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IObit Malware Fighter is a undelete thing that takes upon itself to handle these warnings, all in an approachable someone kludge that makes the entire way quite hassle-free.

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IObit Malware Fighter Review

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welcome everyone to another Mauer geek review today we're gonna be taking a look at IObit Malware Fighter 5.2 this is AI obits latest version of their ever so infamous malware fighter product they have since integrated the BitDefender engine since I looked at it last but we are gonna see how well they have actually integrated that engine into malware fighter and if it's any better than what it was the last time I took a look at it which was quite a few years back so if we dive into the product and we take a look at the user interface and its usability the user interface isn't bad it's not great I wish it was a bit more open and laid out and easier to maybe navigate I mean it's not terrible but I'd really don't like these little tab things on the side here I just wish it was you know laid out a little bit more open so the user could maybe find what they need to find and everything was labeled and stuff but again a matter of preference but that's my verdict on it under the scan tab you can start a smart scan a full scan or a custom scan under browser protect you have your homepage advisor your download protection your plugin and toolbar cleaner anti tracking DNS protect and surfing protection and AD removal which is turned off by default you have your security guard which is shows you the different engines that are active on the system they have their network card the file guard their start up guard the process guard security reinforce which i think is just a fancy way of saying self protection camera guard USB guard and malicious action guard which is I'm guessing a behavior blocker we'll see how well that does it says not all security guards are turned on so what does that mean just let me see if this changes yeah so but this is turned off by default the security reinforces turned off by default and then under actions you have your different products that iobit offers that you can install so this is a trial version of their pro version of this product they have the BitDefender engine their own engine and the anti ransomware engine so we will see how well this product does so let's check for updates and I have some malware links here some of these I have used in the previous reviews like this one was featured in the ESET review it's only a couple days old so hopefully it will catch this one so another thing I want to point out about their user interface that I've kind of noticed why does this say enabled and these say on why is this not consistent I think that this will confuse a user because they won't quite understand if the engine is active or not and plus some of these as you can see are labeled as pro but I have the pro version so I don't understand why they're labeling it like that it just seems kind of clunky and not very user friendly just saying so it does say that it has the latest database so we are gonna go ahead and test malware fighter against some malicious URLs and see how well it does all engines on the computer are active so let's go ahead and start punching these links in here's our first file office Study XE okay no alert from IObit Malware Fighter on that one appears to have executed just fine yep it's right there in memory that is definitely not office I can tell you that much that is malware anyways we will move along here's our next file why is this user-interface popping up it makes no sense okay we will save this one as an executable on the desktop okay we will run it I hope it says it's safe I know for a fact it's not that is a trojan because I looked up the md5 hash and checked all these links and that is definitely a malicious file it's detected by quite a few engines including the BitDefender engine so that's very interesting that I hope it didn't catch it and it's running around in memory here's our next file that one also executed successfully and it's hitting the CPU really hard right now so so far we are 0 for 3 great ad showed a DXE will go ahead and execute it it's in memory ok this one we've got an alert now this one file 42 is trying to access links dot text that kind of suggests that that may be some sort of ransomware but it doesn't give you a lot of information about the file it just tells you it's trying to access it well yeah that's definitely ransomware so I'd like to know what the file is trying to do when it's accessing is it just you know is it doing something weird I don't know it doesn't give you a lot of information but I'll block it just to be fair okay it's trying to access oh great it's trying to access a JPEG file yeah this is definitely some sort of ransomware but again it doesn't give you a lot of information about the what the file is exactly trying to do except access another file well a lot of files do that so it doesn't really tell you what kind of malicious behavior it's trying to do so anyways we'll block it here's our next file document dot exe because we all know documents are you know executable files we'll run it and it runs just fine and it's trying to enter a startup item but again it doesn't really I mean that could be malicious behavior but other legitimate programs also register startup items but we'll block it this uh ransomware keeps trying to encrypt our files here's our next file I think this is some sort of script I'm not quite sure what it does just keeps trying we'll just remember the decision hopefully it'll leave us alone now oops okay so this one also appears to be some sort of ransomware will block it here's our next file that one also made it into memory so far it has not blocked anything any file that I have loaded and I know for a fact it's up-to-date because we just checked for updates corn dot exe also made it into memory Wow I'm protected by IO but I'll tell you that much right now great ok micro dot exe nope didn't catch that one either and the machine has stopped responding I