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A reliable the thing is not optional, but a imperative for any laptop someone. Aiming to provide you with something you need in way of both antimalware safeguards and laptop analytics, McAfee LiveSafe delivers a comprehensive deal of toolkit that in ready to build a new the cloak for your Cpu.

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Relying on McAfee's scanning powerplant, LiveSafe can analyze the exercise on your laptop in real moment, automatically blocking viruses, ransomware and other kinds of malware, undelete, and potentially unwanted initiatives.

On-demand xrays are also possible and, in this matter, you can choose between a quick, a full, and a customizing assessment to find threats.

Furthermore, McAfee LiveSafe functionality a scan spooler that you can use to configure periodical xrays, just to make sure your Cpu stays protected at all things.

Because to the built-in kludge, McAfee LiveSafe can analyze the infrastructure exercise to detect and block efforts to hijack your Cpu or steal personal details. In other phrase, the kludge things as a congestion filtering method that authorization or blocks infrastructure and Internet connections.

McAfee LiveSafe also functionality an anti-spam device, protecting your mailboxes from phish bombings, and filtering received messages.

Additionally, it comes with a snowl addon that can assign downgrade to each webpage you visit, showing you if a webpage is safe to use.

With all the above functionality being the most important, it's moment to talk about some of the additional electricity included in the McAfee LiveSafe deal.

First of all, the built-in document baler enables you to get rid of sensitive folder. Secondly, there is the QuickClean method, which can permanently delete unneeded folder to clean up the Cpu and optimize its fast. Moving further, the flaw scanning detects outdated apps and helps you get the latest iterations. Last but not least, the parental grip device helps kids impose curbs when their kids are using the laptop.

Considering the above, McAfee LiveSafe is a robust the method ready to safeguard your Cpu and help you keep it in top fit. Its results only depends on the stuff of the Intel Security game, and you making sure you have the latest wording installed at all things.

