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Glary Utilities is a tool that combines powerful features which are necessary to manage your system and ultimately improve your computer's performance.

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Its user interface is straightforward and easy to follow. Three tabs grant you access to the current status of the program updates and license, one-click maintenance functions, and five modules.

The '1-Click Maintenance' section, you can configure the registry cleaner, shortcuts fixer, startup manager, temporary files cleaner, tracks eraser and spyware remover.

If you select all features, Glary Utilities performs a rapid scan and reveals the number of problems, highlighted in red, under each function.

If your computer presents with these problems (and it usually does), your next move is to repair them. Before doing so, we recommend you back up your data or create a system restore point, just to avoid any problems.

Glary Utilities fixes these problems almost instantly. The bad news is that it doesn't specify if particular invalid registry entries are essential to Windows, so you can easily end up deleting them.

We suggest you perform a secondary scan, just in case Glary Utilities missed something during the first one (like it did in our case).

In 'Modules' you can delete junk data to clear up space, fix start menu and desktop shortcuts, uninstall programs, monitor and optimize free memory, defrag the Windows registry, shred files, encrypt and decrypt files, retrieve deleted files, split and join files, and others.

Additionally, you can access some important Windows utilities, such as CheckDisk, Disk Defragmenter, System Restore, System File Checker, and Backup.

CPU and memory are minimally used, but other processes may run a bit slower when Glary Utilities is working.

It seems that Glary Utilities has most of the components you need to take care of your computer. Easy to use and packing the needed features, the software is surely one of the top choices.

