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Freshly released for users running Windows XP through 10, Kaspersky Free is a free antivirus application that contains all the bare essentials found in Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security.

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Besides several scanning modes and a real-time guard against incoming malware, it comes equipped with automatic updates, quarantine manager, self-defense mode, and more. There's even a VPN tool shipped with this app, called Kaspersky Secure Connection. Most importantly, unlike many free av we've come across during our software expeditions, this one doesn't have third-party offers during setup or banners within the interface.

Free email registration is necessary, though. Also, there are several modules greyed out in the UI, which are dedicated to users ready to switch to a premium version of Kaspersky. However, making the switch isn't mandatory.

Because this is basically a lesser version of Kaspersky Internet Security, it has the same appearance and standard options. You can get started by downloading the latest virus definitions and running a full scan to see what's going on. It's actually recommended to run full scans on a weekly basis.

There's also a quick scanning mode that looks only into critical parts of the hard drive where malware agents like to hide, and it's advisable to run it as often as possible. The selective scan mode applies to custom drives, directories or files you find suspicious, while the external device scan is available for any foreign devices that get plugged into your PC, such as external hard disks or USB flash drives.

Full and quick scans can be scheduled to run automatically by Kaspersky Free. You can send suspicious or infected files to the quarantine, examine reports, temporarily disable the real-time guard, allow auto scans when the PC is idle, disable scheduled tasks when running on low battery, and allow the tool to check the PC for rootkits.

Furthermore, you can choose the file types to scan, determine the action on thread detection (notify, disinfect, delete, delete only of disinfect isn't possible, autoselect), control the security level (low, recommended, high).

Kaspersky Free worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests and had minimal impact on PC performance. It's definitely worth looking into if you can't afford a premium antimalware application just yet.

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Kaspersky just released a free antivirus product for everyone forgive me if I'm not too excited though because this is basically the same product which has been released in Russia and some other countries earlier and now they just made it available elsewhere in English also it doesn't seem to possess any of the important components like system watcher application control which are present in the Kaspersky Internet Security and pure toe protection Suites so I'm not overly optimistic about this product it seems very simplistic it has the cloud protection though that's nice and you do get your basic signatures now Kaspersky signatures are pretty good and I think it's nice to have this option to run Kaspersky signatures on your system for free but at the same time I do not feel very confident recommending this product as complete protection and neither does Kaspersky one me too I guess but anyway I've grabbed a few malware links and I'm going to test these out and we'll see what happens of course this is not going to be a really intensive test like I usually do I don't have an email where samples or zero day threats but I doubt if there's much of a point in doing that since this product is very basic so let's just see if at least functions as it should and gives you that basic protection first link is blocked as malicious I like the alert system very clean organized and informative the second link also seems to have been taken care of let's keep going and again blocked by Kaspersky those signatures are good what did I tell you this one's taken care of as well trust me I got these links this very morning from VX Walt Mosley so they are fresh malware and also that they're all active and delivering their payloads so if not for Kaspersky we would have probably had a couple of threats sneaked in by now that's so far so good everything has been blocked a few more links to go I also like the speed of detection for some reason I always feel that the defender slows down the navigation process when something like this happens but Kaspersky seems very quick to respond hmmm this is weird I was not getting this pop-up earlier maybe the malicious file has been removed but the last link is also blocked so that's a really good job by Kaspersky everything was blocked using the URL filter and nothing even made it onto the system however I'm just going to reiterate that this is still very basic most of the advanced components are not available so if you're just looking for some kind of signature based scanner to run on your system for whatever reason that's quite a bit better than Windows Defender this is probably a good choice if you want to run it along with another product I don't know if they support that officially but I think you can do it and that would be you know another nice layer of signatures but here's my major issue with products like this the use case for them is really vanishing at this point there are better free AV programs that give you more protection now for example like as much as I hate the practices of some of the free AV vendors they would still protect you better than this thing in some cases and also it's direct competition BitDefender free is also I think a bit better because they give you the behavior blocker or active VARs control along with their signatures so I'm not terribly excited but I thought you guys should know so I made this really quick review let me know your thoughts on Kaspersky Free antivirus and if I'm wrong and if it does have some kind of zero day protection and some of you find out let me know in the comments and maybe I'll take a more detailed look at it but for now this is what I'm guessing is the entirety of the product so I didn't push it too much so my final view on this is that as much as I like the aesthetics the UI and the kaspersky signatures there web filter I still don't feel like I have a solid use case for a product like this if you want to go with Kaspersky I would recommend going for at least the internet security version or if you have your mind set on using this and you know do consider adding something else that will give you some kind of behavioral blocking or maybe just add in another free product in there those are just my thoughts so I hope you enjoyed this video please like and share if you did this is Leo from the PC security channel thank you for watching and as always stay informed stay secure


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Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win XP 64 bit, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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