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From the makers of CPU-Z comes HWMonitor, a very small and simple-to-use system monitoring tool whose job is to keep track of the most important sensors on your computer and find out live readings for HDD temperature and fan speed. It features data exporting options.

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Setting up HWMonitor is a fast and easy task, since it does not require special configuration. It is packed in a normal window with a straightforward layout and automatically starts monitoring the sensors at startup, listing all components in a hierarchical view to spot them easier.

Information revolves around the processor, hard disk and graphics card. You can find out the current, minimum and maximum value when it comes to the RPM, fan capacity in percentage, temperature for each core (in Celsius and Fahrenheit), assembly and air flow temp, along with the graphics card voltage.

All this information can be exported to a plain text document in case you want to look it over at a later time and compare values with future reports to determine the hardware history and improvements toward temperature, in order to prevent overheating. The detailed report includes processor timers, thread dumps, storage information for each drive, USB devices, graphic APIs, and other data.

Alternatively, you can create an SMBus report. It is also possible to reset all minimum and maximum values, as well as to hide the status bar.

SMBus worked smoothly in our tests, without causing the OS to hang, crash or pop up error messages. It shows accurate information and leaves a small footprint on system resources. Too bad it lacks some important customization settings, such as the ability to change the data refresh rate. Nevertheless, HWMonitor offers a simple effective solution to find out live readings for your computer's sensor. Additional features are available in the paid version, HWMonitor Pro.

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hello YouTube this is a little explanation and sort of tutorial about HW monitor and I'll show you around what this thing does real quick and what the purpose is and I'll show you where to download this as well I believe thousands and thousands of users use this pie and it's made by cpuid which is how they trusted I don't think it might be a company but I don't know much about them but it's highly trusted they make some really awesome software they're cpuid program tells you all the exact specs down to extreme detail so yhw monitor is it's basically system health and a more broad type of way it slows your voltages to make sure those are correct this will look different again for everybody systems your fans will be different your temperatures will read different stuff like that and I'll tell you what temperatures are healthy and it might vary for different technologies but for um just in a most common type of way so voltages everything's pretty much normal right here it might again it'll vary for you so system 10 this is your system temperature or air flow inside your case see Putin that's your CPU temperature overall and Oxton I don't know what this is because it reads random temperatures I'm not too concerned about that if you get like some kind of ridiculous temperatures or rpm like my fans are doing that means it's not raining correctly and I don't think it should be too much of a concern because this program does that because I have other programs I read my sensitive so they probably conflict at each other so I shouldn't have to worry about those fans anyway so let's close voltages because those aren't very important at least to me so here you'll see your CPU and then also the CPU model so AMD Phenom 2 times 4 quad-core 965 black edition and so here are your cores this will tell you your core temperatures the motors really nice about this program is that it gives you Celsius and also converts it to Fahrenheit so you get your value which is down here and a vertical view this is your current live temperature minimum is your minimum temperature that it's gone down to the lowest so this is like your lowest temperature of you've ever got and when you've had this program open and your max is your max temperature that you've ever or is your highest temperature that you've ever gone throughout the history of this program and you have an open at your computer so next we have oh yeah I forgot you got to wattage for your CPU so that's there too next you got your hard drives again this varies for every one assembly that's like your hard drive temperature usually runs through air flow because it's hard drives don't really produce that much heat at least that I know of so next you got your GPU I have an AMD radeon r9 200 series which was the r9 270x you got your voltage pretty normal so far again temperatures your value your minimum and your max it also shows the fans and I have a dual fan but it measures it as just one hole rpm so we're going to find this just type in HW monitoring Google and it should be the first thing that pop that pops up and it says like CPU ID right next to it technical resources so it'll give you like a little bit of stuff around this and you could tell this is legit because it's got images of it and it's a real official website and it should say that it's safe and I know a lot of people that use this as well so what you want to do is install the setup at least for I think what most people do I think the zip is for something else and then you just install it and I think you're good to go pretty much and just open up the program and start reading your stuff it might take a second to read everything though and as you can see this person here he's got an Intel Core i7 graphics card different readings again varies with different people so that would be pretty much it to wrap up HW monitor thanks for watching don't forget to like it subscribe and comment and you can ask all the questions you want in the comments and have a discussion if you'd like to help out other people and add on to this video if you'd like perfectly fine with that I enjoy when people help each other out usually there's a lot of fights on YouTube but there's ways to prevent that anyway don't forget to share in ferret this video as well and also check out my other videos I have other tutorials out there for overclocking and gaming videos I do a lot of roblox I have tutorial videos as well kind of a wide variety anyways guys see you later


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