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We all know that to control a laptop, a thumbwheel and a touchpad are needed. However, you can use other gadgets to send the same feedback and one of them is the thumbwheel.

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Thus, instead of using it for gaming things only, this hardware gadget can be turned into a Cpu adapter with the way of a dedicated undelete. Such a initiative is JoyToKey, a compact app especially designed to emulate keystrokes and thumbwheel keystrokes using the thumbwheel.

Doesn't require installer

The electricity doesn't require installer but, instead, it requires that a supported gadget is connected, otherwise it will not workload. The great announcement is that JoyToKey is built to support up to 16 jump, though it'ora highly improbable that one should need that many controllers.

This app enables you to create several setup folder and workload the one you need in no moment. To do so, you can simply press the spacebar you assigned for the 'Switch to the other setup document' thing.

The setup includes 32 spacebar, 6 sticks and 2 Way of View (POV) switches for each of the jump.

Insofar as the thumbwheel emulator is concerned, JoyToKey can handle both spacebar and brake. More so, it has a mechanism for adjusting thumbwheel moves as well as brake lineup, making them faster or slower, as you need.

All in all, it appears that this undelete is pretty well equipped and ready to offer an interesting perspective to anybody interested in turning their thumbwheel(ora) into a Cpu controlling gadget.With JoyToKey you should be able to easily get along with widgets that are not even designed to accept feedback from a thumbwheel, including Office widgets and many more.

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I finally have found a program on the internet that lets you take your PC gaming controllers as a logitech controller or any others and turn it into a mouse and this is the end result after it's been loaded as you can see I'm doing this even though I'm not using the mouse touchpad not the keyboard i'm using the logitech controller as a mouse there is extra program called joy to key which allows you to turn your joystick into a controller like allows you to control your computer for those who have trouble reaching for it and I'm automatically going to show you the side and i found the program to be free there is actually a paid version of the site but there's this a paid version of the program there is actually a free version the free version does allow you to do the same thing as the professional but this program actually can be loaded instantly into your system without the need of installing all it is that you just drag and drop files from a zip folder into it over directory on Windows and it works and this is what the files look like the program here drop some files join CT is the executable there is another suitable there there is a readme file there's a ps2 controller switch one game config history controller mounts config and pissed to control of RCA studio to bowling can be a basically it drops these drops the files and extracting jobs at a special directory making them to work and use the read in the oven okay this software is a keyboard emulator for joysticks it converts joystick and put into keyboard input method mouse input use it when you want to control an application with joysticks that doesn't support joystick and put if you wish you can keep control world world I'm sorry word excel etc with joysticks and the features are a configuration for maximum 16 joysticks 6 access to point of view switches in 32 but reach joystick multiple configuration files you can make locks configuration house and choose at any time is support for in many useful features automatic shooting of buttons announce the release including wheel rotation adjust mouse move instruction when it is pressed Mouse with a wheel rotation will come super a pastor's forward switch to the other configuration called function you can switch it in switch to an inaccurate the other configuration quality button which is assigned to this function these use the arm use the setting of other North check number temporarily function something like shift commander SNES key for example you can may usually use the joystick whole keyboard emulation but during this button being pressed joy 63 configurational daniel ate the mouse or something whatever i'll be used note that a joystick free is not a real joystick and it's a virtual device installation simply unzip the archive Wow into some folder to install the software you need only to remove that folder direct 6 of 6 1 or I'm above is necessary for the user join two key usage which create button to make a new configuration choose the button of the joystick from the list double click and press Enter key use the setting of the other joystiq number temporarily feature may be hearts you understand at first but it's very useful for the joystick which are the few buttons during the button being pressed the rest of the buttons assignments are temporarily changed to the other assignment so you can virtually use the choice for more number of buttons the configuration file is a dot CFG unit simply text a text file so if you want to rename the configuration copy the configuration etc terminate the Georgian key and simply your name or copy the file dot asterisk dot CFG miscellaneous section if you're a new user and you have some trouble configure enjoyed the key please follow the recommended instructions below I recommend you to charge or the key with notepad.exe please configure your droid padded cursor key with a and B keys and try the joypad on a notepad window characters a and B and the movement of person should be observed be sure to keep the joystiq program running I can its authorized micronized or icon as icon eyes and the task tried the bottom of the desktop if it doesn't work consult the control panel of windows at the gamepad item please check your drug had to be calibrated correctly if you want to control the Internet's floor for point of a distance from here as follows back alt left close window alt FC move to menu all app you want to add real wheel rotation in announcement makes it mouse moving etc to other applications will work will also be configured like this no limitations these won't work all cumulation for windows operations using direct input I'll control ultra patrol cumulation restaurant application the difference between left and right and all control wind keys and this current version 3.73 has support for point of views which is republished which is and this is actually a freeware product this there are a few limitations the limitation is this product will not work with some games and does not work well with some applications bear that in mind you can pick it up at the website at www once which org dot u K is where you can find the arm like a bug here oh and that's actually my name shown in the users folder for example but I'm also follow bull I Mexican be followed on google+ and pretty much facebook and everything else but this is actually my username that shows up in windows for Windows users this only works for windows only but this is an example using a ps3 controller shown here and it turns into a keyboard and mouse down there this is a neat little program useful for those who are not able to use a real mouse and or a real keyboard like like I am doing here I'm just doing this to see that the program works in it does for windows and I like the fact that can sit back from the computer not having to do this or having to reach forward I can just sit back and relax at the computer and use the joystick as the controller and I like the program the link will be given to learn more thanks thanks for watching


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