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Just like its name suggests, MyPhoneExplorer is a simple yet very efficient tool to help you explore your phone. It allows you to access the address book and sync it with Outlook, browse files stored on the device, manage SMS, create a backup and many other things.

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A thing worth mentioning is the ability to make the whole application portable, which means you can copy it on an USB drive and take it with you wherever you go. This function can be selected before the installer starts, so be sure to decide whether you want it or not before it commences.

MyPhoneExplorer works with more than 700 mobile phones, including Android devices, so we've tested it with a K700, a pretty old-school phone, and everything worked just fine. In addition, we've tried the portable version and once again it performed flawlessly.

It covers the basics of phone management by providing access to both phone and SIM contacts, call logs, calendar, notes or alarms. MyPhoneExplorer also brings message maintenance capabilities to the table, as well as vital file management. Profile, Monitor and Memory status can also be accessed and configured.

Although some other programs of this kind are pretty difficult to use and assault you with all types of errors while attempt to connect the phone to the computer, MyPhoneExplorer is incredibly user friendly and everything works perfectly from the first attempt.

A broader supported phones range is only on the wishlist at this time, with more features targeting the multimedia capabilities of our devices.

That being said, you can't be anything but pleased after using MyPhoneExplorer and in case you own one of the mobile phone models supported by the app, be sure to have this one installed. There is also a portable edition available.

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hello I'm going to give you a tutorial in the instructions to install my phone explorer for the Droid or Android and it works on all thumbs long as you have the Android system running and I'll go ahead and show you guys what it's all about let me show you guys how to do this and you can just so you know this is all 100% free so this is perfect okay so first off you want to go to the my box for free water on your PC you find it this website or just uh the main website now and we can find right here these go downloads go to the home page go to downloads and click download on this version go and download it save file downloads still loading it then once you have downloaded it you want to install it so click OK and sometimes you might get an error while installing this which you on if you do you don't want to run it as administrator as I got in here the first time with the wall so I'm just going to show you real quick with I mean by right as administrator get my five first set up right here I click run as administrator but I've been alright next step is downloading the software when I connect your Android phone with your right eye this is very simple we just go on your phone use only your phone and you just go to setting' you go to wireless and networks and then go to a Wi-Fi settings you can connect to whichever my products yours and you should have to know your password so that your rather you should not your password anyone to download the my phone Explorer application from the market on the Android Market this is very simple to you on the logo go well go should look like this right here dual application on your phone which is very simple to do you now to open any application start the my phone Explorer software onto your PC this is a real looks like pretty much and for me you're going to go to the settings you're going to make sure you click following with game with Google Android operating software use auto detect thankfully okay then from there you're going to want to file and click connect this is disconnect but I make sure they can't be as chip from there yeah from there you will have all of your data synchronized from your calendar to your contacts to your emails it's perfect it's great way Don also have a backup data of all your stuff all right now these instructions below will let you use is the remote control first off you're going to want to download the DB driver you can use it right here this is for all Motorola or droids and then this isn't the correct driver you can go to this and this ISM will form on their website which has the other drivers for others devices if you don't have one of the ones that uses this driver then you want to enable the us debugging on your phone you can do that very simple is go to settings go to application then you click development and then you'll have a little button where you going to press us debugging on deal and connect your phone with the USB cable in the ADB driver if it doesn't work you're going to want to download this before doing this which this didn't work for me first time so I should headed down I went ahead and Google this as talk to you by the website as normal and user driver installation five point four point zero and it's the 32 bit I have a 32 bit operating software windows 7 if you need to give 64 bit in your lucky enough to have that which I then you can go ahead and just type in and there you go and if you skip the first section please do steps four through seven to complete the installation which by skipping I meant don't have my phone scripting extracts so you can do it without Wi-Fi but likewise at your now did you turn to the software watch the videos you many other features and action alright so I want to show you a song disk first I'm going to plug my USB coordinates when you guys so from here you can see your contacts from here you can see your calls like dialed has to answer here you can see your organizer your calendar your notes your arm which is really neat you type in those in your computer and from there it will go straight on to your phone and use your keyboard as prefect messages I have one item box cool a lot of conversations of whatnot files and of the greater which is basically sure monitor so much better you have left in your member states all right such is the basics of it all there's a lot of other features and show you some of them right now I'm going to go to messages I'm going to all right so this is all your messages and it's pretty neat I'll give you an example right here is on my fans thinking you saw me go into the new messages doing I can say whatever I want about a little about and certainly this finally that I'd like to and click send and I'll send it via just your computer will send it actually so it's very nice that's where the text is basically that you're chatting with people instead of having to use your thumbs the entire time - your fingers some of the cool features on text input is awesome you can actually as having requirements first needs a select skill on your phone and choose to input so basically you're going to go into your phone and you have to click on a little box where you regularly type something in and bam you keep organized that's very nice and convenient here's the very best saving the best for last it's the phone keep it so from here I actually do anything with the remote chemicals there's basically the actual size some enjoyed man maybe a little bigger home it will actually go home on the actual device and on campus also its yeah mother is going to be today and that and its oldest with a clickable button on the mouse - here let's go back squats page-to-page pixel on place word search oh you give a bastard falling better pardon in the original it should be a lot submitted list yeah so this is very very neat basically do whatever you want with it the extras you can also create it backup just in case you lose your phone all you get stuff you're stole your beta code you can customize it like this and that's basically the basics of life on explorer for Jory Chris have any questions or any problems just let me know


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Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit, Win 8, Win 8 64 bit, Win 2003, Win 10, Win 10 64 bit

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salamat sa inyo para sa patch MyPhoneExplorer

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