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jetAudio provides users with an all-round multimedia manager. It supports the majority of both audio and video formats as well as Winamp plugins. It is definitely more than just a music player and that creates some kind of diversion given the title that it bears.

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The suite asks for your attention on its first run as it displays a list of options regarding its functionality as an audio/video player or media center for multimedia files management. Take caution when going through the setup process though, because you might end up with potentially unwanted applications installed besides the desired package.

Once you finally get to the main interface of the application, you learn that things can really be complicated. There are just too many functions packed within a small window and this crowded space tends to turn into a vertigo effect. The options that escape though are the 'Rip', 'Convert', 'Record', 'Burn' or 'Broadcast'.

jetAudio enables you to rip audio CDs and even get their details about the artist, songs or album from the Internet. It also provides audio conversion tools for quick and easy encoding of formats like WAV, FLAC, OGG or WMA. It also brings an audio recorder featuring an equalizer, Low/High-pass filters and even a trimmer.

The Burning component comes in handy when needing to create audio CDs while the 'Broadcast' button allows users to listen to online radios. Opening the COWON Media Center triggers a cleaner interface, well-organized and more attractive even though it is quite large. One thing you have to be careful about is the way this interface closes. There are two X buttons in the top right area - the first one closes the current window while the second one terminates the application.

All in all, jetAudio manages to live up to expectations, but not entirely. Despite the fact that it comes with theme support, jetAudio lacks a simple and user friendly interface. Although it packs many functions, the software falls short of the natural ease-of-use.

