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Free Audio Editor is a software tool which was built in order to aid people record, edit, convert, and burn audio files, with a minimal amount of effort.

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The setup process might take a while, yet it does not prompt you do download any products you do not actually need. The interface you come by is quite well-organized, as it consists of a quick access toolbar, a tabbed ribbon, a panel in which to view waveforms and another one which lists all available effects.

Plus, if you are a first-time user, you can view online tutorials on recording, importing audio tracks from CDs, basic audio editing, and connecting your stereo equipment.

When you create a new file, you must first specify the sample frequency rate and channels. In order to record sound, your computer must be equipped with the appropriate devices (e.g. microphone), and you can enable the option to record without silence.

In addition to that, you can convert audio files or extract them from videos, to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, ACC, M4A and FLAC, while it is also possible to choose a preset (e.g. for mobile, for media player, normal quality, best quality).

The application enables you to use text-to-speech, a frequency analyzer, CD ripper, and apply effects to audio files (e.g. amplify, delay, echo, equalizer, chorus, flanger, reverb, channel mixer, invert, reverse).

Playback controls are incorporated in the main window, so that you can easily play, pause or stop songs, go the end or fast forward. It is possible to add bookmarks, reduce noise (including cassette and voice breath noise), mix multiple tracks, insert silence to a user-defined moment and erase discs with just a few clicks.

To conclude, Free Audio Editor is a great tool to fulfill audio editing needs, regardless of your previous experience with these types of products. It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance, and does not pop errors, hang or crash.

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hi YouTube um today I'm going to show you how to edit your music using Free Audio Editor now you see all this crap well um sorry about it I'm money to get a new sound card it has went out and I am trying very hard to work for the money earn the money for own amazon to get a video card if I said sound card before I didn't mean to i meant video card if I didn't say video card I meant to save in your court okay let's just get this home for my battery's dead Oh case and what you'll need Danvers I got so much crap on here this we are you editor I'll put the link that the download link in the description okay so you open it and I lost I'll also upload the edited audio file in the next video okay let's load damn um god Bless America by Lil Wayne um if you hate Lil Wayne don't like them not like his music do not report this video trust me you do not want to UM just don't watch it then if you hate Lil Wayne damn it um I'll go through the list of what you can edit put in your music file amplify fade dynamic compressor envelope normalized Glen Echo delayed echo filters NICU bandpass hot pass low pass high shelf low shelf notch peak eq equalizing modulation chorus flanger sweeping phaser frustration expander and noise reduction special phaser reverb aerial imagery channel mixer time pitch change pitch and stretch generate insert file silent supply invert apply rever supply me okay let's get started um some let's go on the right side and apply reverse and then on the left side damn it let's apply damn it damn it echo no wait no no what the hell is delayed I have never thought echoed no no no I didn't meet that I'm had to undo that process okay i have never did dynamic compressor so i'm just going to a um flanger or plastic crying flanger what the okay let's try that ah he'll it's probably a large file okay that um um let's put some well damn let's do a vibrator vibra too fast viber us to a slow vibrator this is probably all I can edit for now cuz if it's such a large file my phone will not play and I have um what the hell're all its just oh nevermind anywho this in the bite in the bots in the back of it it says i have i do not have a soundcard but I do right here i plug my 3.5 millimeter headphones and or a speaker into it and it says that no audio devices found so i think i have to use the audio editor for this file and then whenever I get done with the file i upload it to my SD card then play it using my phone and i have some software to record mp3 so yeah um yeah okay so let's go ahead and save that file I'm going to copy it to my SD card after I upload it to the desktop let's rename it to Free Audio Editor enter okay let's close this out and where the hell is MIT is it it was fun you stick them in here to find it oh oh there it is okay now I will play the edited file in the next video thanks for watching


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