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Some say that diamonds are a girl's best friend; others believe it's the shoes, while others consider that beauty salons are most appreciated by girls and women worldwide. While the last part might not be approved by everyone, most women do take great pleasure in frequently visiting such a parlor even if occasionally it costs a large part of their monthly salary.

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To avoid such expenses, an alternative could be Hair Pro, an application that features numerous haircuts and styles, along with makeup solutions, thus allowing users to virtually try on a new look, see if it fits them, then go to a salon to apply it.

Before installing Hair Pro, users need to be aware that this tool has been developed specifically for Windows XP and that running it in compatibility mode is required if the host OS is a more recent one.

In order to enjoy the functions of Hair Pro, users need to select their own photo, choose a hairstyle and color, then overlay it on the picture. To make sure the current haircut does not interfere with the desired one, women are advised to wear ponytails when having their photo taken.

The application provides numerous ideas that can be used regardless of the hair length of the subject, or the occasion they need the styling for. In other words, everyone is bound to find a hairstyle that will suit them if they want to go for a walk in the park or to a wedding.

To complete their look, ladies can also rely on Hair Pro to come up with an appropriate makeup that will help them emphasize their eyes or their lips. Also, they can test various haircuts for their partners to make sure they rise to the occasion as well.

Once the overall look is chosen, the image can be saved, printed and taken to the favorite salon, so that it gets applied. At this point, it is up to the hairdresser to turn the dream to reality and help everyone be as beautiful as they desired.

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and lo gorgeous people here is my review of the Babyliss nano titanium pro curler now the first time I watched the advert of this on YouTube I was petrified because the technique that it uses to curl the hair is quite scary because you see this round thing right here this is the heating chamber so what you need to do is take a section of your hair and clamp it and it just sucks your hair in which looks really scary you know exactly what I'm talking about once I start curling I love doing makeup every day because it's quite relaxing I enjoy the process but not so much my eye so I guess that's one of the reasons why I've never made a hair tutorial until now so if you'd like to find out my review of the babyliss nano titanium curler then please keep watching so this is my hair after I've had a shower and I have just very mildly blow-dried it my natural hair is quite straight and this is what it looks like but I prefer wearing my hair curly as you would have noticed from most of my videos it was oh by the way I've already prepped my hair with a hair serum while I was removing the tangles and having a blow-dryer also used a heat protectant spray now for curling all you need is a hair clip you can use the thinner longer ones that you get in the salons and stuff that I prefer using this one and a comb now if you want you can use a tail comb but I just prefer it with a regular one for curling my I'd like to quickly take you through the functions of the titanium nano curler now this the very first button over here is your on and off button and it's on right now as you can tell that it's lit the second option is your timer so you've got eight seconds 10 seconds and 12 seconds you can use eight seconds if you've got hair like mine which is quite soft your hair is really wavy and coarse then maybe you should go for the 12 second heat setting because your hair will take a little bit longer to code option is the direction in which you want your curl to fall so you've got a lr a is alternate L is left and R is right I like to set it on the alternate option because I don't want all my curls to be in one direction because when your curls alternate then I think it gives a fuller and mobile luminous effect so I'm gonna put it on the alternate option for curling day I'm going to start off by sectioning my hair by roughly with my fingers and I'm going to clip it up and keep it in place then I'm going to grab say one and a half inches of hair always make sure that this curling chamber is facing your roots and I'm going to place my hair in this section right here and clamp and hold it's currently on either eighth second setting I believe it's going to keep beeping in short intervals and now is the time to release when you release you get a beautiful curl like then I'm going to continue the same process grab another section of hair another thing is that make sure that you place the the curler in the area from where you want your curls to begin so I'm going to place my hair and clamp see it's the section I've taken is too thick and this is what happens when the section is too thick so I'm going to release it make sure that the section is a bit thinner you can place it plumb exact ins I think I'm going to increase the heat settings to ten just to get a tighter curl effect I'm going to place my hand the opening and clam soup and this reminds me of when you eat spaghetti or noodles because you just go to talk and I'd be like that's exactly what the Kurla does speaking of spaghetti it's making me quite hungry so I'm going to continue this process throughout the rest of my hair alternating my curls because that's the setting it's currently on you know this is a good way to make sure that you don't burn yourself because I tend to burn myself a lot especially when I use a curling Tong however the only thing about this particular one is that the head gets quite hot make sure to not burn yourself because this gets quite hot after you've used it for some time another thing though is that it's quite heavy I find myself resting my other hand while holding the curler I think the curler works quite well as you can probably tell I finished curling the bottom half of my hair I'm just going to quickly spray it with some hairspray to make sure that the curls stay in place I'm going to release my hair clip and I'm going to section the crown of my head and put it in place and I'm going to continue the same process with the middle section of my head this works better on shorter hair sections because my hair is cut in layers and I've noticed that it curls the shorter length hair strands a lot better than the longer ones oh that's a pretty curl so now I finish curling the middle section as well so I'm going to quickly put on some hairspray and finally I'm going to release the crown section for my top section I don't want the curls to alternate I want the left side to be in the left direction of the right to be in the right so I'm going to start doing my left section and I'm going to put it on the L setting so all my curls will be in the left direction and this one is just on the 8 second heat setting because your crown always curls a lot easier than the rest of your hair nice so I finished during my left side make sure you don't have any straight strands quickly spray this and head spray keep the curls in place I'm going to do my right side and I've changed the curl setting to our because I want all my curls to fall away from my face and put some hairspray on the side as well now I finished curling my what I'm going to do is to give it a bit more volume I'm just going to put my head down and put some hairspray on let me show you how that finishes the look in case you want to fix your fringe then I would suggest using a hair straightener but I'm fine with the way mine looks let me show you what the back looks like in case you want to open up your curls just run your fingers through your hair or you can also brush it out very lightly that is so this is it um overall I would say the product is quite impressive advantages it gives a very good curl it's excellent especially if you're a beginner with curling your hair and you also can make sure that you don't burn your hand with curling tongs or straighteners while doing it and plus I think this is a very modern convenient technique of hair curling so that way I am quite impressed with it now the drawbacks of this machine is that I think it's a bit pricey I paid 100 something dollars from I'll put the price down and the link down from where I purchased this but I guess it's also because it's new to the market that it's a bit pricey at the moment another thing I don't like about it is that it's quite heavy I'm sure you notice while I was curling my head that I would tend to rest my right hand with my left while curling the hair because it can get quite hectic when you hold it for a good 15 20 minutes yeah I think that's approximately the amount of time it took me to do my another disadvantage is that if you're in a hurry then this is not advisable because you can only use say an inch or an inch and a half width of section if you take larger sections the Machine won't work it's just going to beep and you're gonna have to release it and redo it's not very user friendly if you are running late but otherwise overall I'm not disappointed with the product I think it's a good purchase if you've enjoyed this video and if you want me to do more reviews let me know put the links to everything that you need to know about this video in the bottom bar including my lipstick because I know get asked a lot about it so please subscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media Twitter Facebook and Instagram until next time


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