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The ever-increasing number of viruses and similar malware threats can be countered only by adopting as many security measures as time and resources allow.

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Beside an antivirus application, a firewall and other similar solutions combined or used individually, it doesn't hurt to investigate at a deeper level some potentially hazardous files we download or receive attached to e-mails.

For example, in order to authenticate an application installer we get from a source other than an official one, it is recommended to verify the authenticity and data integrity prior to running or installing the software.

Performing such an assessment requires a specialized utility that is created for this particular purpose. MD5 Check is one of the available alternatives at your disposal that you need to take a close look at any file's checksum.

As its name suggests, the program supports MD5 hashes and is able to calculate them on the spot for every file you load.

The operation is very easy to carry out. All you have to do is choose the file and then press the 'Calculate MD5 Checksum' button.

With MD5 Check you can compare the hash values and this is the most convenient way of verifying if you got the correct file, provided that on the developer's website the author posts the original checksums for the packages available for download.

Even if this application and the purpose it serves will not keep viruses away, it is, nonetheless, a great means of getting rid of doubts regarding the origin of some files available online. Thus, you should note that the method of analyzing hashes does not substitute the real-time protection offered by a fully fledged security software app.

To sum things up, it's safe to say that MD5 Check does exactly what it's supposed to and it gets the job done in an instant. Very easy-to-use, with no complex configurations and an uncomplicated interface, this utility is well suited for less experienced users because everything is pretty much a single click away.

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hi this is JT here this video will give you a review on a program called and D Phi GUI amplify GUI generate and check MD5 Checksum you can use n t5 GUI to check file on your computers to see if they have been changed or modified from their original files so this right here is the empty five gree program so basically all you had to do is just drag any file you want into this box down here and then it will generate an actual checksum and a file check somewhere here now I'm going to give a demonstration on the program so I'm going to click generate checksum and then I'm going to drag this file into the program and as you can see it show the checksum for the file and then I'm going to open this follow-up and I'm gonna put a space in and save the file and then now I'm going to go back and drag this file back in there and as you can see if the number is different but if I had to go back and actually remove the space and save the file and then drag this file back in there and you can see the two number is the same as you can see md5 GUI is a good tools to be used in a computer info science for insta kill so this is it for this video and review and thanks for watching


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