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Microsoft PowerPoint is a straightforward presentation program designed to create dynamic slideshows for all types of audiences. PowerPoint is used at a large scale worldwide, by small organizations, such as schools and universities, as well as large companies and even branches of the government.

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Microsoft PowerPoint is part of a much larger suite of applications, namely Microsoft Office. On the bright side, the presentations created with PowerPoint can be viewed for free with Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

Overall, PowerPoint is an interactive slideshow creation program. It allows you to generate an unlimited number of slides that you can tie together using a generous selection of transitions, animations and effects.

Aside from the text formatting / editing options specific to any other Office application, PowerPoint offers a rich collection of shapes, cliparts, text boxes, WordArt items and table drawing possibilities that you can use to enhance the slideshow’s appearance and to stress important aspects.

In addition, PowerPoint features video and photo editing capabilities, which means you no longer need an external image processor to achieve this. The application provides you with tools to customize color saturation, contrast, brightness, as well as artistic filters such as blur, watercolor and various brushes.

You can record your slideshows to video files in various resolution configurations, as well as use the ‘Rehearse Timings’ application to count presentation intervals.

What’s more, the co-authoring feature allows multiple users to work on the same document without interrupting each other. You can use this in collaboration with Office Communicator if you wish to check out the availability of those who are editing the slideshow with you.

All in all, PowerPoint is worth trying out. The extensive collection of templates, transitions, animations and effects assists users in creating presentations that are easy on the eye. Although Microsoft has been criticized for PowerPoint’s negative effects on society (some argue that information becomes too condensed), the program’s popularity says it all.