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hey guys Matt here I'm back after a long holiday break and I want to go ahead and dive into some videos my first video is going to be Glary utilities for the free version basically this I've worked with this app for about two days now it's an app that allows you to easily access other parts of your PC that allow you to clean your PC it also has some custom tools in there to make your PC as fast as possible as clean as possible and as private as possible from what I've seen so far I'm not sure this I can cram everything into one video I'll just show you the tools that I've worked with it's as is a network administrator it's that all the tools that I use on a daily basis but for somebody who you know just has a home computer and doesn't know how to access all these tools then glair utilities is an awesome little free app so the paid version which is like 16 bucks I think it automates everything for you so anyway if you go to if you do a Google search for glarey that's GL ary where you go to their website glarry soft calm this is where you can get it it's pretty straightforward site as soon as you get on the site you see a big old download now' button so i if a computer here a virtual computer and i just kind of want to see how long it takes me to boot this computer up and login to windows 8 and let's go to look at our history here i'm using a program called boot racer that tells me you know exactly what my speed is here on the boot up so if i go to history and we look at today well today was yesterday see it is 69 seconds sixty nine point six seconds to log in so let's see if we can improve that um I will go ahead and download Claire utilities free gonna try to paste in that URL I'm sure this video is going to kind of suck because I mean I haven't done this in like two months I'm already messing up stuff wife type in sideways too so it's not easy ah alright yeah you can see there's some adware loaded in here I've done that on purpose I am using Internet Explorer on purpose a lot of people always say why are you using Internet Explorer likely a marriage one clear oh my God if I could mess up any more tonight okay clear utilities and we download just straight-up download it's not some kind of internet you know set up download your installer later kind of thing it's the real installer will go ahead and say yes to get it going and it installs pretty quick and right away it's got a big old checkbox that says run clear utilities so we're going to try to for this video of glare utilities we're gonna try to just try to improve our boots boot time Glary does a lot more than that but for me I want to improve my boot time right now time it takes for me to log on this computer once every boot all right so we're going to go right up we're going to skip over this stuff right now I'm going to go right into the advanced tools which is essentially this but you can access everything separately and advanced tools so we'll just go ahead and try a few of these right away I've never messed with the registry that much you know defrag me it's you know repairing it modifying it only when you need to it's not something that I would recommend you do every day but we're going to do it anyway so we'll scan for registry problems and this could take a while but it actually it doesn't it's pretty fast it says it found 51 problems and you can see what they are this is a fairly new computer maybe a couple days old with just a few apps installed so look at and say repair I'm close and then exit out of that will go on to defragmenting the registry again something I never do not saying it's bad or good it's just something that usually you don't have to do so sighs after optimization it's going to be two percent smaller so we'll go ahead and say yes run it wants to restart so we should find out actually after this little registry defragment process if our boots be increased at all because boot race is going to do a test as soon as we log back in yeah I'd probably have to split up the whole glarey thing in two days is just too much so it's defragging the registry now that's what it looks like so yeah that was pretty fast and let's see if our login time increases or decreases this will be interesting it feels like it's taking longer but uh I don't know side then my password right to my desktop says the registry was successfully optimized and let's see what we get good to go whatever that means okay a nice shot improvement we knocked two seconds off by defragging our registry so yeah made some difference not that much but I mean yeah it actually did something so let's go ahead and fire up Clary again and move on with some of our other tests so you can back up the registry I highly recommend that before you actually modify it really easy way to back up your registry if you need to somebody says yeah here's a registered registry tree tweak you need to do then well most people don't have any clue on how to back it up so let's call it my reg and it's going to backup my entire registry and then you can restore it if you need to so yeah that's really handy stuff that you would normally not have sitting around in your Windows interface just right there a little button okay I had to pause it I was taking awhile so it is backed up next section is this space cleanup so if I want to go ahead and clean up on my hard drive get rid of a bunch of temporary files things like that it brings up like a safe list of things you can get rid of if you want to add any more you can go ahead and check them I usually just stick with this lists more than enough so we'll go ahead and say start cleaning and it's going to go ahead and free up three hundred and two point eight nine megabytes very good a lot of people again this is a brand-new computer maybe two days old your results may be far greater than mine you may have a ton more all right remove duplicates got to say before Glary I've never even thought of this or used it I don't know why there would be duplicate files and honestly I don't think I'd remove them because I don't know I'm just not familiar with it call me a little afraid so yeah how can that be a duplicate okay yeah so this is not something you want to do if a program was looking for this path black on white black black white on black black on white are two separate directories you don't want to delete that I would suggest staying away from the remove duplicates same for remove empty folders a lot of folders are empty until they're needed remove broken shortcuts ah I guess you know you can do that I don't think it's going to do anything for you it's a nifty little thing that looks good for them Explorer disk one of my favorite things you know what is taking up all the space on my hard drive where is where is all this stuff I'll show you in a few seconds all right cool um so you get a nice little percentage it says okay a lot of your space is being taken up by you know window the windows folder and if I go in there it says okay inside the windows folder when s X s is taking up the most and you can see breaks it all down right there you can also search we go back real quick because this is too nice see if I can right-click and yeah so you can right-click and explore so if you just want to open up that one folder and just take a look at it in an explorer or something a little more familiar with you can do that very nice little utility I use this a lot at work I got to say I use J disk report it's a to Java based app like this and I use it all the time I love that you can also search for things like you know guys it really may take a life space or videos compressed files music this this PC doesn't have any of that images so yeah I mean that that tool is really sweet love that let's see system tweaks free up memory that's kind of hokey I've used that before like in the past it never works a lasts long so if we look at our task manager you can see how much memory something's using and Skype may sit there and use it more memory than it should or just with sit there hogging up memory all day I mean you can try using it it has never really done much for me in this actually even though isn't even what I thought so go ahead and say optimize guys couldn't tell you if it worked or not I just I never use that so it was kind of stupid that even show that browser assistant this is a nice little tool very nice I have some toolbars in my internet explorer and I'd like to get rid of them so I will permanently remove this item yes so now that is gone um yeah so if you want to disable some BA chose like this cut Skype clicked a call we can go and block it just to save lit and close that that's a nice little utility anti-malware remove malware's with an S they might want to fix that remove malware without the s go ahead and scan I have no idea what it's using I haven't found anything yet with it of course I haven't tested on an infected box or anything privacy this is a huge one for people everyone thinks are being watched and are completely paranoid these days erase history they could build a whole app around that whole thing you can check like everything