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Audio cutting seems like a piece of cake but this statement is correct only if you have the right tools at hand. mp3DirectCut is a software application that provides users with a simple means of doing just that.

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The installation process does not provide any complications and it only takes a few seconds until you can start using the software. All functions you need are easily accessible and in plain view, in the main window. Be sure to give the installer another shot with administrator privileges in case you run into any issues.

In addition to that, Help contents are provided, thus ensuring that all user categories can find their way around it, without encountering any kind of issues.

This simple utility opens an audio track and lets you cut it to fit your preferences, and supports aside from MP3s, formats such as MP2, MPA, MUS, AAC and CUE.

After uploading an item, you can view the wave form in the main window, as well as use the mouse to mark the start and end points, yet you should also know that you can input the exact time coordinates in the built-in boxes, for greater accuracy.

mp3DirectCut helps you accomplish tasks like adjusting the overall volume, splitting and even copying parts from one song to another.

In addition to that, an entry in the menu bar reveals advanced features which will enable you to automatically cue an audio track, detect pauses and automatically crop an item. You can check for re-syncs, and apply a two-stage fade effect.

Playback controls are also included in the main window, allowing you to play, pause or stop a song at any point, loop a selection or play from the end or start point. You can chose to save the complete audio mix, export the current selection only and even generate CUE sheets for longer audio files.

Batch process is available, enabling you to perform multiple operations with multiple items in the same time, such as cutting them at a user-defined time, fade at a specified position and automatically cue them.

To conclude, mp3DirectCut proves to be a pretty handy piece of software, as it provides users with a fair amount of options to keep them busy for quite a while, without putting a strain on the computer’s performance. The response time is good and our tests did not reveal any errors or freezes.

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today I'm going to show you a few basic functions using the audio editing software mp3 direct cut the very first thing that we need to do is open the audio file that we're going to edit so the way that we do this is we go to file open and then select the file that we want to open so mine is right here you select it then click open and then click OK now you can see that the audio file has been loaded into the program first thing I'm going to show you how to do is how to cut a portion out of the file and then paste it somewhere else in the file so what I'm going to do is select the first ten seconds of the song then you make a selection by left clicking on your mouse and then dragging your mouse to the right Syrio there's the first ten seconds and you can refer to how long your selection is by looking down in this selection box right here my selection starts at 0 second string goes to 10 seconds so the way that I cut this portion is I go to edit and then cut what this is done is it's cut that selection out of the audio file and copied it to the clipboard so it's there for me to paste it anywhere in the file so I'm going to do is I'm going to paste this at the very end of the file so I'm going to scroll all the way to the end to select a point where you're going to paste you're going to left-click on your mouse just left click then you see the start of the blind up here that indicates the beginning of the pasted section so the way that you paste is you go to edit and you click paste and there's our selection again but now let's at the end of the song rather than the very beginning so if you click out you see this gray dotted line right here and that indicates the beginning of the pasted section so the next function that I want to show you how to do is the copy function the way that we do this is you make a selection again left click drag to the right I'm making mine another 10 seconds and like I said before you can refer to the selection box to see how your selection is and the way that you copy this is you get to edit and copy the biggest difference between copy and cut is that cut removes the selection from the audio file and then copies it to the clipboard copy just copies it to the clipboard but doesn't remove from the file so now I unselected it and I can go anywhere that I want and paste it you can paste at a specific point where you would like but I'm just going to paste somewhere in the middle so here we go now select where you like to paste by left-clicking you can see this dotted line up here again go to edit and then go to paste and there we go we can see our selection pasted right in the middle of the song and it's indicated by this line right here and meaning the beginning of the paste and this line right here meaning the end of the paste another place that you can refer to that will show you the positions in the song where you have pasted portions of the song that you cut and copied is if you go up to list then you click it there's a drop-down menu telling you the times where you have pasted things that you've cut or copied which is good for advanced editing another function that I think is a really cool feature of mp3 direct cut is what's called a simple fade so let's go back to the beginning and the purpose of this is to create a fade in effect at the beginning of the song so the way that we do this is we make a selection again left click and then drag to the right for as long as you want the fade to be I'll do seven seconds so after you've made your selection you go to edit then create simple fade as you can see the volume has reduced significantly but you can also see that it increases until it reaches the full volume of the song so that's really cool because this song doesn't originally have a fade in at the beginning and that is a cool feature that you can add manually the last one that I want to show you how to do today is how to create an ID three tags so we do this by going to edit and then click Tagg id3 and file info and so we're mostly concerned about this box right here where we can add a title artist album year and track number you can add as many or as little of them as you want but it's nice because all this information saves directly to the song so if you wanted to open this song again and music player like iTunes it will automatically detect the title artists album and whatever other information that you included so I'm just going to go ahead and add the title and the artist alright and you save this by clicking ok so now that information is saved with this audio file and can be read by music players like iTunes we have to save this file in a specific way so it will include all the edits that we've made and the way that we do this is go to file save complete audio and as you can see I've saved mine as edited school's out but you can label your is anything that you want so now I want to click Save and then yes because this file already exists on my desktop so that's how you save the file so it includes all the edits that you've made that's all that I have for you today I hope that these instructions have been helpful and good luck on your mp3 direct cut endeavors


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