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Throughout the years, many compression tools tried to offer the best ratio and enhanced speed. Such as many others, FreeArc is a compression tool that tries to offer users an alternative to more popular archivers such as WinRAR or WinZip.

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The application adds its very own entries in the Context Menu, so you'll be able to either create a new archive or extract files from one with just two clicks.

FreeArc shows tons of options when trying to create an archive, including compression, encryption and protection, store file paths, update mode and comments.

The interface is quite plain and simple, so you won't spend much time getting along with it. It is similar to the ones of other compression tools on the market, which means you just have to install it and you're all set.

As for the way it works, FreeArc is pretty fast and efficient. We've tested it with both small and large archives and every time it worked like a charm.

Nonetheless, even if it remains fast when extracting files from a large archive, during our tests FreeArc seriously slowed down the computer, eating up most of the CPU and RAM.

Some users might think that creating archives in the .arc format could be a drawback, but that's not at all a problem since most of the other compression tools in the market already work with this filetype too.

The utility can convert archives to its proprietary format or to SFX and it can also lock compressed files to prevent any further changes.

So, all things considered, FreeArc is a pretty nice alternative to the well-known file archivers out there. With a decent feature pack and quiet easy to use, this application is certainly one of the top choices in its category, offering compatibility through its large variety of supported formats.