mean it's slow to respond probably because of all the malware we have running around yep that's not good and something's messing with Windows Explorer because this Windows Explorer just crashed so great I'll be right back ok so Windows Explorer has rebooted and finally we get a signature alert that it found a threat so great we'll get rid of it here's our final malware link see this one does anything think it's some sort of an effective webpage may not be infected anymore let me grab another link so while I was pausing the video and trying to grab him another link our desktop background got changed and we have a bunch of readme files here on the desktop this actually looks like shade ransomware also this website or this website tried to and drop in an infected file and the website on the on the computer and it was blocked by I öbut so this definitely looks like shade ransomware yeah I think that's shade for sure it's still trying to encrypt our files let me check our pictures folder see if it's encrypted those nope but the ransomware is still running around in memory and doing whatever it wants so let me find another file to run and we'll finish up this part of the test okay so I grabbed another link here let's go ahead and try this one it is catching threats but I don't understand why it's catching them after they're running doesn't make any sense that one appears to have executed successfully as well yeah I've lost it in in here but we have some you know malware running of course so alright great so that's the link test and as you can see we let me see what these readme files say yeah this looks like shade but anyways we'll go ahead and scan with hitman pro and zoom on oh I can tell you right now the machine is infected but we're gonna see what we have on here and I'll be back with the results so as I was trying to install Semana to scan the machine it catches it so great so it catches malicious startup items as well as regular ones and you can see hitman pro is already finding stuff so anyways I'll be back for the results don't even need to explain this I mean honestly hitman pro is still finishing up scanning and stuff but really do I need to explain this I mean yep the evidence is pretty obvious I mean we have malware running around doing whatever it wants we have some ransomware Trojans bunch of Trojans a suspicious file more trojans upon trojans upon trojans so really i mean really is this is this a trial version or what I mean so I was looking at iobit malware fighters main user interface they can't even get their consistency right it says enabled and it's protecting me and it's protecting me so this is enabled this is on this is on which is it are they all enabled are they not what is this the trials it's not a trial what is it I don't understand I really don't I'm confused because it just doesn't seem like it's functioning fully but yet it says it's full protection here and I'm gonna lose it in 14 days so let me restore this machine to a clean state so we can talk about the link part and then we're gonna try the detection ratio which i think is gonna be horrible but we'll find out I'll give it a chance so I'll be back in just a minute okay so I pulled up by obits website and I pulled it up so we can all see it and share together so this is what I clicked I gotta know it's website winner under security when I under IObit Malware Fighter pro actually what I went under was the free version and then I clicked trial download trial which generally means hey check out the full version and you know see how it works and then you have to buy the full version and it says under here learn more about pro so I was able let's check out the pro version maybe they've made some improvements so I clicked it I downloaded it and it says you know your PC will lose full protection in 14 days and it tells me that the iobit anti-malware engine is enabled the anti ransomware engine is on and the BitDefender engine is on I checked for updates says it has the latest database version for both BitDefender and the io 'but anti-malware engine so what is this is this a trial is this what is this I don't understand I'm really confused is and it says Pro up here too so is this the they can't even get their consistency right like what is this a fully functioning trial is that a limited trial and then you go over here and it wants you to activate activate all pros so it is that the pro version or is it not I'm really lost I really I just don't understand maybe it's because I'm easily confused or maybe it's because they're playing some kind of a sick joke on me I just don't understand what this is because I went on there thinking this was the pro version but it's it's just not I just don't understand what this is so I mean oh my gosh I I don't even know what to say with iobit anymore I so I'm gonna lose full protection in 14 days while looking at the link test that's not full protection and if if it's only using the iobit anti-malware engine well then you're misleading consumers yet again I hope it great job like you're so good at doing it's the only thing you are good at doing is misleading consumers because you're telling them that the BitDefender engine is on the anti ransomware engine is on but then it doesn't function most of those malware samples that I that I tried we're all detected by the BitDefender engine almost every single one of them were detected by the BitDefender engine so why didn't it catch him why is it letting the that mount were running around and do whatever at once and then over here it says protected by obut anti-malware engine in real time so does that mean these two aren't protecting me in real-time I just don't understand what this product is what is it doing is this that I just oh my gosh I'm so frustrated with IO but I really AM frustrated because all they seem to know how to do is mislead consumers and it's just it's so frustrating it really is get your consistency right get your act together or just stop being in the anti-malware industry because you guys are a joke you guys are a bunch of just incompetent fools when it comes to putting a legitimate anti-malware solution together you know I haven't even done the I can't