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When it comes to office suites, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are among the most popular ones due to their numerous functions and intuitive interfaces. However, since LibreOffice was developed from a fork of OpenOffice, it also regains its features and ease of use, and thus it gradually become just as famous.

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The application comes with several components specifically created to help users process their text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, databases and formulas. This software solution also supports the default formats of Microsoft Office, so one can easily open and edit PowerPoint, Word or Excel files.

LibreOffice Writer provides users with a wide range of options, including common ones (such as font formatting, text alignment and line spacing) as well as more specialized ones, like synonyms and thesaurus (provided the required dictionary files have been previously downloaded).

LibreOffice Calc is the component that can be accessed whenever users want to organize their data in tables according to the number of rows and columns they need. This tool supports several types of functions that can come in handy for creating formulas and performing complex calculations.

LibreOffice Impress is the utility that can be of use for designing and customizing presentations and slideshows, while also supporting charts, diagrams, text messages and multimedia backgrounds. Each of the projects supports animation effects, slide transitions and font editing, so the result is bound to match the user’s expectations.

LibreOffice Draw allows users to create both simple and intricate designs that can be exported to common graphic formats and then integrated into other projects. The generated drawings can include tables, charts or formulas previously created within LibreOffice apps.

Users can access LibreOffice Base when they want to explore the contents of their database files or connect to external multi-user database engines (such as MySQL, MS Access, Adabas D or PostgreSQL). In addition, this tool features built-in native-support drivers for the engines it supports.

Overall, LibreOffice includes a lot of the tools users need on a daily basis to complete their tasks – and considering it comes with an open-source license, one can enjoy the utility’s functions both at home and at work.

Jobs are completed in a timely fashion without popping errors or hanging. The interface is quite simple, allowing all user types to work with it easily. If you are interested in bypassing the installation process, you should know that a portable edition is also available for download, called Portable LibreOffice.

