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There are numerous users who prefer to use the same application to perform many tasks, rather than relying on a dedicated tool for each of their necessities. Such a comprehensive software utility is FreeMind, which can not only help people organize their thoughts and come up with efficient solutions, but it can also encrypt their projects.

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The application installs without any issues and the only thing that needs to be mentioned is that Java is required to ensure smooth functioning.

The user interface of FreeMind is both intuitive and well organized so that one can easily start creating a mindmap or launch a so-called brainstorming session.

The first step is to add each idea as a node, then add relationships and connections between them - once users get accustomed to the application, they can even insert child or sibling nodes with a simple hotkey, thus saving time looking around menus and focusing more on their project.

The next step towards coming up with a complex workplace is to split or join nodes, change root node if necessary and share the outcome with colleagues to get their opinion. One can even join two such maps to get the bigger picture of a certain situation, as well as fold nodes to get a bird’s eye view on things.

It is also worth mentioning that users can choose a different font style and color for each of the created tasks and sub-tasks to make sure they are visible enough.

FreeMind also supports encrypted nodes and inserting hyperlinks or local links inside one’s mindmap, so it can be adapted to numerous types of projects, not only to sort out the solution to a dilemma or create the best marketing strategy for a certain product.

Overall, FreeMind is a complex software utility that will be appreciated by those who often need to create extensive mindmaps and share it with their team.

