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You can importation a DVD folder or footage document by using the document snowl or the "drag and decline" technique. Then, you can select the trophy and chapters, button, production way locale, as well as configuration setup before initiating the encoding way. I recommend using the included None if you lack the needed advanced knowledge.

You can apply many footage filtration (grayscale, detelecine, decomb, deinterlace, denoise, deblock), as well as set the footage recode (H.264, H.265, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, VP8, Theora) framerate and kind, audio recode (AAC, HE-AAC, MP3, AC3, OGG), mixdown, sample waveband percentage and bit.

Also, you can add, remove or importation language (SRT way only) and enable the "Forced Only", "Burned In" and "Default" alternatives, create postscript signposts and importation/imports a CSV document.

When it comes to advanced alternatives, you can select the encoding technique (salaam.g. context jambs), psychovisual, assessment (salaam.g. "Adaptive Direct Mode"), repartition kind, effect, and them.

Additionally, you can preview findings, create a something blacklist (i.salaam. batches convert), importation and imports none, configuration initiative setup, and more.

The initiative uses a moderate chunk of mechanism money, takes a long moment to complete a something but manages to keep very good perception and sound kind. There's also an online someone handbook available.

The bottom right is that HandBrake is a very good method for converting DVD  or footage folder to the MP4 or MKV reseals and we strongly recommend it to all consumers.

Handbrake was a pure undelete synchroniser; now it can use Intel Quick Sync for kludge braking H.264.

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hey guys WW and welcome back to another beer now today's video I'm going to do a review slash tutorial on a great app called HandBrake so without further ado let's get banger okay so HandBrake if you already don't know what it is it is a beer okay so I actually this was this app was in my top five max Mac app video so go check that out to get a bit more like information on it but basically this app shrinks your file size and today I'm gonna prove it by this file right is two gigabytes exactly and this is Skyblock episodes away i believe yet this is sky look episode 3 and basically I'm going to show you using HandBrake that that's truly to bite movie or shrink down now the reason why you would choose to do this is because my first video if we go onto my channel my first ever video which was maken-ki I had this took so long to upload that I had to upload overnight it took like 18 hours and I'm not joking it literally did and my second video drew my thing I cut through HandBrake it took 10 minutes no joke it's exactly 10 minutes put it through HandBrake and it's even it's it's a longer video and it took less time so yeah okay so let's just do this let's compress it so um HandBrake you're doing okay so lets you select the video and press open and basically um that's pretty much it you don't really need to do anything here in encode options I just set mine to very fast and that works fine so just press Start and watch the magic happen so guys this might take a little while so I'll be back when it's finished I actually forgot to mention something well this is compressing this app is 100% free so far might change in the future but this is free and it works for Mac Windows and maybe even yeah it works for Windows Mac and it wouldn't true so yeah it pretty much works for every single person who has a computer um so yeah it's completely free and it is amazing so I really really recommend getting this app if you are starting YouTube and making quite big movies or videos or even if you just made a video for a friend and you want to send him the here or this is a great app for instance I made I made this on my friends in choice for their channel and I used HandBrake and it only took 2 seconds to upload through Skype so that's pretty good and it was quite actually a big fun ok guys so it is done compressing and as you see it says put down that cop cow your HandBrake cue is done so basically this was the original pie right guys the don't move file ok that was exactly to do to buy it the the once we put this through HandBrake right the file size is now um 800 megabytes so that's pretty good I've been here about 10 minutes and it's it's shrinked it so much I'm like but I mean it's not a dramatic difference but sometimes it really is but in this case it's not but it every everything helps so if I was to upload this to YouTube right now it would upload a hell of a lot quicker than it with this so yeah um so guys that is pretty much my review slash tutorial is really not that hard you just whack the video into HandBrake and wait so yeah guys that was pretty much the tutorial hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll catch you in the next one bye


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