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Keeping malware off your system and removing rogue, fake or misleading software, dangerous keyloggers and other such threats is not an easy task. Luckily, there are many specialized tools with this goal, such as HitmanPro. It is a powerful application that can detect and remove most viruses that could come in contact with your computer.

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Right off the bat you can notice a great thing about this utility, namely the fact that it uses a cloud engine when scanning, therefore several antimalware engines are at work to help you find and obliterate any trace of malicious code.

Another neat feature of Hitman Pro is the ability to run without installation when needed, so it can be used from a portable storage device. In case you wish to keep it on your system, though, select the option to create a copy of the utility, so you can regularly scan your computer.

The default scan takes a few minutes to complete and you can track the real-time progress and view on the spot any suspicious or dangerous items found in your system. Viruses or other types of computer infections can be either deleted, quarantined, ignored (not recommended) or reported as safe. A small description of each threat is displayed below the files in the list, as well as the level of risk it presents.

During our test, Hitman Pro managed to find a lot of tracking cookies and a couple of suspicious executable files in the Temporary Internet Files folder, which were swiftly removed.

All in all, this application looks and works very well. Even if it may not be suited as a first line of defense, Hitman Pro can surely prove a great addition that can work alongside a fully-fledged antivirus solution.

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hello guys my name is undrawn seven four five and today I'm bringing you another youtube video but before we get into the topic of this YouTube video I'd like to say thank you to everybody that's keeping up with my youtube videos on watching my content so if you went back and watched a recent video that I uploaded about Maher bytes the latest version and here it is I said in that video that I would do a review of hitman pro and this is that video guys yes I am gonna be doing a review of hitman Pro so if you don't know what hitman pro is hitman pro is a secondary option anti-malware cloud based virus detector now the way it does that is it finds the files on your system and upload the files to the cloud in this case virustotal and uses all of the anti viruses and scanned the file with all these different Ani viruses and gives you the result out of what it finds so firstly we can get into this so hitman pro there's two different versions to it there's let's just show you so there's two different versions of hitman pro there is here we go there's hitman pro alert which is the one that will run in the background of your computer and run 24/7 and do scans and then there's hitman pro now hitman pro the difference is is him on pro alert will run it run in the background hitman pro is a secondary option for you so you'll have to run scans manually or you can schedule scans I think yes you can you can schedule scans to run on your computer that that will keep you from getting malware viruses and ephant near birth so it's very simple not much to look at like I said this is not going to be a very long video because it's there's not much to look up so you can automatically Scott files to the sky and cloud compress unknown suspicious files before upload so that means it'll upload the files quicker and it's a really fast scanner so now this might vary if you have a slow computer and hard drive or something but I have an SSD and so this is very fast but in general on slow computers I have tested it it seems to run quite quickly and go through the files easily and fast so it detected some tracking cookies which is normal tracking cookies are not dangerous they're just something that you do not need and can be deleted so you saw how fast it found them you know instantly and it's already on 20% I was with you talking you can exclude files so if you got drives that you may not want to be scanned you can there is an option to exclude them files within hitman Pro and yeah it's just basically a secondary option for you guys instead of relying on the antivirus you may won't be running relying on Mar bites cuz Mar bites is just one engine it doesn't use the cloud system it's just an engine that has a load of different certificates to its name now hitman pro is an engine that will run multiple engines scan the file through multiple engines and give you a result and it will say malware and it will tell you what found there and a in here actually to show you you see suspicious files when it's completed I can't do it right now but I'll show you when it's completed what you can do is you can look at the result on virus tool and you can make your decision whether you should delete the file or you should quarantine the file and you know what what action you should take towards the file and if you feel it's necessary to delete the file because you think it's a virus some files can be suspicious because they're a they're not really known if they're a virus or not know what you can do is click here tools virus tour it'll upload the file to virus total and give you a result and I've got 0 on here as you can see none of these virus anti viruses as you can see it's guns with about 60 63 antiviruses none of them have detected this as a virus so it's a false positive that tells me hitman pro is detecting it as suspicious and it's just telling it's just going to ignore it by default because it's not virus and same here as well if we go here source thyristor upload the files of our store now I have three this is this is really interesting so you've got three here now this this is where the whole do I delete the file or do I keep the file and say it's not a virus and it's just a false positive now I know it's a legitimate file it's not a virus it's not malware I know that I've researched on it and a lot of people have had the same used by punkbuster there you go so you see a comment on it I've had the same kind of result when it comes to this particular file that is used by punkbuster no one knows why it's detected but I know and my research that this is a safe file so when you're using hitman pro you can go do research on file so what's his file name PD CL dot dl l what is P DC PD CL dot DL is it a virus so you can look up what the file is online quite easily here we go PC is it a virus bla bla bla and as you can see people are saying it's used in ecology first-person shooters though it's critical because it's punkbuster you need punkbuster installed when it comes to using things like Call of Duty 2 multiplayer and battlefield as well if you got pushed in a storm it could it could ruin do you have ability to go online because point Buster's safeguard anyway we're not talking about Larry nice about hitman pro so yeah if you do not know and you're unsure about a suspicious file or something that's come up as malware you can also get the opinion or virus tour and then an opinion online as well so the virus total is a really good secondary option in my opinion I scan with it most of the times if I find my computer being a bit sluggish or I've downloaded something that was malware and I've run it on my PC and I'm thinking oh gosh yes mile bytes is to spot blocked it but maybe I want to scan again with hitman pro to make sure that the malware is gone and there's no nothing lurking in the background of my PC after mob lights automatically remove it or quarantine it so I think that's the end of the video guys and as you can see there's no my hair on my computer which is good that's that's really nice to know that there isn't malware on my computer but I'd like to thank you guys for watching the video ina please leave your comments down below if you liked the video and if you didn't like the video please leave your comments down below and tell me why you didn't like the video so leave the video I like or dislike it's up to you guys thank you very much for watching the video and I'll see you guys in the next video goodbye


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