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Faststone Image Viewer is a tool you can use to browse for pictures, view, edit and convert them, whether you are a novice or experienced user.

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Once the quick installation finishes, you can meet the Windows Explorer-based interface which enables you to navigate it with ease, regardless of the previous experience you have when it comes to the IT world. If you are interested in bypassing the setup process, you should know that a portable edition is also available, called Portable FastStone Image Viewer.

The program supports many common image formats, such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and PSD, and it can also save images in Portable Document Format.

When you locate a folder with images, you can quickly glance at its content in the form of thumbnails, while double-clicking them automatically launches them in a full screen mode. Here you receive a useful tip that says you can access various features by moving the mouse cursor to each edge of the screen.

In the lower part of the main window you can find the control bar and use an image navigator as well as perform a few quick actions (e.g. resize, crop, clone and heal, adjust lighting, rotate, screen capture).

It is possible to access file properties, such as EXIF metadata, histogram, and other general information from the main screen, with great ease, while you can also create a slideshow with just a click of the button.

File and image editing functions are available and thus, you can easily rotate and resize pictures, insert text, remove red eyes, and add a pretty long list of effects (e.g. frame mask, border effects, bump map, oil painting etc.). Reducing colors and noise is also possible, as well as sharpening or blurring images and adjusting curves, colors and lighting.

In addition to that, Faststone Image Viewer supports file tagging, creating and organizing favorites, building or splitting files with multiple pages of images (in PDF, TIFF or animated GIF), batch-converting images to other formats, and more.

We have not encountered problems while testing this software utility. It uses a small amount of system memory and the interface is suitable to all types of users, including less experienced ones.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Faststone Image Viewer is a pretty efficient and useful piece of software.

