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We have all heard of Photoshop and the great things it could do when it comes to photo manipulation, yet for those who need an open-source free of cost alternative there is an answer: GIMP. Far from being a complete Photoshop replacement, it can easily play its role in many basic operations, for which Photoshop is overqualified.

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Installing GIMP is indeed a really simple task and if you want to customize it, there is a setup mode that accommodates this need. If the custom mode is chosen, you should know you can select the file types this software will handle, plus the tools that should be deployed on your computer.

Just like Photoshop, GIMP might seem impossible to use if you are not an experienced user, but it’s only a matter of time until you get used to the interface. The toolbox has all the basic elements you need to work with photos, yet the interface can become a lot more difficult if you wish to perform more complex operations.

GIMP has everything from the most common tasks to more complex options, such as an array of effects and layers. Applying gradients and custom patterns will require minimal resources and on a fairly average system, batch processing can be successfully accomplished in quite a short time.

With GIMP you can retouch digital photos and create bitmaps from scratch, but it can work as well as an image format converter. It is possible to create animations, insert text strings, adjust hue-saturation and contrast, clone objects and take advantage of a powerful zooming tool. Furthermore, the functionality of this program can be extended by using one of the hundreds of plugins available.

All in all, GIMP can perform a wide variety of tasks and is suitable for novice and advanced users alike. The powerful feature pack and the multiple possibilities for customizing it make this software a must have for anyone who needs an extensible and expandable image manipulation utility. It does not put a strain on the computer’s, and it runs quite fast, without popping errors or crashing.

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three and a half years is an eternity when waiting for the image editor of your dreams but the wait is over now brought to you by Gamefly hey i'm mixi pixel and you're watching OS all your source for open source so I try to use GIMP for everything I did in the graphical world but there was always something that I had to resort back to proprietary software for so is GIMP 2.8 worth the wait let's find out headed over to the download section of the GIMP website to show you all the installation instructions for the other linux distros as well as a Windows installer installing the latest version for Windows is easy and just a bit less so for Linux and you won't find GIMP 2.8 available for Mac on the main GIMP site however an awesome community member from GIMP users forum has created a way for 2.8 to work with Mac OS 10 now that we got that out of the way I'm working in a boon to and GIMP 2.8 hasn't hit the repositories yet so you cannot just apt-get install it the GIMP downloads page somehow neglected to mention this little tidbit so what you're seeing now is the PPA you need for the new GIMP and we're having a quick flash back to the old GIMP style you can see there's a very clear distinction between windows 2.6 the big pet peeve with everyone was that you couldn't seamlessly switch between each window you are working on flash forward to 2.8 and with one click of a checkmark you get that single window look that everyone's been waiting for GIMP to implement sexy huh another instantly alluring thing is the sliders they put into the tools it really makes for a more intuitive interface now maybe you're used to photoshopping away tiredness or the occasional pimple I would never do that or let's just say you're prone to doing the same thing almost every time you open a graphic editor you can customize your tool box choosing the prioritize and display only what tools you use most then tag brushes and patterns with a common keywords so you can find it easily next time still hanging on to better organization the layer modes have been resore today they're shown by category and not all jumbled up together layers aren't borked either like they kind of were in previous versions they're now all together and easy to manipulate oh GIMP 2.8 also offers the ability to group layers this is fantastic when you have an image with tons of layers because then you know which layer goes with what it's really useful if you're a website designer or graphical artist speaking of artists free-handing and painting have never been more possible you can customize your brush angles rotating and spinning them around to your liking the brush outlines also show now so you can imagine where your brush would go I've heard reports about how drawing tablets are being used and how great that's working out for the advanced skimp user but if advanced doesn't really describe you with photo editing have no fear you can also make memes with the best of them a nice change from the old GIMP is that you can edit text within the canvas instead of having an awkward text box like before also in keeping with most high end editors there's an export function where you'll be choosing the file type quality and so on to export into an image file export pretty much replaces the need to save as I love how the curves utility exists now better brush control and how layers are now bearable to look at these in particular or aspects of graphical editing that I'm feeling for when I wasn't using Photoshop so I'm super stoked to see them in two point eight after waiting a long time for this image editor to come out I think that I've built pretty high expectations over time for this program gimm 2.8 meets those expectations and exceeds way beyond I mean I'm going to ditch the proprietary software that I've been using like Photoshop which I totally legitimately acquired I'll for sure be using the new and improved GIMP for all my future Lama editing needs what do you guys use graphic editors for are you an artiste and like to paint or do you guys just do retouching different strokes for different folks strokes thanks for watching os all be sure to subscribe so you don't miss next Friday's episode of all things open-source word from our sponsors and penguin play all the games as well as 7,000 other new and classic titles on both console and handhelds with plans starting at fifteen ninety-five a month Gamefly members can rent one to four games at a time and keep them for as long as you like or until you get carpal tunnel you know the drill once you're done blistering your thumbs on one game just send it back and game fly will send you the next available game on your lips if you really can't stop button mashing and Soul Calibur simply click keep it on the game fly website and the game is yours at a discounted price game fly will even mail you the case in manuals free of charge and of course game flow has no late fees no due dates and shipping is always free and if you're a fan of OA salt I'm a fan of giving you a 15-day free trial when you go to WWE my Calm /os all


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