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If you are interested in laptops and kludge or you like to concept with contacts between ethernet or rheostat, then you are bound to appreciate the thing start of GNS3, as it enables you to start up mux of ethernet (like IOS and JunOS), antivirus (such as (ASA or PIX) and leveler without risking to break down your machinery.

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GNS3 supports several kinds of ethernet and rheostat, so it can help you research for accreditation examinations such as Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIP, CCSP, CCVP and CCIE, Juniper JNCIA, JNCIS or JNCIE, while being equally useful to infrastructure technicians or administration.

Once you install the app, you can start creating your own construction from anything and add the things you need by dragging and dropping them from the gadgets committee onto the dedicated location.

Next, you can establish relationship between them as you see fit - when you try to create a faulty linkage, GNS3 displays a warning thing so you can correct your mistake. Due to this, you can rest assured that the setup you come up with can be applied on real gadgets without any glitches.

You can adjust the qualities of each of your things to helps them match your exact standards, and measure the setup every move of the that by running a simulator. You can even customize the gesture within the main door of GNS3 by hiding surface, kludge packaging or hostnames.

In a what, if you are studying for a Cisco or Juniper accreditation examinations, or you want to measure a certain setup you created, you will surely appreciate the things of GNS3. And since it is a freeware electricity, you can just go ahead and discover its functionality yourself.

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hello everyone welcome to another router gods episode my name is Humphrey Chung and we are going to play with GNS3 workbench what this is it's a great invention by a guy named chris welch and you can see his website right here red nectar i keep wanting to say redneck but it's red nectar dotnet and it is a premade vmware image with the boon to 10 g and s 3 and virtual pc all you have to do is change a couple settings add your iOS and you're often running with GNS3 basically it is for people who are too lazy or stupid to install GNS3 on their own and you know makes things a little bit easier so you go to his website go tues blog click on the link to download it you will be given a compressed image so just uncompress it and you will get a folder probably called GNS3 workbench current version is 5.6 suffice to say you should probably have vmware player or vmware workstation pre installed on your computer you can get vmware player for free so just download it then what you do is you find the dot vmx file right there right click on it open with vmware player as vmware will loads up its going to load up the image ubuntu is going to be loading in its virtualized environment and here we go we're almost up and running it logs you in automatically and here we go so i'm just going to move this folder right about there okay so it's pretty nice because when you start up it's going to give you a text file with some instructions right there you can read it probably very important that you read it so only pass you you will ever need is the word password it will close this out first thing you want to do is you want to transfer an iOS image to this and it is very easy if you're running this inside of Windows all you have to do is go to places click on GNS3 this is the GNS3 folder double-click on iOS expand this column out and you will notice that it's got some instructions put these iOS images here awesome so I'm going to go over to my cisco folder here I've got it on my desktop the sea 3725 advanced enterprise 12.4 t going to drag this into my iOS folder you just going to copy don't you just love VMware so that is there right right there I'm going to close that out now i'm going to double-click on GNS3 double click on that icon right there now this is to show you that there are pre-made exercises and typologies in here this guy is made he's gone all out it's not just GNS3 its exercises you've got icnd1 icnd2 you've got standard layouts let me double click on that so you can see like three routers to router or six which is all that good stuff got some utilities here so he's he's taken a lot of the work he's done all the work for you basically and some more stuff okay to fire up Jean history all you have to do is go to upper left-hand corner the boon to logo click on GNS3 right there password password is password and here we go we've got GNS3 right here i'm going to cancel on the new project you could see it looks just like normal as you would expect it if you've played around with GNS3 i'm going to click clear the topology summary clear the captures and clear this console window over here of course we can always get them back by going to view and docks but what you want to do is you want to go to edit iOS images and hypervisors what I like to do I like to clear this out you could delete that actually click delete here and we're going to click on these three dots right here to find our iOS image there we go click open so now that's set base config all this is good i'll probably have to reset my idol pc but that's okay then i'm going to go to edit preferences and you could change any of these preferences if you want i'm going to keep that the same k console that's good i'm going to click always use manual mode when adding links i like that feature go to dinah maps just for grins i'm going to click test and it works awesome going to get out of there and let's drag in two routers hook them up and see if it works r1 and r2 going to click on show interface names click on the link button go to manual fast 00 fast 00 life is good click play routers fire up click on the console window and we've got r1 and r2 look at that this is awesome then just maximize this window right there and there we go we could do the basic stuff like enable show IP int VR everything works as usual as you expect it to so there you go this is GNS3 workbench 5.6 it's a vmware image with ubuntu and GNS3 preloaded makes everything very simple you just have to provide your iOS and change that one setting inside of the iOS images settings thanks for watching


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