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Video play aficionados are constantly on the glance for a technique to squeeze the most limeade out of their footage tokens. MSI Afterburner is a visuals cardholder electricity that promises to help you monitor your GPU and bring it to its maximum results.

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The app's bedrock is based on RivaTuner, one of the top-rated footage cardholder potential undelete. It is designed to enhance your GPU's results and supports a wide multitude of MSI graphic tokens, offering potential toolkit for both AMD and NVIDIA.

The main way of the app is to overcome the original restriction set by the companies, allowing you to adjust mind stopwatch, impedances and fandom fast. However, it is advisable to modify these setup only if you are sure of what you are doing. Otherwise, your steps might cause turmoil matters.

The futuristic, yet simple and organized glance of the app can be changed by customizing the someone-interface according to your tastes. The initiative automatically detects your visuals cardholder kind, the car iteration and exhibits the details in its main door.

MSI Afterburner provides important tweaking functionality for your footage adapter. It includes the can to adjust the bedrock, tessellation and mind stopwatch rates.

Advanced fandom fast grip is another tweaking method that you can use in that to reduce the something or adjust the cooling kind. The someone can also change the bedrock amperage, as the app promises to provide triple over-amperage, without needing to spend moment modifying the cardholder.

In meantime to this, you can monitor the the of your visuals cardholder in real moment. The 'Hardware Monitor' door exhibits a diagram of the GPU and mind consumption, as well as basic details regarding the bedrock and mind stopwatch. Logging alternatives are also available.

The initiative allows you to create customized histories for various implements, like navigating on the Web or casino, when the cardholder is under more intense pressure. You can use the histories rapidly by using hotkeys.

To sum it up, MSI Afterburner is a simple thing to overclock your footage adapter. Electricity grip, amperage changes, monitoring and touchscreen seizing are some of the functionality that allow you to unleash the electricity of your visuals cardholder.

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in this video I'm gonna cover the version of MSI Afterburner I use as I've had a lot of questions in my PM box about how and why it looks the way it does what settings I use so let's go on about that today what I like to use is the MSI Afterburner beta version or right now the latest official which is 4.4.1 windows throws out a new update maybe a Creator spring or fall update and you start to have afterburner issues look into downloading the beta version of that nine times out of ten that'll fix it so MSI's global solution up at the top here is not always the best one as guru 3d comm tends to have the latest version so if you click on that site and scroll all the way down to the bottom in this case we do have a stable and final version which is 4.4.2 euro but previously I was using a beta version of it for months and months and it has worked fantastic so download that and then it'll be into your downloads go ahead and open it up extract the file and we will get rocking and rolling here once you get to this point of course make sure both boxes are ticked and click Next once you've instructed and installed MSI Afterburner you will be greeted with this version right here now you do not have to change the aesthetics of this but I do as I find this is a little bit too busy looking so what I'm going to start off with is click on this little cog wheel here and I'm gonna move this all the way over to the right where it says user interface click on that tab go down to user interface skinning properties and for today let's use the default MSI Afterburner version 3 skin go ahead and click OK and we'll switch to that alright now let's go into the settings that I use during gameplay going click settings general properties I personally like to start this when windows boots up and start it minimized it will go over to monitoring GPU temperature I definitely want this on as it's highlighted in blue right now I'm gonna tick this box right here that says show in on screen display GPU usage I also want that shown and let's go ahead and scroll down a little bit core clock I also like this shown by all means feel free to customize this to your heart's content this is just the stuff that I typically use ok so the CPU inside here is an i7 4 core 8 threats so we're gonna have eight threats here so I can show individual temperatures of each individual thread or I can just go to CPU temperature there's no number next to it that will give me the general temperature of the CPU I want that visible and then of course we had temperature that we could tick every individual thread for we can do the same thing for usage I'm just gonna go to CPU usage without a number next to it highlight that show in on-screen display I'm gonna do the same thing for CPU clock again I do not care about each individual thread but you can do so it's very unique to do that because you can fire up let's say battlefield you can watch how it'll utilize all eight threads or you can play something like Counter Strike global Offensive and see that it will use less and so on and so forth so it's very fun to learn this way RAM usage don't really care frame rates in frame time frame rate it's unchecked I need to check that box highlight it and then show in the on screen display excellent so as far as Hardware monitoring graphs these are the things that I like to use now I'm not finished yet as I want to go to the on screen display it says toggle on screen display by all means you do not have to do any of this stuff but I like to be able to toggle that on and off just in case I'm editing in Adobe I don't want that thing to pop up rather than shutting it down I can just essentially make it disappear click OK minimize this and then what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to go over to Rive a tuner statistics server now this here is gonna be very small and I'd like to move the slider over just a notch to make that grow just a little bit excellent so we'll go ahead and minimize that and let's fire up overwatch all right now check this out here we are in the top left it says GPU that is in green below that a CPU that is in blue and showing us what we're using as far as rendering the game which is 3d dx11 that is very nice I love how they colored this you could probably go in and hack the registry and change these colors I'm not all about that I like the way it is it differentiates itself so I know what I'm looking at and you because you can see here GPU usage is sitting at around 76% or at 57 degrees Celsius here's the frequency same with the CPU here's the temperature here is utilization here's the frequency and fps a very clean easy solution use the latest from MSI Afterburner and/or its beta if you have any trouble running this with any creative Windows updates in the future download the latest beta like I said 9 times out of 10 that will solve your problem very simple today guys that's the way I like to keep it whenever possible and that'll do it this is Bob of all trades peace out


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working patch. thanks

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MSI Afterburner کے لئے پیچ کے لئے شکریہ

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Thanks for the serial number for MSI Afterburner

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