if you wanted to I don't usually but go ahead and say erase checked tracks so that gets rid of a whole lot of tracking stuff so yeah nice little way to do that shred files I have not tried this yet I guess going to add a file let's say I want to get rid of this sneaky little file on the computer somewhere let's see let's say I don't know what to pick okay let's just say that this Adobe icon this reader icon looks like a shortcut but in fact it's a deadly you know spy reading file I'm going to say open erase now you will not be able to recover these files okay well it's still there I think it actually got rid of the exe I did Wow interesting well it worked actually it skipped the shortcut route right for the meet which is good all right um white free space Ted and touched it don't know exactly what it does yet sorry encrypt files now I'm not messing with that right now startup items huge way to speed up your computer probably the biggest way to speed up your computer is to not have a huge startup item list this is a list of my startup items I only want boot racer to start and that's it so I will if you take a look it says status disabled so these will not start yeah cool all right services you won't mess with that schedule test no context my new processes a lot of these are for like a more lorica sysadmin kind of like myself of course I wouldn't really even access those tools through this I just do stuff be a command-line system information is nice brings up you know a list of exactly what's on your computer in case you need to upgrade something something like that you know got some questions on if you can run some software or hardware you've got everything right here I mean it tells you everything that's nice very easy to see stuff but what's on your computer system devices yeah yeah very nice very detailed alright um this is awesome right here repair system files a lot of times people will have corrupted operating systems after they remove malware and they don't know how to fix it it's honestly one of the hardest parts of removing malware is fixing the damage that the malware is caused if you don't want to reformat your computer if you'd like to keep your computer the way it is clicking this button right here we'll go ahead and launch command line and it's going to run an SF C checker and when this thing runs through it will run through the whole operating system verifying that all the critical files are indeed original in place and working very nice utility I've fixed the gazillion computers just with running sfc /scannow but we're not going to run there right now so we don't need to um let's see backup your computer that just loads up the windows backup utility it's nice but I'm not going to go over that right now System Restore let's say that we're getting ready to do something crazy oh never - is for restoring something so if you wanted to restore your computer let me switch gears here if you wanted to restore your computer this just loads up the system restore utility and restore mode and you can go ahead and select the recommended restore or choose a different restore point and it can show more restore points so it just brings up the system restore in restore mode you can actually create a snapshot - and that's what I was going to show you but I think I'll say that for a different video um defragment it's got a little defrag or built into it it's pretty fast oh my gosh there's like more I feel like talked like so much things we really haven't all right it says it's 12% fragmented so let's go ahead and let's go ahead and defrag it you can defrag the actual operating system or you can defrag a file so we'll just do like a full defrag and while that's going on pause it okay let me make sure I'm recording here again yes I am cool anyway it looks like it's defragged our system it says fragmentation point zero one percent and we'll go ahead and exit out of that tool the book time Defragmenter will defrag files that are locked in the operating system like the page file things that you can normally not defragment while windows is running we're going to do that one but we're going to do it after we do a reboot so I made a number of changes to two windows I've optimized a lot of stuff let's see if we can improve on our on our boot time be a boot racer here so our current boot time is 67 seconds let's go ahead and restart this guy let's see what we get now okay booting up here hopefully it'll be better otherwise I've just wasted a lot of time kinda I mean but should be better at least by a second or two and all right let's see two tickets it's going up you might hear my dogs walking around here they're with me tonight sorry looks about the same this is good to go let's see Oh degradation of four point zero five four seconds so it really did nothing that sucks and we did a lot of let's see cleaned up our hard drive defragmented are no where did that clean up our hard drive and got rid of some other stuff reduce our start up yeah that's all taken effect defragment the hard drive and our boot time got worse it really didn't do much now let's not saying that it's a total waste or anything there's just a lot of functionality right here I was just looking to improve my startup but these windows utilities because that's all they are let's basically what glarry accesses is just windows utilities it really didn't do much to speed up my system at all in fact it made it four seconds slower anyway moving on to the other stuff here let's say that you're getting ready to modify some drivers you're going to update some drivers a lot of people love to update drivers even though you shouldn't update a driver unless something's wrong with your system and you need to you can go ahead and backup your current drivers and you can select them all and yeah you can back them up you can create a folder I'd back them up to a folder so we can actually specify folder so we can just call it drivers and just double click this guy and we'll just backup we will back up our display driver which is really nothing and we'll say backup alright so inside the drivers folder is another folder and it puts them really in there in you know nice little directories for you they're labeled really well you can see the INF files these are dinette files aren't there and it should be more right there so yeah pretty nice so go ahead and close that you can split files if you need to split a file I haven't split a file in years so haven't needed to with recent connections and things like that restore deleted files if you've actually accidentally deleted something like pictures are you deleted you know a document you can load up this utility and hit search or it'll search for you you can see it's found a lot of files so far I don't know where these are maybe it's the windows system installation thing I did when I installed Windows 8 it gives you a chance of recovery or a state of very good all the way down to overwritten medium poor that's pretty neat um you can't you can uninstall programs here this is really quick easy wait for people uninstall program a lot of people I talk to have no clue where to go to on their computer on you know what they just don't know where to uninstall a program so if you click that you can see exactly what you want to uninstall I want to go ahead and remove the ask toolbar and right away you know I'm able to easily access the uninstaller and run it so yeah very simple nice awesome can check for updates no updates are available all right so that's just a really quick overview I know I didn't do this program justice but I really want to dump dumping we wanted to dive in to making some new videos I think you get an overview of how glair utilities works the pro version I think automates all this stuff but it's pretty cheap it's like 16 bucks I wanted to go ahead and go back to a few these tabs this one-click maintenance this is like they're all there their main speed up your computer computer wipe stuff out off tools just like all in one window here so you can go ahead and run the registry cleaner shortcut fixer spy remover temporary files cleaner and startup manager so we'll go ahead and scan for issues so it kind of does it all at once for you and it gives you a little readout of what's going on to the right and then you know one button repair these items got rid of that orphaned a little Adobe Acrobat shortcut that I had there and saw that the exe no longer existed so it removed the shortcut which is nice so that's easy stuff right there if you want to turn on automated maintenance you need to put in your name and license code you need to buy the full version of this and I think that's really all I'm gonna talk about with Clary utilities right now unless somebody wants to see something else I think it's like I said just a really quick way to access utilities that are based in windows already sorta so anyway I hope you liked it I know kind of sucked I gotta edit this up just a tiny bit but I'm gonna go ahead and put up another video here in a few minutes so I hope you enjoy the next video talk too late


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