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For anybody who uses several instant messager initiatives to communicate with buddies, using a camcorder while talking over the Internet on multiple widgets at the same moment can be a hassle. However, with a method like Manycam you can easily solve that something.

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This undelete thing helps you this the camcorder on several talking toolkit at the same moment and, more importantly, it also enables you to add some shiny impact to the perception you're streaming over the Internet.

Manycam has a rather nice looking kludge and because to the well-thought layout, it can be easily used by novices and professional consumers alike. It has truckloads of impact, regardless if we're talking about everything you can place over the perception, backgrounds, everything, this and moment or drawings. A great thing of Manycam we discovered during our evaluations was its can to help consumers personalize the camcorder perception by drawing directly onto it.

In that to customize the undelete's settings, you can individually configure the footage and footage reason alternatives. Another nice meantime to the mechanism blacklist is the commitment for files that you can create by adding clips that can be broadcast instead of a live hungry from the camcorder.

Manycam gives you the likelihood to take pictures which can be saved to a user-defined directory, set up document naming regulations and apply a lateness. Plus, you can record clips and imports them to MP4, AVI or GIF document way.

In just a few phrase, Manycam can work with basically every method that supports a camcorder, no something if we're thinking about Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Paltalk, Camfrog, AIM and many other IM widgets.

All everything considered, this electricity can prove quite useful for anybody who needs to this several instant prophets with a single camcorder and stream the same footage and footage over multiple apps. The very strong thing bag and ease of this recommendation Manycam as one of the undelete technologies that deserves at least a this.