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welcome to the practice session on Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 now before we start we must ensure that we have all the files downloaded and kept on the desktop so we can access them whenever we need them also keep in mind that during the exam you will not have to download any of those files you'll find everything that you need available on the computer where you take the exam but for the sake of practice you must have data files available and also the sample questions that we're going to do now before we start working on the practice questions I wanted to point out that the PowerPoint exam is 50 minutes long it's fifty five zero and you'll have questions very similar to what we will do during the practice there will not be exactly the same there will be 80 to 85% close to these questions so the practice questions are really meant for nothing more than giving you the chance of practicing practicing features and practicing options that you will find on the PowerPoint exam don't memorize the answers or the steps because on the exam the questions would be would be slightly different so you need to read the questions in the exam and then do what is required also I want to warn you that watching this video alone will not be sufficient to prepare for the exam you'll need to work in PowerPoint yourself you'll need to do these practice questions with your own hand at least once before you go and take the exam so let us start with question 1 in in first part of this session we will do questions 1 to 20 and then in the second part we'll proceed from question 21 onwards so this is not the exam interface will be on top ops on top side of the screen you'll find PowerPoint or word or excel whatever application you're taking the exam so you'll find it open and at the lower part of the screen you will find the two questions so you need to do scroll down tweak the questions and then do whatever is required on the file duck would be opened in front of you so let us start with the first question question one is about slight sizing but as you can see this tells us where do we need to do this question so this question is about slide master so we need to do this question on the slide master itself so let us go to the slide master for that we go to view and we click on slide master so the question says change the size of all slides to a custom size this is what we are supposed to do we're supposed to do this on this file golden bag solutions which is the file that we have opened so it is the same file and we're given the size which is on screen show 60 ratio 10 so we go to slide size you don't see 16 where's your 10 in this list so we click on custom slide size we wait for the dialog box to open and once it opens we choose the size given in the question which is on screen show 16 where's your 10 we click OK and when we get this dialog box the question tells us what to select so it says maximize so we click on maximize so now we have completed question 1 question 2 is about adding image to all slides it says add an image to the slide master ok it says add an image to the master slide and it tells us which master so it's badge slide master so every master has name so when you when you look at these masters you will notice that every master has a name so this is the master bad slide master so we need to go to this master and this is where we need to add the picture okay so the final source or the picture is golden badge logo so we go to the insert tab pictures from the desktop we select the golden badge logo so we've added the logo now we're supposed to change its position so we're given the horizontal position and the vertical position we right-click on the logo and we go to size and position on the right side we need to go to position and expand it and then we need to choose the options that we have in this question so horizontal position is supposed to be totally so we change this to three point three from from Center and then the vertical position is 0.1 so we change it to point one from top left corner that's what the question requires and with that we have completed question two now question three is about modifying bullets it says change the bullet died for the entire presentation and we're supposed to do it on the bad slide master so it's the same master so we select the the list and we go to the Home tab we go to the small arrow next to bullets and all of these bullets they have a name so we need to choose the one called checkmark bullets so this is the the required type of bullets so we click on it and question three is complete now question 4 is about strategy 2020 slide it's not about neither slide master so we finished all the questions related to the slide master so what we can do now is we go slide master and we close the master view so now we're ready to do questions related to other slides so this question is about strategy 2020 slide so if we look in the file we don't have this slide in our presentation so if we read the question it's about adding slides so we need to add the slide it says insert aside from outlines it tells us where to add the slides it's supposed to be between agenda and revenue by product lines so these are the two slides we're supposed to add is to clean them so we click between the two slides and then we go to the Home tab we click on the small arrow under new slide and we're not going to choose any of these because we're supposed to select slides from outline so we click on slides from outline we're given the file name it is strategy 2020s on the desktop we select strategy 2020 and the slide has been added and with this we have completed question four now let us go to question five question five is about modifying slight layout it says change the slide layout the slide is the same one strategy 2020 and the layout that we're supposed to survive is given so the bane of the layout is content with captions so we go to the slide this is where we go to change the layout so we click on the small arrow next to layout and we choose the name that is given in the question it's gone end with caption so question for question five is now complete question six is about adding pictures and it is the same slide it says add a picture to the slide where it says in the content placeholder so this thing is a content placeholder and we're told with picture to add so the picture is called for point out orders dot PNG so we go and click on insert pictures button from the desktop where we have the files we select corporate headquarters and the question is complete question seven is about picture styling it says add a border to the picture so it tells us which picture its corporate headquarters PNG already added on the slide so it's the same picture so we select a picture and we're given the weight and color of the border so we go to format under picture tools picture border and we first select the weight which is 2/4 point and then we go back and we choose the color so every color here has a name this is brown Tex - this one is gold a cent one okay so the color is this gold isn't one but not this one the color in the question is gold a cent one darker 25% so let us see other colors in this column okay this one is the oldest in online or 80% this one is 60 white or 40% and this is the color mentioned in the questioned gold a cent one darker 25% so we'll click on it and with that we have completed question 7 now question 8 is about a different slide called our facilities so let us see we we do have this line in our presentation so we go to our facility slide it's about picture styling the question says appoint is styled to a picture so we select the picture because it tells us picture already available on the slide so this is the picture and the style that we're supposed to select is called rotated white so we select the picture go to picture tools format and this is the list of styles every style has a name so we need to search for the one called a road dated so let's look at the rotated ones okay so this is the road dated white so I click on it and the style is applied and with that question eight is complete question nine it's about the same slide our facilities it says add a comment where it says title placeholder so we're not supposed to add the comment to the title it's the placeholder which means the entire text box so we select it and the comment is supposed to be add more pictures to this slide add the comment we go to review new comment and then this is where we type the comment so we type cad more pictures to this slide and there is a full stop so we need to make sure that whatever we type matches the text given in the question so this is what we had to type ignore the code marks but whatever is between the code marks we need to type it exactly as as given so if you have two letters in caps if you have full stops if you have spaces dashes you need to type it exactly in the same way so once we've typed it question 9 is complete okay so now I can close these extra panes and blurs look at question ten question ten is is supposed to be done on the slide called most popular training programs and the question itself is about adding a slide so we're supposed to add this line it's not there in the presentation yet so we need to add this line and then we need to do the the following questions so for this one it says we use a slide from another presentation where are we supposed to add the slide after revenue by product lines so we go to to the place after revenue by product lines and this is where the slide is supposed to be but we're supposed to reuse it from another presentation so let us see how to do that so we go to