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Those who claim that all instant messengers are alike have definitely not tried IMVU. This is the kind of application that takes online chatting to a whole new level and this can be seen from the first minute of using it.

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Installing IMVU is not at all difficult, and, just like it’s the case of instant messaging applications in general, an account is required in order to use IMVU, but third-party accounts can also be used (such as Facebook, Yahoo, a Google account or even Twitter) so users do not necessarily need to create a new one.

Once they have logged in, a whole new dimension opens to them. They have to create a 3D avatar that will require a lot of customization before actually chatting over the Internet. Some clothes need to be picked, maybe some make-up, some accessories, and complete sets of offers to earn credits that can be spent on a large variety of items.

Once users enter a chatroom, they experience a different type of chatting. It is a 3D room, that gives you the possibility to have your character placed in various fixed locations. One's avatar can also perform a wide range of actions, thus making the interaction more interesting and realistic.

Chat rooms can also be created, thus offering users more control over the guests they start conversations with.

IMVU also comes with a contact list, just like any regular instant messenger, so friends can be added as well as other favorite users for a quicker and a bit more private chat. Recent encounters are also displayed to easily find others you enjoy interacting with.

To sum up, IMVU is a great application for those who have a lot of free time and want to have fun, as it is quite far from what one would expect a regular IM to be. Even if it does not ensure a fast and simple chat experience, it is still worth taking for a spin.

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call me on the cell phone mean I went in deep hey guys that was an interesting intro um it's Ashley here welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you are new um today we're just going to be doing something like really simple um as you can see I just have my a be dressed up kind of cutesy you know what I'm saying but I want to do a wardrobe like my wardrobe what is called my breaking oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm gonna call this my dress-up goodies okay I'm going to show you my dress up and good that's so dumb okay so in tops like I don't I have a bit of things like I have all these tops and all that like summer like double outfits but I don't have too much stuff it's fair amount it's okay I have late boy what do I got that's cute to put on I literally I don't know I just have so much shit like to me this is a lot of shit and for like the bottoms I got quite a few bottoms if you can see if you guys like like any bottoms of these you can ask me I guess and maybe I can 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please leave a like comment and subscribe to my channel for more videos and even leave a suggestion of what you want to see anyway I thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video bye bye


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