even talk anymore I'm so frustrated I haven't even done the detection ratio test yet and you guys are already failing how is this possible how how do you sell in they sell this to people for $20 a year $20 a year for this kind of joke of a protection suite anyways I'm gonna stop ranting right now and I'm gonna grab it pack them out where I'm gonna stick it on the desktop and we're gonna see how this product functions so I'll be right back okay so just to show you I have 847 items in this malware folder so I've already scanned with iobit so I'm gonna remove the threats and then I'll be back with the results okay so I finished up scanning I hope it says that it's clean I did a second scan to make sure and again said it was clean so we have 489 items left over so 847 I made sure that's the right number hang on yeah that's right number 847 - 489 great 358 out of 847 so there's your detection ratio 42.2% Wow great great that's wonderful so that is an absolutely abysmal detection ratio because I know BitDefender doesn't have that bad of a detection ratio so because I've tested BitDefender and I know it would catch most of these files it would even catch the ones in the link test so I don't know do I even have to run any of these because I'm pretty sure I know what's gonna happen but just to be fair like I do with every other every other solution I'm gonna go ahead and run some of these okay that one got caught weird it catches it caught the one caught that one but it didn't catch it when I scanned I'll run that one let's run this one great it's opening some kind of a website let's run this one it's trying to add a startup item I'm great there's another executable great creating files and stuff wonderful yep just keeps trying hey some kind of malware was detected I'll block it I'm just gonna run a couple more of these but I'm sure we have some malicious things going on in the background mm-hmm yep sure do okay I'm only gonna run a couple more of these and then we're just gonna we're just gonna call it a day we have more things being created command prompts running files being created so yeah alright I've only run a couple of these and I'm pretty sure the machine's already badly infected so great something else is trying to create a startup item will block it so anyways I'm gonna go ahead and grab Zaman and hit my pro again and then we're gonna scan to see how the we're gonna see how badly the Machine is infected so I'll be back okay so we're gonna finish up this review IObit Malware Fighter says that our computer is clean I did a scan just to see if it would detect any of the malware that was running on the system and great says it's clean awesome but zamana says something different we have a virus on here that is replicated like nobody's business if we take a look at our malware file we have all these applications that have been created these aren't created by me all of my files that are actually samples that I bring onto the system are all labeled malware well these aren't labeled malware these were created by the virus and it keeps replicating so we have that there's also I'm sure there's something right there's obviously something running in memory to create those files we have a backdoor in memory this is in memory this is in memory they're all backdoors probably the same thing I think yeah these Amana anti-malware setup is infected more of the virus stuff it's replicated like nobody's business it keeps replicating hitman pro has found stuff too ransomware Trojans more of this virus stuff that just keeps replicating oh and look BitDefender well another detection by bitdefender oh wait a minute I thought that IObit Malware Fighter uses the BitDefender engine it said the computer was clean though but hitman pro says it's not hmm very interesting anyways enough of my sarcasm and ranting and stuff it's a total fail totally complete fail I oh but you're a bunch of incompetent fools stop trying to be in the anti-malware engine because you don't know what you're doing stop misleading consumers stop telling consumers that the BitDefender engine is protecting them because it's not it's not protecting them this just is not functioning I don't know if it's because it's not the pro version even though it says it's the pro version or whatever but it's not working it's so it's it's so bad that it's funny bad like it's so bad that it's funny like it's it's hilarious just so we can see how badly I obut is misleading consumers let me pull up their website and I'll be right back okay so I shut down the virtual machine because it's so badly infected and stuff that I just didn't want to deal with it anymore so here's what they say with the pro version of IObit Malware Fighter full anti-malware ability with iobit anti-malware engine ok advanced threat protection with the BitDefender Antivirus engine yeah ok to its credit it did prevent the ransomware that got on the system from infecting our files so to the credit of io 'but they actually got that part kind of right even though it doesn't tell you exactly what the file is doing what whatever basic real-time protection against malicious behavior so and it's all improved by the way it's improved its yeah ok all right great fantastic so that's all I got to say about I of it I mean this has been one of the most comical reviews I've ever done they can't get it they can't even get their trial version right I don't even know if the trial version is functioning properly I really don't know it says that it's the pro version but it I don't even know what it's doing so I hope it please do us all a favor just go away please just go away you you cannot be part of the anti-malware industry you're you're not good at it so just just stop just stop misleading consumers stop charging people $20 a year for protection that doesn't function so just stop all right well anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video this review please do share this with your family and friends tell them not to fall for iobit stuff and their and their misleading advertising and their lies and deceit because IObit Malware Fighter it doesn't work thanks for watching


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