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hey guys it's seen in here with you droid mania and today I've got for you a music app that I found in the Play Store it's free and I wanted you guys to take a look at it it's called jet audio plus I think it's actually pretty nice to replace the stock player if you're looking for something different it comes with multiple widgets it's pretty lightweight easy to use it's got a lot of options so it's very configurable and I think you guys will really enjoy it if you're looking for something different than your Samsung music player so let's go ahead let's jump right in it's got tabs along the top you'll notice when you open the app it starts with artists albums songs folders and then playlists on this artist view it gives you a list view when you can actually change the way that this is displayed here I actually like looking at my artists songs in a alphabetized list view it's easy for me to navigate and select the things that I'm looking for alright in under albums if you're pretty good you keep your metadata pretty clean your songs will load up under the correct album so make sure you guys keep that that pretty nicely and in an order changing the album art is pretty easy roll down select the album that you want to change the art or the cover for and you'll choose download the album art and as you can see here you'll be presented with several different covers that you can choose from so I'll try and get this in here at the bottom you'll see I've got the name of the album and then the actual artist and then what happens is a little bit will search for that and then pull up the covers based on that and then you just tap the one that you want and I usually look at a couple of them because some of the the actual covers here are better than others so you'll choose the one that you want by simply tapping on it it'll ask do you want to download the selected image to your SD card I usually say okay that way save there and I've not connected to Wi-Fi or any of those kinds of things my album art always shows up and there you can see that they're on the folders tab this is where any songs that you purchased from say like Amazon mp3 or if you purchase any songs online this is typically where they show up at except for google if you purchased song your songs from the Google store from the Google Play Store then they don't actually show up and load into that this app automatically you need to hook your phone up to your computer and do that under playlists and I don't really have any playlist set up here but you'll get three options you recently added songs and I actually find that useful because if you just purchased a song and if you're like me and you can't remember titles this will be a good spot to look because you can click in there and you can see everything that you've just recently added to your phone if you click on the now playing if you've got a playlist set up on your phone it'll be displayed here and again you can see the songs that are in that current playlist and lastly you have quick lists now I don't use playlist as much so I'm not really going to go into this but make sure you guys take a look why don't we go ahead and take a look at some of the settings so if you want to search for a specific song you can search your SD card or on your phone sort and select the way that you want your titles to display here you can shuffle jump into preferences which we'll get into in a moment and then you've got your sound effects in it alright and starting from the top to bottom the very first thing you'll notice is that you've got your browser here the player playback screen miscellaneous and info in your browser this is where it determines how your music is how your music covers are shown so if you want to get rid of that list view this would be the place that you do that you click in there and then go ahead and you can actually change that you can control the album art here and I like to make sure that all my artists album arts are actually shown as I'm listening to the different music here so under player this is where your music is played when you make it fullscreen you can change the background gradient here I think this is actually a pretty nice option here because if you do add lyrics to your songs you can actually change the font size here so I think that's a pretty nice option I don't have any lyrics in mine but under playback now this is where you control how your songs how your songs switch between tracks and I use the fade in/fade out feature I like to make sure that everything runs together pretty smoothly that there's a crossfade you can set the amount of time that you want to happen there and you can adjust your pitch if need be for any of the songs you can set your fast-forward interval and your rewind interval both the minor set to 10 seconds that's the default but you can control that and be as specific as you like there under screen here you can set your lock screen so this is where you configure what your music player looks like when your screen is locked I use the jet audio lock screen one I think that looks really good I'm going to show that to you guys shortly you can control in your notification menu what the actual player looks like in there and you can also set your player to use a full screen mode whether it's in Windows or on the lock screen under miscellaneous you can load your album art here you can set your language you can concet your headset override buttons here I don't do a lot of changing there but should you want to you could do that under changing songs there's some gestures here that you can use flicking left or right to change songs I'll show you that when you're in the player you can also flick down to show the now playing list I think that's pretty cool you can post the song that you're listening to on Facebook some people like to do that for their social media and if you want to shake use the shake feature where you can shake your phone to play the next to the previous track you can also do that from here as well so as I mentioned there's a lot of options here and a lot of settings on how you can configure your phone so that you can get the most out of this easy player so let's go ahead and take a look at the actual music player and I'm not going to play too many of my songs here because I don't want Google to flag this video all right so I'll just go ahead here and select a song so that you guys can see what that looks like takes up the full screen it looks really good here's the flicking gesture if you flick to the left it moo it plays the next song flick to the right place the previous got a lot of options here when you're actually in the songs in the player as well you can click on mute and mute the audio if you click on the next option there you can control your equalizer and I'm not actually going to do any changes here really because I finally got my equalizer set to the way that I like it so I think I'll leave that as it is on the next you can set your sound effects here I don't really make any changes here but you guys can take a look into that if you download this app as I mentioned earlier I don't have any lyrics but this is where they would show up if I did I plan on actually adding lyrics at some point to my song so it's got this timer option if you want to set up to kick off your music you can go ahead and set how many minutes or how many hours you want it to wait and then click on the start playback option and that will actually fire up the music player for you if you'd like to if you're listening to music and you want the player to stop after a certain amount of time you can actually go in here select the number of hours that you want number of minutes and then make sure that you've got that when the timer ends that the playback stops and then you click on start and then that will go ahead and get that going for you so under settings you can add the song to your playlist you can delete it find the video on YouTube download the album art edit the tag share search file info and preferences for this particular song and then if you click on the up down arrows here it switches back and forth between the balance are the the volume and the balance here for the speakers down to the bottom you've got the rewind button the fast-forward button you've got the indicator to show you how much of the track has been played already and you can jump to a specific location just by sliding that along here if you click this button you're actually going to be shuffling your tracks and you've got the previous button there you click that twice to actually get to your next song to get to your previous song and here you can actually um click this button to repeat all songs there's a couple of options here repeat the current song you can stop the track stop this stop the player after this track and then you can turn off the repeat so I think that's pretty nice on the lockscreen if you're playing a song just show you guys what that looks like and there you go you get a full screen lock screen with the title of this song you get the album art there in the center and then you get your options down here at the bottom to actually control the player to unlock can go back in and it takes you to the full screen version of the player so I think that's pretty nice so I'm as I mentioned this is a pretty nice app it's free on the Play Store you can get it you can download it it's called jet audio plus I actually opted for the paid version after about three days and I think that you guys would want to do the same too after trying it if you've enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button subscribe to my channel and visit me again still if you'd like to see more videos like this or have questions or cost get me up in the comments below


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Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10

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