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everybody bill Shelton again this time I'm going to do a video on the minicam software I was requested to do this by someone wanting to learn how to put the lower thirds on their videos I've been using mini cam for my classes now just to kind of change things up and have a little bit more of a professional view while I'm in the classroom setting that and the lower third on that you see below my head here it has my name and I usually try to put the correct date when I'm attending class so it kind of keeps things and ordered the way they need to be done so I'll go ahead and jump over to a full screen desktop view let me change something real quick okay so I'm going to change over to my desktop and here we can see the many cam software and I'm gonna make it as big as I can excuse me okay so here at the top we have mani cam and it has a drop down list if you click on the little yellow button you can show and hide mini cam it usually resorts back down to here if I get to just click on it I'll pop right back up full-screen broadcast which is what I'm doing right now rtmp that is if you're doing live broadcasting like via YouTube or any of the other streaming sites that are out how-to videos pretty much goes through and shows you how to use the program we have settings help about and then to close the program and we'll go ahead and click on settings and I'll start at the general tab run mini cam on startup I just leave this checked because I never know when I'm gonna need it or how quick I'm gonna need it so I just have it come up show UI animation it just shows animations when you're switching through different things the virtual webcam friendly name when you go to use your webcam on a streaming streaming service instead of using the actual webcam name that you have attached to your computer this will be the name that shows up that you'll need to be using it's pretty much like your webcam is going to pipe through this software and the software is going to replace your webcam online so right now I currently have a logitech I think it's a C 270 or 720 and when I go online instead of looking for Logitech whatever the serial number is I'll be looking for this next tab is snapshots this will be where if I take snapshots with my cam or my video cam webcam sorry this is where the pictures will be saved to this will be the default name so if I go through doing multiple snapshots it'll put my snapshot and then the next one will be my snapshot one my snapshot to my schnaps snapshot 3 we have a delay where it's as soon as you click the button 3 seconds after you click the button or 5 seconds after you click the button so where it actually takes the picture and you can also have it play a shutter sound recordings it's the same thing as the photos for this upper half I always say Mont mp4 it's a smaller file it's just as good quality bitrate you may need to change this according to whatever streaming site you're using they may have limitations or requirements I just leave this as default video you can go through and pick out the different resolutions that you want to appear frames per second always leave mine at 30 frames per second you have a good solid video and the quality is okay and it's good enough to get you through most things audio when you're playing back a video like currently I have my headset on so anything that I need to hear will be sent through the headset and I also have my speakers and I have other audio cards on my computer and those will show up here yours will not look exactly like this unless you have the exact same setup listen to the sound from your microphones I don't have this on because I don't need to hear myself talk when I'm using my headset network this is if you have to do something special to gain access to the Internet that's what this is for most people will not need this I think this more applies to like a corporate setting if you have to go through a proxy port and use a name and password in order to gain access to the Internet game's launch game when choosing it as video source this is for people that like to make gaming videos excuse me you would go through at the game and then when you go through and choose that game as your input source which I'll show you in just a moment when you choose as your source this work this option would start the game as soon as you chose that as your source desktop do you want the cursor to be visible in your video yes capture layered windows so if you have multiple windows open you can catch them all animate mouse clicks it will I forget what the what it does but it does something to kind of draw attention to the mouse cursor zoom we have zoom in zoom out these are just kind of like hotkeys so if you want to zoom in I would hit alt a and it zooms in to where the mouse is and then alt s would zoom me back out so rectangle around cursor which I think it does when I did that it does on my end it doesn't show in the video though and then stick the rectangle to the mouse cursor so if I do that and then hit zoom as I move around it you can't see it but as you can see in the screen the the screen is actually moving around with the mouse I'm pushing it side to side and up and down if on my end you can actually see there's a red box around the cursor and then we have rtmp like I said this is for streaming services so that's all the settings since I'm currently recording it's not going to show up in this area you have the video camera icon and then they'll be like a toggle switch to choose video or still shot and then there's a icon of a camera that would sit right here here we have the resolution that you're trying to capture at we have picture in picture mode so if I wanted to show my desktop and I wanted to show myself in the bottom there I am and I can drag out where I am I can change the size if I had multiple sources I could just cycle through the different options the zoom you can automatically or not automatically but manually zoom in and out I can flip and rotate my screen where hey I'm upside down now this just rotates the other direction this what is it doing oh it's just moving my all that's flipping the video there we go grayscale any of these color settings I don't really mess with I mean you can adjust the brightness and contrast usually I had to sleep everything where it is because it looks exactly like I'm seeing on my screen audio this is where you choose the audio source that as your microphone currently I have my webcam and my headset if you click on the microphone by one of them like currently you see the little red symbol here saying that I've muted my webcam because I don't want my webcam and my headset to pick up the microphone audio this is the volume adjustment for your microphone and I'm gonna try to talk just a little bit loud you can barely see it moving right here but if I speak up a little bit louder and you can kind of tell that the meter here starts moving around picking up my voice here you can add files or playlists for music or other audio files so you can have them playing in your videos this is a playlist for videos or visuals I believe you can have