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Free Screen Recorder allows you to record your desktop activity and save it to a video file. It is a very useful tool that can help you create a video tutorial for a computer program or other computer activity. The program saves the video as an AVI file that almost every computer user is be able to view with the default media player.

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The program records the movements of the mouse cursor and basically every action that takes place in a certain area. To be more precise, you can configure it to record the entire screen or define an area of interest where the subject of the presentation is placed.

The output file can also be configured by choosing the video compressor that is used and the overall quality. For certain codecs you can configure the bit rate and other advanced settings in a separate window. If your actions are not very fast you can set the program to capture a frame per second or even less.

If you need to create a tutorial where the mouse movement has little or no importance, you can choose to hide the cursor in the recording. Conversely, if the cursor is very important for the presentation you can highlight it or even replace it with a special cursor that is more visible and emphasizes it.

Most tutorials have a greater impact if the trainer talks to the audience and explains each step. This program allows you to record the video file with sound that is captured from the microphone. You can change the settings of the sound track such as the recording format or the audio encoder that will be used.

The quality of the output file is rather good, all the mouse cursor movements are clearly visible even without being highlighted. The output file is rather large, yet if you use a video compressor it should reduce the size without too much trouble.

To focus on the recording you can minimize the program's window and use hotkeys to control the status of the recording that can be paused if you need to take a break or change the settings.

In conclusion, Free Screen Recorder is a pretty efficient piece of software, dedicated to all types of users that are interested in creating tutorial movies or other similar recordings. There are sufficient options to keep you busy for quite a while, the computer’s performance is not going to be hampered and we did not come across any errors or crashes.

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hello what's up I mean is Alea from Polaroid cinematix calm and today I will be talking about the best Free Screen Recorder alright so today we're going to talk about the best Free Screen Recorder that I use and I need something that is reliable because I make tutorials on a daily basis so a lot of screen captures there so that's why I chose OBS short for open broadcast software which is actually really good a lot of streamers actually use it but you can also use it to capture your screen so let's take a look on how to install it and how I do my settings on a PC so let's get to the PC and get started all right here we are on the website for OBS studio and you can download their latest releases on they have a version for Windows Mac and Linux I will click on Windows 7 plus and then right here we will have our installation so I actually needed to install the latest version so yeah here I go I'm actually cheating on OBS currently and because I'm using an other screen recorder to actually record how I use my one screen recorder so and yeah I'm cheating at the moment that okay click yes and you next agree install it now let's seal it up all right once we open up OBS this is what we'll see right here we have seen one and our sources this is our display I currently use two separate monitors so let's go and check you can add a lot of cool things right over here we actually just need our screen to record so we can go to the properties and check if displays zero okay we are currently and currently recording this monitor and also select capture cursor of course and then we can go into these settings go to output right here I currently use the encoder x264 which i think is very similar to h.264 so that's why I'm using this one bitrate of 2500 which seems about fine and then apart from that I kept everything as it was then free recording right here you can select the path you want to export to I'm exporting it also in an mp4 file because and premiere is not having issues with that originally I think it was LM FLV which premiere couldn't read so we have mp4 and one audio track with the encoder of h.264 right here I wanted to export in full HD so select full HD that really depends on the resolution of your screen so if you have a lower screen resolution you won't be able to select full HD so apart from that I kept everything as it was as well in the audio settings you can go ahead and select your microphone I'm using the Focusrite USB so this is an adapter I'm currently using the microphone from rode the MT 1a which is actually a pretty good microphone so okay we have this installed let's go to video check your output as well because you can record in a specific resolution but you can output any different resolution to make sure that you have full HD right here and I have a 60 FPS frame rate so this is just how many frames were going to get each second so I kept that the maximum actually for tutorials 30 could work fine as well so and isn't really matter that much in hop case you can install a lot of cool Hopkins to start recording stop recording I actually didn't do that so for start recording I will select 11 and to stop recording f12 this is something that I barely used so that's why I'm choosing these hotkeys and apart from that I don't really need any other hotkeys it's just easy to start recording and stop recording all at once then apart from that you can go in advance and go through all the settings I actually didn't look at advanced as I think it's not really necessary for what I do so I'll click apply and click OK and then right here that's all you have to do so you have to check your microphone if you actually hear your sound you can click here to actually and go to the properties and make sure that this is the microphone that you are using so make sure that is installed and you can go ahead and check that also make sure that it's not toggled off and apart from that you will see your screen right here you will see your levels of your microphone right here and if you think you're set you can just start recording and it's going to export through the location that you put in the settings and you can just go stop recording go to that folder and you'll have a file that you can edit so this is how I use OBS it's actually a really nice screen recording software I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you did give this video a like and also subscribe to the channel for more see you in the next one and good bye


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