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hello everybody Chris here and in this video I wanted to talk to you guys about the two most popular office suites out there on the market so I'm talking about Libre Office which is the free one and Microsoft Word 2016 which is the paid version what different pieces of software entirely but the paid office suite that many businesses use so you can see that they're quite similar especially if I go ahead and open up a blank document you can see in Microsoft Word that you have templates there but that kind of thing also exists in the brea office I can't say with a hundred percent certainty but my guess is that many of the things in Libre Office have been stylized over Microsoft Word in the past maybe they had some interchange between there but ultimately the interface that they've developed for these two suites has been pretty streamlined you can see things like the zoom in option being down there in the bottom right hand corner of course if I if I took these apps and opened them up to their full size rather than have them side-by-side you can see it becomes a little bit clearer there but we're doing side by side for right now just so that we can compare them yeah and then you have like the toolbars up there on the top the style the toolbar in Microsoft Word has changed quite a bit since around the 2007 I think what we're looking at right here over in the LibreOffice is more like 2007 Microsoft Word so with these tabs you can switch between them and rather than having one static toolbar in Microsoft Word 2016 we have these different tabs that contain pretty much all the functionality you'd ever need though there are extra features that you can customize just like in LibreOffice so for instance if I wanted to do some customization in LibreOffice I'd right-click go to customize toolbar and add extra options there to these different segments and I believe you can do something similar by clicking on say a section like paragraph here and the Layout tab and you can do similar things by right-clicking on these different sections in Microsoft Word they're actually called the ribbon that's what we're looking at not a toolbar my bad on that but customize the ribbon it will allow you to basically put new segments into there and man there are so many bloody options that you can actually add onto your Microsoft Word ribbons pretty much everything you can imagine from opening a document to creating macros or basically free set commands that will do sir a certain thing for you when you execute them you could kind of think of them as like custom buttons in a sense and other things like bulleting very standard off office stuff but both programs are customisable in that sense which is good for the advanced users for the average user though pretty much what you see is what you're going to need to work with and because both apps kind of have the same thing going on here like you have the insert tab or the insert ribbon over here in Microsoft Word and the insert menu drop-down menu down here and LibreOffice it kind of equates to the same thing pretty much anything you can type out in LibreOffice or Microsoft Word you can do in the other so for instance let's say I wanted to go ahead and pull these title styles from LibreOffice over into Microsoft Word kind of to do the same thing so I'll just copy this text all right you know I won't copy it because that might actually actually no you know what that is a good test what happens if you copy it does the formatting go cross-platform it does yeah that's interesting but instead of doing that let's go ahead and manually type it out because what we want to do is assign the style manually and I'll show you how this is pretty much the same process either way here so we have our text written out we want to apply a style to it in the Home tab so we go over here to styles and we can select the style we want in this case its title correlating almost exactly with the styles in LibreOffice now there might be a couple extra defaults and Microsoft Word but it's the same concept it's it's a repeatable set of rules that you can apply to different pieces of text in your document so style too and I'll make this a title as well and then if I go back in and I edit it and by that I mean the style itself by by clicking on the style going to modify it works the same way so make that 36 size it's the same as if we had changed a style over here by going to edit style and then changing the font size once again hitting apply ok and you can see it updates the two sections for the basic text writing functionality you do have the same features you want bold text great that's in both on the basic toolbar so we have bold italic underline strikethrough superscript and subscript that's where the text shrinks a bit and goes above the rest of the text and below the rest of the text that exact same stuff is over here as well so we can take this text bold it italicize underline strikethrough subscript and turn that into superscript if we want to so hopefully you can really see that the general functionality of the two programs has been set up to be roughly the same and you can probably attribute that just to these other features that people want these are the features that people need need and that there's not a huge amount of space for creativity it's just this is what is required to get the job done now Microsoft Office 2016 does have a couple extra features that LibreOffice does not have for instance Foxit reader PDF integration and integration into similar apps so by having this in there that basically certain apps like Foxit reader Foxit reader is like adobe reader if you haven't used fox it allow you to have extra functionality like the ability to create a PDF from your document here and microsoft itself has written in additional integration with its own apps so you can log into your account in the top right of Microsoft anything well Microsoft Office programs like Microsoft Word but when you do that you can start doing things like saving to your Microsoft onedrive and onedrive for those who don't know is the cloud storage solution for Microsoft they do try to mention it to you when you install windows as well so it's kind of like Microsoft wants you to use all the Microsoft products and that's fine and they also give you some extra integration they're obviously a LibreOffice does not have that same kind of thing there that doesn't mean you can't save documents to let's say your onedrive and LibreOffice of course you can it's pretty much a folder on your computer but Microsoft goes the extra mile to make sure that it's right there in your face and the save as you can just click that and save to your onedrive immediately rather than having to search for it so next let's go ahead and compare LibreOffice calc to excel you probably can kind of get the idea that these are the same style program they are giant spreadsheet programs and spreadsheets are useful for certain things accountants use them a lot if you want to run some calculations by adding a bunch of numbers in the different cells of your table and do a total on them that's fine you can do exactly the same thing in both so four five six you want to add those together great let's create a function right here and we'll do a sum of those three cells it in Excel you can see it automatically figures out which ones I want to do and it calculates it to 15 it does have a nice little animation on top of that where it kind of slides down like a slot machine now let's do the same thing over in LibreOffice and you'll imagine it's pretty similar so we'll add five five and five or five five six and we'll do a sum function you can see they basically know that sum function is probably the one that's most used so they provide it for you right there and stead of having to hit the function wizard but let's do that some and yep just like Excel it recognizes hey probably want to work with this data right above it because I don't see anything else so we'll go ahead add that in hit enter and it calculates it for us exactly the same now what about the ability to add charts and images and that kind of thing over on the insert tab you can find recommended charts and a bunch of different graphs histograms pie charts those kinds of things that you can take your data and use those to create a chart so let's go ahead and select our data and try to create a pie chart out of this pretty simple so it may not be the most informative pie chart in the world but it takes the four the five and the six and compares which part of which part those numbers are of the whole and yeah all of the data is right there automatically and you can do pretty much the same thing over in LibreOffice calc so I'm not going to go through every every part of the LibreOffice suite and the Microsoft Office suite because what I'm really trying to indicate here is that for purposes of creating charts documents even PowerPoint type presentations PowerPoint being Microsoft proprietary but a slideshow presentation rather the two are very very very comparable so let's actually make a pie chart there or you can see the pie chart and maybe we do yeah let's just go with a bar I think that makes more sense than some of the others be careful with your charts not every piece of data makes sense on every type of graph but you can see it works the same you take the data you put it in a chart you can add images whatever you want to do now I would say that the Microsoft 2016 interface does look a little bit slicker maybe a little bit more professional while LibreOffice is still a bit utilitarian it does look kind of dated it's definitely not bad in its physical appearance because it's functional and buttons rather than having way too many menu items though you still do have to play around in these drop-down menus which can be a little bit cumbersome until you get used to them but overall the two apps accomplish the same thing so what is the thing that sets it apart obviously that is the cost so if you actually wanted to purchase Microsoft Office online this is what you would be looking at for the home in business pricing on Amazon so let's click fit the product details you can see the retail price is two hundred and twenty nine dollars ok we'll add it to the cart cos amazon wants us to do that and two hundred dollars now let's check the official site for Microsoft Office 2016 the professional version based what you would use in the office $400 now four pieces software that's quite a chunk of money now most of your companies that you're working for that you may work for in the future probably use Microsoft Office it's considered the choice for professionals and corporations use that all the time because it's what they know it's what they trust but because you can do the same things in LibreOffice that you can do in Microsoft Office you got to ask yourself the question if you're going to be buying that for yourself and you don't have it for free because of your school because of your workplace is it worth two or four hundred dollars in order to get that piece of software keep in mind that the documents UI in LibreOffice can be imported into Microsoft Word so that's not really too much of an issue if you need to go back and forth between your workplace on home and there is something to be said about how Microsoft Office 2016 is a bit more modern you can see that the chart designs are going to be sleeker you do also have a few extra tools inside of the Microsoft Office suite such as the ability to create a biography and have some tools here to assist you with that whether you're doing APA style MLA style or any of the other common ones that college papers need to use at the end of the day the choice is yours you may be able to find Microsoft Office for a lower price if that 200 400 dollar price point is too much for you but in any case I've been Chris thank you for watching and I'll see you in my future videos


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