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welcome to the hot pixels tutorial on fast Stone image viewer first up I hope you have already downloaded this cool piece of freeware it's called fast stone image viewer you can open up a web browser and google it and install it on your PC sorry if you've got a Mac once you've installed this program open it up like with most other software if you go to the top left you'll find the file menu under which are subcategories like open save heirs and print on the left here is a file directory tree and we're looking here for a photo that we can fix up double click on the photo and it should open up in fast stone this is a photo of my wife descending a staircase what I like about this program is that it's very empty and clean free from distractions in clutter nice when you point your mouse to the left a pop-up menu appears with all the useful tools that you need when you point your mouse to the bottom of the screen a navigator menu appears with common functions like open print in zoomin when you point your mouse to the right hand side of the screen a file and attributes menu pops up it's got metadata which shows you the camera settings from when I took the photo and there's a histogram which is pretty advanced the following tips are the basic sort of fixes that you can do on most photographs first up I would like to straighten this image see at the top the balcony looks a bit skewed but ski whoof and the staircase isn't exactly straight either so if we point our mouse to the left of the screen and look for rotate here it is we can rotate the image 90 degrees left or 90 degrees right we'll even do a full horizontal flip that's cool so head straight in a preview menu opens up with a useful grid that we can lie on everything up with now be warned if you rotate an image too much you risk losing important elements in the scene which get cut off when you crop it so over on the right hand side is a little field I'm gonna type in zero point six degrees that's sufficient to rotate the image so it's horizontal to horizontal and the vertical is our vertical there's also a full screen preview here which I'll try wait for the progress bar well are almost done not quite perfect but that's good enough for now so we hit OK another progress bar hey presto now the second thing I'd like to do is crop this photo into a square shape this should give me a more pleasing composition so we return to the menu on the left and look for crop board we click on this and get a pop-up menu now we can change the original ratio pictured here that the photo was taken with and choose something else like six by four inch print or perhaps a DVD movie size or 16 to nine TV ratio but all I really want to do is select one to one so I can get my square now if you grab the nodes on corner nodes on the side nodes we can just reduce that size a bit get rid of the balcony ceiling and the frame on the left yeah perfect that's what I want you click OK the third thing I would like to do is correct the exposure if we point our mouse to the right-hand side of the screen and pull up the histogram menu it tells us that the image is quite flat that is on the right hand side there's not much pixel data or the far left there's no real highlights or shadows while the data is in the middle this calls for a big boost in contrast so we return to our pop-up medic menu look for the color submenu and hit adjust colors my laughs now that's pretty good if you don't like what you do however you can go to the bottom and hit undo or redo undo well that did what I wanted it to do but it's not always the case if you need to take more control go ahead adjust curves you can see a before and after screen there and on the right there's another histogram that's the curve palette this is a powerful feature found in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop now let's have a play move your mouse to the right hand node pull it left a bit it brightens the whole picture up conversely hit the node at the bottom left drag that along and it darkens the shadows so we click here and create a new node we drag it up above the liner but this brightens the highlights don't overdo it and we click down here and pull it down below the line creating a subtle s-curve and this darkens the shadows a bit but we don't want the shadows to be solid black yep that's quite a good s-curve if we hit the button below we can see the original image and compare it to what we're doing I think I will add a little bit more punch in the bottom end yeah that's good I'm happy with that it's hurt okay now this next stage is optional we can do some color correction by going to the left-hand menu and heading adjust colors we have a before image preview on the left and on the right we have an after image preview at the bottom we can adjust the brightness the contrast and gamma and over on the right we can seriously change the hue now she's wearing a bright green top but I don't really want to change the colors in this instance the next thing we want to do is sharpen the image so down in the navigation menu we can zoom in with a magnifying glass or go straight to 100% by the way you should always preview your images at 100% to check for sharpness actually all digital photos need some sharpening so we return to our magic menu on the Left we select the sharpen blur tool use the grabber hand to suit frame our head now if we push the amount slider to the far right see here I've introduced a lot of ugly digital noise yes not good I suggest a maximum amount of 50% occasionally a hundred percent but always leave the ratio slider at 1.0 now there are just a few things in this photo that I find quite annoying eg this blue sticker on the door let's get rid of it I'll show you how to use the clone and heel tool we find them on the left-hand menu and we have to never get using the scroll bars where is that sticker here it is right cloning is very powerful and not that hard to do once you know how sorry if you've got a Mac but on a windows-based PC you hold down the ctrl key on the keyboard well simultaneously clicking the left mouse button this selects an area like the glass on this window that's nice and smooth secondly you let go of everything move the mouse over the target area and left-click again and this way you can paint out the offending feature like so hey there's a bit of old flaky paint up here somewhere there it is right I'd like to clone this out so again we hold the ctrl key down and left-click the mouse we release that position the cursor over the flaky paint and click again touch our and down here are a couple of bolts that are quite distracting I think we'll use the heel tool this time it operates in just the same way again hold the control key on the keyboard while you left-click the mouse bit go put the cursor over the offending feature and left-click the mouse again and paint out the offending but done we click OK I'm happy with that right now the last thing I need to do is reduce the size of the image for emailing many email service providers restrict the size of an email to about 4 megabytes so we're going to reduce the size of this photo to an acceptable resolution for showing on a PowerPoint or upload into a web image gallery so we return to our pop-up palette on the left hand side of the screen and select rotation slash resize we have a pop-up menu here where we can change the pixel size the percent size or the print size I'll just change the pixel size and in the field type in a value of one and a half thousand pixels square great we okay that and we're ready to go finally the very last thing we need to do is go down to the bottom navigator menu and click the floppy disk icon which is a bit of a blast from the past an anachronism if you like and this will save as the file to the computer without overwriting the original photograph well there we have it a tutorial is now over I'd like you to download the software find a photo that you want to fix up spend a decent amount of time learning how to use these powerful tools and you won't regret it I guarantee your photos will improve but remember to have fun see you out for more helpful tips download your free ebook click to the right of the screen and thank you for subscribing to my channel I appreciate it it's time to get out of here


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