a little creepy at first especially since you usually see me with darker eyes and I have gotten these lenses before I think this was probably my first pair of circle lenses that I ordered from eye candies and the very first time that I got them they were perfect they look exactly like this but then after those got old I ordered my second pair but then one side looked different from the other so I think one side had a darker outer ring than the other one and it just looked weird because they weren't the same so I didn't really end up wearing those because I didn't like how it looks but now that I see these again I'm like so impressed so I think these are one of eye candies best-selling contact lenses because they just look so natural they also don't give your eyes that enlargen effect just in case you don't want that dolly look and they don't have a thick dark outer ring as well because I feel like that can make lenses look a little more unnatural I don't see any color in my vision and I can see perfectly these are prescription lenses but you can get them playing and no prescription as well as you don't need prescription lenses these lenses were also super inexpensive they were 24 dollars and 26 cents that is the price that I see on eye candies website right now and that is the price that you will pay there is free shipping and no tax plus this lens lasts for one entire year so you get some really gorgeous of good quality lenses for cheeks that will last you a very long time so for comfort out of 5 I would rate this a 5 out of 5 I could go all day with them but you shouldn't you should only wear them for I think it says maxximum the six hours for the color I would also rate this a five out of five because I am just in love with the color I think it looks so gorgeous as for the actual fit I would rate that maybe a 4 out of 5 simply because I feel like I can still see part of my iris right around the edges so now that we're done with these lenses I'm going to go ahead and try on the other lenses and see what those look like whoa that's weird alright guys so I have all my glasses right now because these contacts that I have in my eyes have no prescription so I cannot see anything with only the contacts in let me just take these off now and let me zoom you guys in so you can see that there is a little bit of yellow or like brown towards the center of the lens this one definitely has a more extreme and large ending effect on your eyes to make you look more dolly like I feel like I'm in an anime or something with these contact lenses on this pair is definitely out of my comfort zone and a little too big for my liking I don't actually know the name of this so as for comfort I would give these lenses a 5 out of 5 because they are super comfortable I don't feel them in my eyes I don't see any color around my peripheral vision but for the color and the style I would give it a 3 out of 5 simply because it just isn't my style it's not as natural as I would like it to be I also don't like that it has such a large and thick black ring on the outside I think that's what makes it look not as natural but thank you so much the eye candies anyway for sending them I really appreciate it so so much I have been ordering from attendees for about four years I want to say since my freshman year of college and I know that there are other websites that sell circle lenses but I really like I can use the most because they had the cheapest prices their lenses are all very affordable and if you get lenses like this one and they will last you up to one whole year that is insane and they offer free shipping worldwide they are based in Hong Kong so it might take a little while for you to receive your contacts it might take anywhere between two weeks to maybe a month but I've usually received my lenses with about two weeks and all of the circle lenses that I've ordered are from ice candies I've never tried any other brand before I don't know if that may seem like this is a biased review I've just never had any negative experience with eye candies so because of that I never felt a need to switch to some other companies but I believe that they kind of changed it now my friend who recently ordered from my candies said that you need to have proof of your prescription if you are in the u.s. trying to purchase from Eye Candy so just keep that in mind and of course just be sure to do your own research first before you buy any lenses and six things in your eyes also talk to your eye doctor if you have any questions because they will be able to help you a bit eye candies also hooked it up for you guys and gave me protocol to share with you so all you have to do is enter your Michelle K at checkout and then you can get 10% off of $40 I just want to say thank you so much psyche Andes for sending over these lenses I love them so much you'll probably see me wearing these more in my videos I will leave a link to the lenses down below in the description box make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you thought it was helpful subscribe as well while you're down there and that is pretty much it for my video thank you guys so much for watching stay confidence and I will see you in my next one bye


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