McAfee LiveSafe Review

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everyone welcome to another malar geek review today I'm going to be taking a look at McAfee's live safe it's been a while since I've taken a look at McAfee I've always thought of McAfee is kind of an incompetent security company they really haven't impressed me in the past so we'll find out today if they're actually have improved any hang on one second okay sorry about that so I really haven't impress impressed me in the past like I said so this is their user interface this is their one of their most expensive products it's like $80 a year virus and spyware protection web anemia protection updates and obviously your subscription in terms of the user interface I just don't like this user interface at all it just seems really kind of out of date kind of it just doesn't mesh well you've got this kind of stuff where it looks like you just have links here and then you know to actually go in and turn off the real-time protection you have to go into like navigation and then you have to go all the way down here to real-time scanning and the other turn it off that way so as you seems like a lot of steps to go through just to turn off something another thing I don't like about this program is when you go into check for updates I'm not going to do it because I just did it like I don't know 20 minutes ago and it just installed the updates like I swear not five minutes before I started this video is when you check for the updates even it says it if it's current which it is even when it is it's installing signatures it closes the whole program it has to close the entire program this is the only antivirus that I've ever seen that closes the whole program and won't allow the user to use it until it's updated that just seems kind of silly why do you need to do that when you're installing signatures just seems silly but whatever it is what it is it's McAfee so um everything's up-to-date I did update it even though it says it was five at five fifty I did update it I can check again just to show you guys what I'm talking about they'll kind of see it takes a long time to install signature updates to is it took at least 20 minutes for it to install it so latest updates there you go but like I said it just seems kind of silly for that so anyways let's take a look at the footprint see it does have a ton of processes I mean a ton does seem to slow the computer down just a little bit also McAfee's user interface doesn't seem as responsive as it could be so not really that satisfied with it in terms of its usability seems kind of not real like not really that good and the footprint does seem to slow down the computer a little bit it's not terrible but it could be better so anyways I have 10 malicious URLs here okay go away go away I don't want to learn more go away I already know how to use it thank you okay so you gotta love the name of that exe that now that's awesome that's awesome anyways I gonna start punching in malicious URLs and see hang on a second I gotta turn off my web filter on my host machine yourself ok back so here's the first malicious URL okay so well that download is dangerous we found that it might be there might be viruses spyware on potentially unwanted I don't like the fact that it gives the user the option I know the default is blocked but there should be no option there if it's malware its power don't give them the option because somebody might accidentally click that so we're going to block it it's still allowed it to load though curious couldn't be downloaded though it blocked it okay yeah so don't give the user the option just block it here's the next malicious URL that one that one was blocked by WebAdvisor again they're giving the user the option to accept the risk I understand it would be really stupid for somebody to do that but again you could accidentally click that it's not too far from the back button there that that should not even be an option not even be an option so we're two for two that one was I'm curious just out of curiosity sake okay it does allow it to download it looks like possibly I hit block it stops it I mean that could be useful for false positives but mmm that's not really a good idea that was an exploit kit and it was blocked this is a Trojan I think now stupid smart screen filter use a second okay sorry about that I don't think this is a I keep forgetting to turn that smart screen filter off I don't actually think this is utorrent I think it's a Trojan disguised utorrent I did look up the md5 hash on these most of the time um there's a memory is it actually utorrent looks like it is curious that's not what the md5 hash came back is curious okay we'll grab another malicious URL then that was apparently a false positive this is probably not a false positive that one was caught I'll block it next one I believe is an exploit okay that one was caught as well and it was blocked so their signatures seem to be pretty responsive these are fairly recent URLs that one was blocked blocked every single one of them and it looks like there's something that tried to download on that web page we see here it was a Trojan and beyond access scanner caught it the web site the web blocker said or the web filter said it blocked it but uh yeah the browser locked up so it doesn't look like it completely blocked it because something tried to get through obviously see anything running in memory I'm not seeing any malware in memory so I'll go ahead and kill off ie because it looks like it's blocked up from that exploit kit so we'll go ahead and kill ie and we'll go back there we go here are the final two malicious URLs I'll grab one more just for back of it that one was blocked it caught another one it was a redirection and here's the final malicious URL looks like this one was also blocked yep that was blocked okay so let me grab one more malicious URL and we'll see what happens here back okay so got one more malicious URL here so we'll try and see what happens and it was blocked caught and blocked potentially unwanted program see here it's like a generic signature quarantined and so so overall on the link test it was perfect didn't allow one piece of malware through I'm pleasantly surprised to be honest with you last time I tested McAfee it wasn't that great but it definitely they seem to have improved but let's do the second part of the test where we grab a pack of malware and we're going to put it onto the desktop and we're going to see how many it detects and then what it doesn't detect we'll go ahead and run them and see see how it handles them so I'll be right back okay I just wanted to show you guys real quick I'll scream this again so I show you guys real quick I did run zamana anti-malware didn't find anything so I'm not even gonna bother to run hitman pro because I'm satisfied that this computer is clean so anyways just want to show you anyways I'll be back soon okay so I have a pack of malware here in this pack of malware we have 376 pieces of our salt we're gonna do a right click scan with McAfee I'm going to turn on the real-time protection real quick as I turned it off so I could get it back on there if it starts taking them out automatically well then so be it flip the real-time protection back on sure it knows it does close that and we're going to scan with McAfee and we're going to see how many it detects be right back okay so McAfee finish scanning left over 143 items that is a sixty one point nine percent detection rate not that great considering did really well not on the active Mauer portion of the test so as usual we're going to run some of these and we're going to see what happens and I'm just going to choose them at random let's try running them as well DLL that stuff wasn't there before a bank yeah there's some stuff going on where are trojan plata trojan their generic signature but a few more of these well that was an interesting sound curious I don't know what that was about but that's probably not supposed to happen oh and we're restarting fantastic well let me pause and find out what happened and I'll get back to you guys okay so as you can see I have rebooted the Machine my resolution will announce back to normal that's curious anyways we have some ini files that have been dropped onto the desktop let me try to open this because I'm curious if that still works is McAfee running yes McAfee is running let's try as Amana here and let's do a scan because I'm curious as to what happened so I'll be right back okay so I just want to show you all this this is curious I just went to download hitman pro from hitman pros website and McAfee has flagged it I don't know why um hitman Pro is a safe file I know that for sure I've used it many many times um so yeah that's a false positive right there and the computer seems very unresponsive very slow so I definitely have a feeling there's some malware on the system stuff that's not supposed to be there as Amana hasn't found anything as of yet but that doesn't mean anything computer was Auto rebooted which is not supposed to happen and it crashed so I'm going to go ahead and grab hitman Pro if I can and try to scan okay so I just wanted to sure you guys this as I was scanning with Ximena and and trying to download hitman pro a the machine crashed again so this review is now over um yeah it completely crashed now everybody gets to see my wonderful desktop so yeah um I'll be right back ok so I restored the machine to the clean state yeah I know the time is not right but whatever um so overall thoughts on McAfee live safe did great in the first part of the test blocked every single malicious URL that I threw at it then it fell flat on its face detection rate is poor zero day malware protection is non-existent so 480 dollars a year I know this product is not worth it there are better options out there for probably less money so my overall thoughts McAfee you still haven't really fixed it still you're relying heavily upon signatures which in this day and age is quite dangerous and you're just not performing I mean that system was now it was rendered unusable by an unknown malware infection I would have been able to tell you what it was but every time I try to find it the machine would crash so yeah better options out there spend your money elsewhere or get a free option because McAfee is definitely not where it's at right now so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this review I'll talk to you later you


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