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hi guys i'm david with medium walk net today were gonna be doing a review of the fotodiox wonder panna 145 millimeter thread filter system for a 14 millimeter lens like this Rokinon that i have right here these also work with like a canon 14 millimeter or a nikon 14 millimeter it is a little pricey but the system itself there really is anybody else that makes it besides like I believe a company called leave filters and they're gonna cost you a little bit more so I just kind of want to talk about my experience using these I would did some hiking and camping over the last month month and a half traveling the US and so I was really able to put these put this filter system to use but before we really dive into that like to kind of show you how to set it up on your camera on your lens and you know just some some point some pointers that I have for you and using it so it comes in a really nice padded case for each one of them and we'll pull out all the different pieces here and I just want to be really careful with the filter because it is the most valuable piece to me I have an Indy ten that's ten stops it's a I believe it would be a thousand X so I have that and I just want to be really careful with it and then we have the actual piece that the filter connects into so it's very simple and getting it set up that's another thing I really like is how simple it is so you're just going to take this piece right here and it actually slides on to the back of this now what I'm going to do something to go on and take this my lens cap off and this will slide on to as you can see it slides right on there and then this actually can and you just got to get it to fit just right and there you go and then it's not going to the lineage is not going to touch the table so then what I'm going to do is I'm just going to tighten it on there and it's pretty simple you just want to make sure your threads match up as you can see and you'll want to make sure it's nice and tight a little too loose you can get more than than getting then you might want and there you go now you've got this piece connected the collar and you can just take your wonder panda now one thing I should I should mention about it is that you really want to make sure that you keep this filter clean it's it's very important that the filter stays clean because you will get it will show up in your pictures if this filter isn't clean so I actually forgot to bring cleaning cloth with me when I set up to shoot this review but it's very simple far as cleaning it is concerned you want to get your lip flick lint-free cloth and you can just go and then fog it up a little bit it's better to clean a Lin surface with a little bit of moisture and using your breath really works well and then you just take your lengthly cloth and then you would just wipe it down and that would get rid of any smudges or anything so any oils from your hand you can't see it but I do have some fingerprints actually on the lens so if I was to take a picture right now with it it would cause there to be distortion within the photo or actually you know you would see it could show up in the photo pretty much now I like to go on and and screw this on to the filter system and I prefer to do this ahead of time as you notice I have not connected a camera body to it one of the reasons is I'm using both camera bodies to shoot this but as you can see it's much easier to do it this way unless it's on the everybody I'm gonna pop up a video of what happened to me when I actually had it set up and I decided to screw this on after I'd already put the the collar system on the lens and put the lens on the body and then screwed this in it was why I almost I almost dropped it I caught it but it was it was kind of a scary moment so that can happen so I prefer to do this all ahead of time and then I would connect to the camera body so this is an Indy 1000 which is 10 stops of light so an Indy filter is gonna be great for you have situations where there's a lot of light and you need an extra stop where an f-22 and this is a manual ends and then let's see what the f-stop I think it maxes out it an f-22 so at f-22 and you need that f25 all the way up to an f32 so you need those extra stops of light especially if you're gonna be shooting in a really low shutter speed for like time-lapse or like say you want to shoot a waterfall it's really nice they also have a secondary system that screws into the the caller system allowing you to get a square filter that slides in and out which is really nice and it allows you to get like a gradient filter so if you're trying to keep the sky from being blown out but you like where the rest you know half of the shot is kind of blown out because of the sky and the other half of the shots kind of exposed properly it allows you to gradually what the gradient filter gradually fixed that situation with a sliding filter and and there are other filter system I think works with like other square glass lis filters which is really nice so it's really nice to have these least padded cases they did a really good job of protecting it again I was there were some days we were hiking ten hours and about eight to twelve miles those days and I was using the filter system every time we stopped to shoot certain certain shots which I'll pop some of those up now and I'll pop some more up at the end of video really like the filter system it worked really well I think the biggest drawback for me on the filter system is the price you're looking at probably around four hundred dollars for this setup now it does come with the secondary art piece that allows you to slide in there square filters and as well I believe you do get one of the indie filters with that around that $400 price range but there's only one other company that really makes an option for this the other big thing for me is vignette you are definitely going to get some vignette e in your shots that's something you can't really get around unfortunately I even had some vignette eh which is a little frustrating but again you have such a wide angle lens it's almost inevitable that you're gonna get some been getting the way this is set up far as quality of glass I felt like the glass is very good it still gave me a very clean looking shot so I was very happy with the quality of the glass but again at $400 I think the this ND filter by itself maybe is 150 to 200 I'd have to look again but it's not a cheap ND filter but I mean for an indie filter set which is between what two stops five stops and ten stops roughly you're looking at around 200 plus for three filters set for you know like a 72 millimeter or something like that so it's this is a very specialized piece of equipment that if you have a fourteen millimeter lens this is where it really comes in let me look what else I am written down here you know I mentioned is fairly easy to install again best way to install it is like this best way to clean it is a little bit of breath and then take your lint-free cloth and wipe it down that's very important that you do so this shot this this thing is great for if you guys like to shoot waterfall or streams anything moving like water that is gonna look really nice where it has that kind of soft blurred kind of effect from a low shutter speed this is this is a very good very good piece of equipment a very good filter for that you know again it's really there's not many options for that filter minute fourteen millimeter system out there and that's probably why it costs a little bit of money no it's not very cheap but again you know the lens it's so that for the type of photography that that wide-angle lens really brings least for me I do a lot of Astro photography with it a lot of time lapses it's kind of you gotta kind of spend extra money for that for that style of photography so spending money on a filter is not that big if it's going to allow me to get the shot that I need so I really like it I also like that it comes with a lens cap which is really nice and this is not something you're about to put in your bag you're gonna want to take it apart I guess you could technically put it in your bag but I just highly suggest that when you're done using it you could you take it apart you know and you put it back in your bag it would be nice if they had made if they make a system where if you wanted to it could be a piece that would screw onto the back of this and then you could put kind of this already put together on you know in the bag so it'd be nice if there was a secondary piece that that could screw onto the back of this to kind of keep dust and stuff getting in there and and protect the glass more or less from getting scratches and then put it into your bag like this so it's so it's a much quicker setup you can pull it out of your bag like this you know throw your collar on and and then go in straight in to screwing it on to the collar which would be nice so that that would be you know one thing I would like to see them maybe add his uh as a secondary piece it wouldn't be very expensive and it would allow you to do setup a little bit faster but usually while I was on my trip I did not find that I did not have enough time so that was pretty quick setup so this is my review of the wonder pan made by fotodiox it is the called a free arc system it's 45 millimeter thread count our threads 45 min a thread diameter and it works really well so I'm gonna add a link down below if you guys are interested in checking it out as well we'll add a lot of picture towards the end of the video of the system and what a link so you can go check it out on Amazon or be an H or something if you're interested in purchasing it it does help me I do get a little commission from that so it does help the channel as well we will add some video and pictures of the item being used actually in the field we got some really cool pictures of it being used out in Moab Utah sitting out shooting really cool law two mountain ranges so I really like it so check it out see if it's maybe something that would be for you if you have fourteen millimeter lens has a lot of real-world uses in it I guess just again a little pricey but there's not really any other options out there and it's kind of nice at least have an option even if it is a little bit on the pricier side it works really well again you do get some vignette II what I did with the vignette is in Lightroom I was able to pull some of the vignette e out and then I cropped the picture in a little bit so that's something you want to keep in mind when you're shooting is that you might have to do a little bit of cropping it's going to get more vignetting at a 2.8 and verse at f/8 and there was definitely still been getting a tan f/8 just to mention so you guys have a great day thanks for stopping in and checking out this review hey guys if you'd like check out our website where we have all kinds of fun and exciting blogs videos and extra information that isn't on our YouTube page click right here if you'd like to talk to us or contact us and kind of take a look at all the different stuff that we have going on we've kind of funneled all through our Facebook you can inter Facebook page right here and follow us or like us now if you like to look at cool pictures and behind-the-scenes stuff we do that on Instagram right here so go on and follow us on Instagram and of course we got our cute little bird right here mr. Twitter and you can follow us as we do our short tweets you


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