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Freemake Video Downloader is a powerful Windows iphone that allows you to click clips from popular footage pooling providers and either keep them in their original that or move them into anything else, such as AVI, MP4 or MP3.

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It football a handy and intuitive setup start that can be easily adjusted even by novices, and functionality commitment for a large collector of websites, including YouTube, Faceboook and Vimeo. Even private or age-restricted clips may be seamlessly obtained, simply by specifying the encryption specifics for logging into the respective websites.

Once you copy the footage linkage to the Clipboard, you can paste it into Freemake Video Download with one scroll. In the following move, you're asked to fill out some missing details subject to the that you want to click press.

Firstly, you can define the something in respect with the preferred measure and document amount which are available on the venue. Secondly, you can either preserve the original document that and click the footage "as is", or move it into a different document something by selecting an production that from a blacklist. These include AVI, MKV, MP3, iPod/iPhone, Android, PSP and 3GP folder.

Due to the something that the iphone can click clips from preadolescence websites, Freemake Video Downloader boasts a dedicated thing to lock preadolescence websites, letting you start up a login and move on parental grip. Lastly, it integrates a one-scroll click something that aims to speed the entire something by applying the same setup variables to all clips after you define them.

All in all, Freemake Video Downloader is clearly one of the better toolkit of its something and, because to its good-looking and intuitive interface, it can be used by both novices and those more experienced.

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hey guys just mat pulse here i'm going to do a quick little more / review but you could say at the tutorial now it's on this this is freemake video downloader and this is a really good video downloader for youtube or anything else and link is in the description for it now this is what the this is what the main page looks like and we want to do to do this let's just use from my videos for instance just getting it all are going to go to whatever video you're selecting for download let's wait for the ad and you're going to put it on your ipod or itunes library and you can you know you can download the whole video and you can download just not the whole video it depends on what you want but right heel let's say we want see we want this whole video just copy come back here and paste now when this is done doing this little thingy this will pop up and say you want to have see now if this is just like a normal normal song or like a music video or something it probably will not have the mp4 option and well this in p for the 720 s sorry it only does this it will only have these if the it is an HD like it'll have the settings for whatever HD video it is in so let's say if I wanted to download just the normal like normal you'll be using this okay so you want to click this now if you want the whole video only download if you don't want if you just want the audio but you would want prout you can do this i don't know how that works but i usually convert to my to an mp3 if you did with the video and you want to convert to avi don't do that itunes does not support a vis it would have to be flipped around you have to do it yourself and all this crap now maybe you might be able to do that and it might work but I'm just gonna do mp3 and select where you want to save it to but like so let's do like I don't want to do this whole thing let's just do let's just do the music you can figure out that I think I'm pretty shows is drag and drop just kind of like this but you they're pretty much the same actually this is drag and drop we're going to do this okay so we're just going to only download it there's gonna be no converting and that was fast I didn't expect it to actually be that fast but so let's come down here say it'll tell you when it's done let's show unfold her now Your Honor you're gonna want to take this house at sea oh my god okay see how it says it's aidan quicktime player now since i already have these these are from GTA like these pre sure i can just drag it yep you can just take it drag it and drop it and it will pop up now this is my this is the YouTube video that I had so you can delete it also it'll play so it'll it'll play and that's what you want to do for that portion so let's just delete this and let's go back and let's paste the URL again now this is just going to be the voice so let's go mp4 convert to mp3 now this will take a little longer than just downloading it for me it's going really fast cuz my internets amazing apparently which is like complete lie but um converting will take a little bit longer because I actually has to convert from in mp4 as you can see right here the video system before and it converts it from mp4 to mp3 so to only have the audio this is audio and the video NP 2 is just the audio or the video which is kind of dumb so don't ever do that unless you would just want a blank video but once this is done i'm going to go ahead and transfer it over to my itunes and i'll just show you that and i don't know i'm going to change for me i'm going to show in folder and then i'm going to change the settings right here now let's say or now don't rename here come here properties this is just easier for me since do let's just do testing now details artists testing one two three oh okay that's not one two three one two three do all that here or you can do it in iTunes it's whatever you would like so now let's take this drag and drop I'm going to search testing right here it is and that's just a straight up audio I'm going to delete that cuz I don't actually want that what if I did I could do it so the program is three make video downloader like is in the description if you do have any questions you can message me on youtube or email me and pretty sure it shows my email or comment I'll respond with the comments and these will go away next time you use it so these are fine for now I don't know if you can delete them here you can but on that is that is pretty much it and that's how you do it so if you have any questions message me email me and remember to subscribe give it a like comment if you have any questions also and share it if you have people who also wanted to do this for any reason go ahead tell them about it show me show them the video of me doing it show them this video just because it'll help me out as much as it will help you and your friend and or family member so go ahead do that and we'll be on good terms so I'll see you next time and goodbye


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Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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March 14, 2018, Joshua think:

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December 08, 2017, Fernando think:

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