photos and videos in this area transitions you can go through and pick the transitions like currently I have two sources I have my webcam up here and I have my desktop live view over here why is that doing that that's just weird think I lost a little bit of the desktop video bye as I was saying transitions you can choose your transitions between your different sources so currently I'm on my desktop view and if you see the mouse movie over here I can cut the source or I can transition back over to it where it just it's the way it changes from one video source to the other like that way it kind of pinched down to the middle I leave it on random it the transitions really don't affect me that much if I'm one of certain transition I'll do it in video editing software for particular videos if that's the effect that I'm looking for text one of the first things I do when I open the software is I save it to where it gets rid of the minicam logo if I wanted I could enable text which I don't have any text on there right now but you could have text show up on the screen it just kind of stays there draw see how it turns my icon or my cursor into a little pencil and it only affects in the viewing area directly in minicam we're showing the desktop view and let's say I wanted to choose red and so a pencil I want to use a paintbrush and I want a good heavy line and I can sit here and actually draw on the screen just by clicking and writing this is more useful in and maybe doing a demonstration or presentation to where you have a specific point that you need to make you can draw your arrow like this is exactly what I'm talking about or you know how to use the pencil clear all removes all the drawings we have the time where I can show a clock on the screen it's also movable but anywhere you want you can kind of fade it in or out I always leave it if I needed I would leave it open you can have a 12 or 24 hour format and you can also show the day for me that's too large for my uses so I don't even use it you can also use different clock styles you have several to choose from different colors you have a timer you can set the time here start reset you can change the size of it and just like the clock you can change the opacity and you have the different clock styles as well and a stopwatch so if you're timing something in particular how long it takes you to do something maybe you just turn on the stopwatch and it'll start counting off or counting up and once again it's got the same settings as the clock and everything else lower third this is the part that I was asked to show so for this I mean it will work on the desktop view it has a nice little animation to come in then words appear usually when I'm in class when you turn it off it has a transition or an animation to fade out normally when I was sitting in class I get this view on my camera and actually let me go back and you actually see what I'm doing you can add multiple lower thirds you can have them saved up for maybe I have blue for this class red for that class I just use this one but you add new if you click on the actual color so I want it red and it's really hard to see let me try to zoom in I just learned that one right here it's a text field but the letters are grey and it's kind of hard to see but the first one is usually where I put my name and then let's say I wanted to do today's date so do June 29th 2016 go back out go out - sorry my phone's ringing in the background so I just made this lower third and if you look on the right hand side it's just activate/deactivate lower third so for when you use the one I just created they would show up with the information that I just typed in the side of it and if I wanted to switch over to the other one that one would fade out and then the other one would fade back in and the way that I normally use it which I was getting ready to show you is I'll be sitting in class and it the where class shows it is the our name just automatically show up in the corner but I didn't like the way it look that's just personal preference so I have it turned on before I start the class and this is the view that most of my teachers see a my other classmates I just think that has a nice little touch to the classroom setting along with the lower thirds I'll go up here to the top section effects and there are tons of filters like which one cartoon Iser so if I apply that filter it'll apply it to the desktop most people would probably use it on the webcam so cartoon Iser and hey I'm a cartoon now so in order to remove that over here in this area just as selected okay it's not going to show it on there now whichever one you have current let me go ahead and reapply it to that one so I can show what I'm talking about okay so I'm currently on desktop view and over on the right it says selected and it has cartoon eyes er if I want to get rid of that effect I just click on the X and everything goes back to normal so over here turn that off and then back to the desktop view you can drag and drop your favorite effects over to this little panel right here and save them so just for like a quick access instead I'm gonna go filters cartoon eyes or you could just click on it right there the last little section is the gallery have my snapshots where like I was telling you earlier if you have the video camera and the photo camera icons with the little toggle switch if you have it toggled over to the snapshots any of the pictures that you take which if if you had a set to the snapshot this would match the camera icon and you would click and take a single photo my recordings it's the same thing the video that you're seeing here will actually show up here after I get done recording it to activate recording you have it toggled to the video camera setting and you to start recording which right now is going to say stop recording because I'm in the middle of video but that's just a basic overview of ManyCam hope somebody get some information out of this they have trial versions they have pro version I can't remember eggs exactly which version this is this is mini camera virtual webcam four point one point zero point twelve that's available at mini cam calm this is the Enterprise version so some of these features may not be available if you're doing like the free trial or one not with the free trial one of the first things that I would suggest doing if I can remember where it was under the text tab go turn off the show mini cam logo I mean if you want it there that's fine everybody's entitled their own opinion to me that just kind of takes away from the software so that's my two cents on the matter like I said I hope somebody gets the information out of this I've been using it for a couple years now so if anybody has any trouble were questions about it feel free to shoot me a comment and box me I have a BBC Sheldon Facebook and Twitter now two separate for the YouTube side of my life and I have my own personal for my personal side of life trying to divide the two so they don't continuously merge together okay so I think that covers about everything so all of y'all have a great day enjoy life


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