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iTools is a lightweight app designed to help iphone, ipad, iPod bit consumers manage their folder much easier.

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The initiative supports the latest gadget iterations and as most widgets of its kind, it needs downloads to connect to your gadget. Thus, at the first way, it automatically detects whether you have downloads installed on your Cpu on not.

The kludge is simple and well-organized, allowing you to browse the local laptop bookmobile, as well as the gadget material. Once your gadget is connected, you are able to view the press folder, photos, iBooks and other documentation it contains.

The local bookmobile is organized in three portions, one for gadget widgets, the second for press folder and the third for other tools. The 'Application' gadget allows you to add several initiatives in IPA or PXL way and install them on your gadget. Furthermore, you can assign customized sticker to each app, in that to identify them easier.

The second the is dedicated to the press folder that you want to importation from your Cpu, whether it is songs, downloads or wallpapers. In meantime to this, iTools functionality a song company, allowing you to choose a songs document and create your own downloads with just a few keystrokes.

You can add as many folder as you want and listen to them using the built-in guy. The slipcover the enables you to preview and something the photos you add before importing them to your gadget.

Another opportunity of the initiative is the undelete thing. You can try iTools to undelete and restore your folders, widgets, SMS emails, contacts, dial lore and mechanism settings.

PXL boxes can be converted to the IPA way, as installing a initiative bag in the latter one is considered safer than in the PXL way.

Managing your iphone, ipad or iPod material is easier when you try a initiative such as iTools. Ease of try, combined with undelete and document managment functionality make it a viable thing for transferring folder between your gadget and the Cpu.

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what is going on guys to them here with this video to show you what I tools does so what I'm going to in order to have do this it only works with iOS devices which then means Apple devices you have to have installed itunes if not you can go to google and type itunes download download it and go to uh go to I tools you're gonna see type I tools and it's going to be the I tools one-stop manager find it it's gonna be this one right there I tools one step stop manager of iphone ipad and i touch it is free so you can download it just remember you have to have itunes installed so when you have installed you're going to connect your device to your laptop or computer and open I tools and it says please insert device and it says device connecting then you have to wait for a while and this is going to this is what's going to show so go to desktop and then it's going to show your stuff but go to lice desktop basically what this does it shows you your screen on the thing up on the video so i can put my code alright I'm back yeah so basically what this does likes it lets you record on your phone but this is a little aggies so yeah you can go to Twitter put and also dementia we had his channels active as a twitter chat is twitter pages active now as you can see the mystery hack the purple letters alright i was i was saying the as you can see the mr. we hack this purple thing in the right data mr. we hack add the twitter and all that i made that for him so yeah and basically what i used for this it's what i used is microsoft word I know you guys are like would use Microsoft Word yep i use microsoft word Wow Microsoft loads let's go back to this this is a pretty cool thing but what I really don't like about it lags a little but there's no problem about that what the heck yeah you can also go on YouTube see you could do whatever you want one is that you can take screenshots record on it and all that so yeah all right so yeah so basically i'm going to show you what the minor a machine mine I made mine there it is this is mine basically I just did a screen shot with the software I'm using hypercam three you put the region and then you right there it's the camera make screenshot and then yeah for right now I might save this I'll make new one so i will show you guys how to make one Blake dark you may hip a 3 a blank document okay so first you go to page layout change that are you wanna watch it back and change it two times put 100 and put hello whoops whoops you too I think this little bed let's go down 72 see Center it don't want to zoom in ok I like this font we're going to do it underline if you want to you'll have to italics now this is the tricky part you have to go to tech text effects there's the text field we wanted white text outline we want it red outline style we will need that shadow we need you can choose a color you want we're gonna choose blue this one reflection i always put this one blow put red and i always put this one and close and when i'm done that's how it turns out and you can do any different color you want for example my sea foam okay text effects we make text field we can make a blood text outline we can make it white shadow you can make it read your flexion we can make it like that a little bit of blue that's how it would look like and you can mess around with whatever you want for example you could do a screenshot like you can make a screenshot of that and then you save to your folder or H Drive you have and yeah so I just clapping random stuff because I'm so like talking whatever he wants to say yeah so that's it for today guys and yeah that's basically this is a bruh if you guys don't want to download the app you don't have to for example si si hey mr. video Sarah my keyboard mr. and yeah that's basically it guys and thanks for watching you


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Added: October 22 2022 User rating: 4.2
Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win XP 64 bit, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 2003, Win 2008, Win 2008 64 bit, Win 2008 R2, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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January 15, 2019, marcos think:

спасибо за патч дляiTools

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thanks a lot. it worked.

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