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If you have a really large music collection, you sure know how important it really is to keep everything organized, no matter if we're thinking about the audio files as such or the tags that carry vital information about the music tracks.

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In case you still struggle to work with those sound labels, it's probably high time to give Mp3tag a shot. Just like its name suggests, this is a software solution designed to assist you in your efforts to organize your music collection, so editing tags and filenames is its main purpose.

Mp3tag works with the most common formats, such as AAC, FLAC, APE, MP3, MP4, OGG, WMA and TTA, and has the ability to edit multiple ID3v1.1, ID3v2, APEv2 Tags and Vorbis at the same time.

Editing multiple files at the same time is as easy as pie, so you just have to select them using your mouse, in the same way you do in Windows Explorer, then use the adjacent fields in the left side of the main windows to edit the details.

You thus have the option to change title, artist, album, genre or comments with a single click, for multiple files at once. But that's not all. Mp3tag can also use those information labels to change filenames and vice-versa, which is quite handy if you wish to keep things organized in your collection.

Last but not least, the program has the option to search online for information in order to change tags and filenames, and as far as we're concerned, it does the whole thing without one glitch

All in all, Mp3tag is one of the best tools of its kind and unless you're looking for an app that also has an audio player, this one should be one of the first choices.

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hi hello now we're gonna find out what fire say about mp3 tag the universal tag editor and more okay let's fire it up all right no mp3 tag editor universal tag editor you can edit the metadata in a wider range of audio audio formats you got the Advanced Audio coding that's the EEC you got the digital stream direct stream digital audio that's DSF also the flack audio they a PE of monkeys audio mp3 of course and hey the one I like mpeg-4 got a wider range of formats we can edit in the mpeg-4 that's the mp4 m4a m4b m4v and iTunes alright um also MPC the OGG Opie us the ofr and WMA yes you can edit the metadata in WMA audio and similar to wave but not with alright let's wave back that's WV extension you're not able to add metadata in a WAV files alright so let's just go through it um here I have a list of some mp3 files I have here okay you can rename the file you cannot change the extension you can rename the file here or should I say don't try and change extension you know mess up a file you can change your artists information the title of the song the album yeah you got the part you can change the path right you can add AB parties the sort of tag format is using the track number did this number the year the genre add certain comments to it the BP the codec the bitrate the frequency the length of the file and the date modified and you got some options you can actually add here as well mp3 tag editor also gives you the option where you can bulk add a few files so you can select all the files and you can actually add certain information to them or delete certain information alright you can add it like things like the year the if you want to add it the year to all the songs so here I couldn't say I want all my songs to be challenged to be Sokka okay and what I like about it as well you can add your album art to it okay you can add remove extract the cover set the cover type Oh a wide range of options you can rename your files from the tag to the file name or from the file name to the tag with these options here from track the file name or from file name to tag or file in the file name that's a wild Ranger you can um a lot of things you can do here with it and it helps you names a file name your file properly it helps you name a file properly so that later on when you add it to your library and stuff you can retrieve it very very easy it they don't automatically gives you the BPM okay I know some bitches would love that but certain files you extract me from CDs and stuff you can actually get information online from this different term online sites here you can actually automatically capture the track title and the RTS and stuff from these sites online okay now I wouldn't be teaching you how to use a software but just telling you a little about it so out of five stars I will give this four and a half the reason why you don't me the BPM cannot scan and find the BPM of the file alone that's one picture I wish this thing had and two sometimes I have very large album art and I just wish I could just make them smaller sometimes the size of my album art is even bigger than my actual mp3 file itself so I wish there was some way I could just resize my album cover and you know make it a smaller and easier to handle file that's why I'll give a job four and a half out of five so that's it for mp3 the universal tag editor and more


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