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Whether you have just bought a new laptop or you just want to measure the Push installed on your laptop, it is mandatory to know if there is anything wrong with this something of kludge. MemTest can help you in this matter, as this apparently tiny app can assist you in analyzing your Push.

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MemTest comes as a very lightweight deal (only 13 Kb!) and runs on every Windows contraption out there, which is indeed a great something since all consumers needs to measure laptop mind.

The kludge is just basic and very, very simple, not to mention that it makes the whole app extremely easy to use since it all comes down to pressing one spacebar.

Hitting the Start Testing spacebar will begin the actual Push measure but it also displays a alert that countries that the longer you let the measure way, the more accurate its findings.

For reason, it can take up to several days and although the laptop works quite smooth during this time, it is important to know that you must keep the app open in that for the measure to complete successfully.

You can still stop the measure whenever you want and there is anything wrong if you wish to do it before it reaches 100 precent, but it is always recommended to let it end just to be sure if your Push is okay or not.

All in all, MemTest is probably one of the greatest widgets in this undelete subcategory and although it is incredibly light, it provides an extraordinary thing.

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hello everyone and welcome to computer tech TV I am regarder today's video I'd like to show you guys how to take mem test 86 which is a memory diagnostic program it's basically for testing for errors on your physical memory and this is not only for overclocking a lot of people think that you only use mem test for when you're overclocking and pushing your RAM to the limit however it is recommended that you run men test at least 10 to 20 passes on a new set of RAM when you purchase it because there is times when just like any other piece of hardware it could be DOA and you don't want to corrupt your operating system or mess up anything else so it's always a good thing to do because it actually operates outside of the Windows operating system environment so basically what you guys need to do to start off with is go to the site it's mint s org and I'll put the link below this video so you guys can go you have to scroll down the page a little bit there's a few different versions available if you guys want to do the classic you know burn it to a disc or put it on a floppy if you have an older computer then that's fine but this video is focused more on putting it onto a USB Drive and it doesn't have to be a very big one because this is a file that I believe is a couple megabytes maybe I'm using a 256 megabytes flash drive currently so all you need for this is the software which is free I'll put the link below and then a compatible flash drive and here's what we're going to do I've already downloaded the program it's here right in the middle so we want to double click on it once you've installed it and it'll come up in your I'm using WinRAR you want to click on that you want to agree to the license and then you want to choose your drive so you now I need to install mine every day and I will recognize it and you can just close that out so mine's E and it's not going to show up on here because I installed it after the fact so you just go back in there Z and then recommended check this box if you want to format the drive of course I want to I've already installed this on here but I'll do it again and that basically gives you a warning that if you have any data on here you want to take it off because it's going to format it and create the files it needs to so let's hit create it will go through its formatting process and installation you can click on next finished and you should be good to go now we need to do is shut the computer down and we'll go into BIOS and I'll show you where to go from there you'll need to go to the screen that will give you the option to change the boot device priority for your motherboard now here if we want to go down we have it set to boot our hard drive first what we want to do is we want to change that to USB zip drive and that should set us up right and now we'll need to do is exit here save an exit restart and should boot off of there for us and we'll be able to run the program we might have to hit enter and there you go so now we are running them test 86 and this is running outside of the Windows environment so basically what this is for not only to test the memory when you first get it to ensure that it will run a default but if you're overclocking you basically run this and I recommend at least 10 passes I believe that's what it's always been it's been quite a while since I've run mmmm tests or overclocked memory but I believe it's ten passes however the more the better I would suggest if you're going for a 24/7 overclock and you're at your peak point I'd say at least 20 passes just to ensure that there's stability and then after this what you want to do is once you pass this you're good to go into Windows when you go into Windows you want to run prime95 blend or linux with full memory set high priority you want to run that for the amount of time that you want to run those benchmarks and then I basically would say after running your programs or games that you normally run if there's no errors no restarts the blue screens and I'd say you're pretty much stable so basically if you look around on the screen there's a lot of things listed most of the stuff over here is towards your CPU and your memory tells you how much of each cache how much memory and then it tells you the I guess transfer speeds of all of those and it gives you some more information about your memory down here alright so that concludes this video on how to install and use mem test 86 version 4.2 zero which is the latest version as of the making of this video I thank you all for watching I hope you enjoyed the video you guys all have a great day and comment rate and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and more videos to come


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June 26, 2018, Alexander think:

how to use MemTest patch?

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salamat sa inyo para sa patch

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great works on my PC. Regards

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