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hey everyone we're doing seven mind mapping software reviews and 70s this is day two and we're talking about free minds let's do it hey everyone Kevin oxen here with your make me calm now today what we're doing here this is day two of a seven day series we're doing seven reviews of seven different mind-mapping saw big pieces of software today we're talking about free minds and I wanted to get into it a little bit and let you know what it can do and maybe what it can't do I'm Kevin Oxford and one of the things I was gonna show you is I was going to show you the whole suite this is but I don't know why it makes my my book look so gigantic so there's probably I can fix it with but to start off with here that's the gigantic dime is a silver whoa I'm Kevin auctions though with you're making me calm and as you can see one of the cool things you can do in Fremont is you can have links to things so and it's a simple one click link system so we'll click on that it'll fire up my browser and there we go let's take you virtually any kind of website or any cut you can also files on your computer that's a pretty cool thing you can look at let's go back to FreeMind and we'll get this closed up now what some of the things I like I'll talk about some of the features quickly so you know which version of FreeMind I'm using etc etc etc right now I'm using this is the to release candidate to version 1.0.0 this says you need to have a one point four at this point in 2013 you should already have at least at or more and if not because of all the java concerns you should be upgrading to java 7 which is the same as 1.7 this thing will work for Windows Mac Linux and a couple of other different operating systems and because it's had sixteen point seven million downloads so far that's pretty good new that shows you that there are a lot of people out there I'll get into a couple of the reasons why that's really good as I go through some of the other suggestions it also does do one thing that I want to point out here quick it actually gave me a suggested maximum file size because I've runs this issue before word I'll make gigantic huge mind maps and everything starts lagging and starts getting slow at but it gives me an idea of maybe where it can be at and how how far is too and maybe when I need to start a new map and all those good things so for power users it's really important for the most part these guys do a great job of letting you know all the information I've got a huge list it's a laundry list of things I like I'm gonna go through something really fast just look through it as we go through I might not touch on everything exactly but they're all really really cool things okay now first of all control up and down I like having I always like having somebody I can move my IDs up and down that's how like prioritizing things so I hope the control key and just go up and down you can see I'm moving my my idea up and down so I can help prioritize it alt up and down just will blow up the screen so we can make it bigger or smaller so we can see more or less I can move the map anywhere I want just by grabbing anywhere in the background left clicking and dragging and dropping it that is a very very nice feature just built a left click anywhere well it's not text and just give her that's really good I also like the idea of clicking on anywhere in a node to expand or collapse so I'll go back to the what I like it takes one click to highlight it and then one click to close it one click to expand it one took a little contract it really that's neat it just works simply you don't they click a little plus button click anywhere on that node and it's gonna work I also like the fact that you can export to HTML with folding and all those little goodies it's a little bit clutter because they give you so many options as to what you can export to be if make sure you probably the first couple times you do it you fair out exactly what you need but you got tons of options here and that's one of the best things about free mind is you is so there's so much customizability there's so many options there's just they throw a lot at you for a free program I like the fact too that you can copy and paste a tab list what I mean by that is simply let me zoom out a little bit here we're gonna grab I can grab the whole list I can copy it I'm hanging control see I can go in to say a word document and I can paste it and it'll give me a tab list so I can if I figure out Phyllis isn't working for me I can just copy and paste it wherever I want and alternately I can grab a list that's all tabbed in beautifully and I could paste it back into FreeMind and its color gorgeous like it does like this in this in the spreadsheet so I think that's a really really nice idea the let's see we also have here I love that they have a weak spot section they actually tell you here are some of the weak spots have you know any companies can tell you whether where the weaknesses are that's awesome now what they talk about is that the picture' support is coming the multi-user the fancy graphics those are all weak spots and I actually agree with them 100% agree with them we'll get into that a little bit later on but it's good here's the point I was talking about earlier where I said they have sixteen point seven million downloads today since about 2000 and that's that with that many people they have user supported help forms and so there's always me I'm sure someone has already asked the question you're gonna have but also there'll be people there willing and able to help answer any questions as you're getting up to speed on this kind of truth of software you also have the ability to restore a session and by restoring a session what that's gonna mean for you is that when you open the program this time or the next time or the time after that whatever you save so far it's gonna come back exactly how it was a key point for me is the zoom I hate when I got a huge map and I have it all perfectly and I've got a zoomed out and then I close it I open it and it's back to huge again it's not where I want it this thing will save the zoom and that's really exciting for me I also like the fact that beyond having a control Zed were you you can go back and you can undo things ctrl Q just jumps back to your recently edit notes and it doesn't undo them so you can go back you know three or four or five six and it's ago it doesn't undo it but you can see what you've done so you can actually backtrack without erasing anything you've just done really that's that's an exceptional that's a good idea you can hide the toolbars I've hid all the toolbars on the side it's a nice clean look for displaying it works nicely the downside is that there's no shortcuts for this so I have to actually go in and I can choose the toolbar I can choose to add the secondary toolbar and you know whatever else you want to add so you can choose to add these things you know to me I would have been nice to have a quick toolbar a quick shortcut but you know I'm not gonna complain too much you can also link to files you can link to HTML files you can link to files on your computer you can link to like I did you can actually drag and drop pictures right into it so there are some a lot of great things that like there really aren't that many things that I don't like about free mind there were a few that I think in my mind are fairly significant though for me this is one of the reasons why I stopped using it back in it was probably 2005-2006 summer in that range is the visual appearance it works great and it seems like it has a lot of great intuitive features just the look just doesn't quite look a hundred percent professional to me you can modify pretty much everything on this but just the whole look just isn't quite there and I wonder if maybe in one of the next iterations they can get somebody in here just to maybe tweak the fonts and whatever else they need to do to make it look just take that next step up the other thing that I wasn't a fan of is that when I copy and paste it keeps the formatting I had to go in and hit f2 and and then you'll paste it in and that way it gave me the similar look now it looks like they call this smart copying I'm sure there's a way around it to do whatever you want I'm not sure I would have that on as a default setting but I'm sure it has some great applications for me though I just I don't like having my my formatting a little whack on all my different programs so it's nice to have the future by mush for when I have it on turned on by default at least in the very beginning the only thing I am on a fan of is that when I drag and drop I can grab I'll just grab this I'm gonna drag it down it doesn't show me where it's gonna be it can I can move up and we don't normally do is it's gonna highlight the spot and I know when I see that the great highlighting I know it's gonna appear above that line but I'm just not sure if that's what I want I'd rather see this lion redrawn so I can see clearly where it's going the last thing I want to talk about is smartphones it's important in these days too that you need to have something where you can integrate with either tablets or smartphones this doesn't have as far as I can tell really I know there are other programs so you can you can export something and you open them up in another program and I don't know there wasn't a whole lot of mention about how they can interact that to me is still a big deal out I would love to have something I can use my phone and something that's gonna work effectively - overall I had a good experience with FreeMind a couple my overall thoughts it's definitely much better than I remember in 2005 okay when I start used it this is the very first my mapping software I used and it was okay and I just didn't get saved that well it was a little bit clunky and kind of ugly as I went off to other things but it's got tons of features this stuff does a lot of stuff for a free tool I like the fact that it's very customizable it has a super compact look I just it's exciting when I know I can go in here I can take out the toolbar and I can take out the secondary toolbar and I got a completely clean look to this thing if I'm presenting or if I'm mind if I'm brainstorming you know whatever it is I'm doing I'm very very nice in my opinion the internals of this program are very good I and just for me it's more just the veneer on top that I wish they could just push a little bit sudden I'm not a designer I'm not gonna sit there for hours and hours and start playing with things is for me it needs to look really good out of the box overall like I said though I think is a solid and that's it for this review make sure you stay tuned I am doing 7 reviews in 7 days I'll have another review up on by tomorrow until next time with you're making me calm I'm Kevin ochsner


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