home small error under new slide reuse slides and then we click on browse browse file and we're supposed to pick the file given which is trading market report so we select that pile trading market report and we get the content of the of the file listed here so we're supposed to add the first slide so what we do we make sure that our cursor is in the right place and then we click on the first slide so with that we have finished question ten question eleven is about adding notes and it's the same slide so it says add notes to a slide and which slide most popular training programs so we can see that it's the same slide and the text that we're supposed to write is is given in the question so the first thing we do here on the status bar of PowerPoint we click on notes and then we will get this space where we need to type the note so we type it exactly as given survey done by a market research so we need to type it exactly as given firm and 2040 and yes there is a question mark so we need to type that and with this note we have completed question 11 question 12 is about modifying tables it says modifying existing table it tells us table in the most popular trading programs if they're talking about this table so first of all it says the way at the table should be 7.5 inches to select the table we go to table tools layout and we go to table size so don't confuse it with cell size we're supposed to set the table size and we're told that the width should be 7.5 so we set the width to 7.5 then it says that the table should be aligned Center so we go to arrange align and we choose align Center okay now a be careful about about how you see some of the options on the ribbons so if you have enough space you may find all of these options visible you know I'm visible on the ribbon without having to to click on a range so if your screen size is small then you'll need to go to arrange and then find an option so in any case we already completed the question so we went to arrange and then aligned and we chose align Center so we've done that now the question also say is delete last row for number 6 so we select the last row on the Layout tab we go to delete and we'll choose delete rows ok now we're supposed to change the style of the table so we selected our table and the style is given for styles we need to go to design under table tools and this is where we find the table Styles so we go and choose the style it's supposed to be medium styled for so under medium we go and check ok this is medium style tween this is medium style for ascent one so this is the style mention and the question so I click on it and with that question twelve is complete okay so the the next question is for a different slide the slide is called most popular trading destinations and if we look at the question we're supposed to add the slide so and this one also needs to be reused from another presentation it tells us after most popular trading programs so we click after most popular training programs we weekly the file source which is the same that we have opened already but now we're supposed to add the second slide so we click on the second slide so with this question thirteen is complete question 14 is about using lists it says that change text to lists and the text which is in the content placeholder so these are the items that we need to change to a list so it tells us that the text range starting from p.m. er to Singapore so we select all of that and the list type is bulleted list so we go to the Home tab and we click on bulleted list now the question says is that level 1 should have EMEA and asia-pacific right now the entire list is in level 1 so II amia and asia-pacific should remain in level 1 names of cities should be in level 2 so we select the by London Istanbul and we click on this option which says increase list level so they move one step forward so now their word level 2 now we select the last two cities kuala lumpur in singapore and we repeat the same step we click on increase list level so now we have the cities in level 2 and yamir and Asia Pacific during level 1 so question 14 is complete question 15 is about handling comments it says delete a comment content placeholder so it's the same slide and we're told that delete the comment that says change does list change this to list so we click on the comment so yes this is the comment that we need to delete so we right click on it and we click on delete comment so with that question 15 is complete so let me close the comments then because we we we don't need it and we don't want it to occupy space on the screen ok so question 16 is about adding slides and we're supposed to add this slide from an outline after revenue by product lines so this is revenue by product line so we need to click and select the place where we need to add the slide so it's after revenue by product line to make sure that your cursor is at this point and then we're supposed to add it from an outline so we go to home small arrow under new slide slides from outline and we're told that the file is customer segment reports so we click a customer segment report and we click insert and we have the customer segments slide add it now so with that we've completed question 16 question 17 is about adding SmartArt the question says convert text into smart art and the text which were supposed to convert is the list on customer segments slide so we select this list and we right-click on the list and we click on convert to smart art now the question tells us that the type or the layout of the smart art is vertical curved list so we right click convert to smart art and every style has a name so this is vertical blocklist this one is picture vertical picture isn't list so we don't have the vertical curved list so what we do is we click on more smart art graphics so once we get a more detailed list we choose where are we likely to find this layout so go to lists and then we look at the options available let us see which one is curved no this one is target list okay this one no no it's it's this one vertical girlist so we click on it and we get the list chain do a smart art now we're supposed to change its style so we select the entire smart art and on the design tab under smart are tools we have different styles so we can select a style so we're supposed to select in dense effect this one is white outlined subtle effect moderate effect okay this one is in dense effect so we click it and it's applied to a smart art now we're also supposed to change its direction so we select the entire smart art and on the design tab we click on on on this option so the direction should be right-to-left so we click it once and it will change the direction from right to left so we have now completed questioned 17 question 18 is about modifying smart art and it asks us to add pictures to smart art and the pictures should be added on all circles on the smart art so these are the circles so let us select the circles and we can select them one by one by keeping the control key pressed and what we're supposed to do is we're supposed to add pictures and the picture is is given which is corporate headquarters so to do that we go to the format tab under smart art tools we go to shape fill picture and we click on work offline because we need to choose a picture from our computer and the picture is corporate headquarters so we click the picture and it's added to the smart art diagram so with that we have completed question eighteenth question 19 is is supposed to be done on the key challenges slide so let us go to key challenges slide so this is the key challenges like so the question is about modifying the shape it says apply formatting to an existing shape and the shape is text box containing declining budget so it's this text box so we select it so the first thing we're supposed to do we're supposed to apply a fill so we select the text box we go to drawing tools format shape fill and the name off the fill is gold assent one so it's supposed to be in this column it's the older sent one lighter forty percent so we go and we choose lighter 80% this one is lighter 60% okay this one is called a sink one minor forty percent so we'll click on the color then it says that we're supposed to add a shape outlined weight 2/4 so we go to weight and we choose the weight given in the question the color is gold assent one darker 25% so again we'll go to shape outline we go to the colors and we choose the color that is mentioned every color has its name so we choose the one given in D in the question so now we're supposed to add word art style to the same text box so we select it and for the word art styles we go and choose the style given in the question so it's battle fill white text to dark upward diagonal shadow so let me select okay this one is a blue kill red no it's not the one we need this is that real gold no the questions they start and feel right so is this the one no it's it's not this one's been filled teal so this is again not the one we need okay so let's look at this one batten film white text to dark upward darkness shadows and this is the one so we click it and it will be applied on the textbox and with that we have completed question 19 question 20 is about adding video it says insert video to a slide where it says content placeholder on the right side of slide key challenges so this is the one and it has has given us the file that we need to add as the video so we go to the slide we click on insert video again work offline desktop and we choose challenges video and with that question 20 is complete so we stop here and in the next part of the video we will resume from question 21 onwards


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