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The Nero 10 incorporates three major functions into a single package - a burning tool, a backup and restore feature and a video editor.

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Since this is a complex program, the application takes a while to install. During this step, it offers to install the Ask Toolbar on your system, but this is optional. On the other hand, installing Microsoft Silverlight is mandatory.

Several long minutes later, the full or custom installation should be complete. Each piece of software found in this suite has a very attractive and intuitive interface, so that all types of users can work with it.

Nero BackItUp & Burn allows you to back up your files, folders and system information, as well as restore them with just a few clicks. It is possible to opt between automatic, manual or drive backup, verification, and task overview.

In addition to that, you can create a disaster recovery disc, as well as synchronize data. For instance, an automatic backup takes a long time to initiate, but also to finalize.

Nero MediaHub offers you direct access to music, photos and videos found in the library, while you can also play audio and video files, as well as create slideshows and playlists.

With Nero Vision you can create a movie or a slideshow, capture video to hard drive, and make a DVD, AVCHD, Blu-Ray or CD. Once again, each task takes a long time to load and complete, yet it is important to understand that they are done in a professional manner.

For instance, creating your own movies allows you access to video editing tools such as sharpen and blur, pan and zoom, shadow and edges, creative colors, multiline text, and various transitions.

Nero Burning ROM is as professional as ever. Here you can create an audio CD, mixed mode CD, CD Extra, DVD, and others. The burning process takes a little while to complete, according to the writing speed you have set, yet you should know it also depends on your computer’s performance amount of data to be processed.

The amount of resources required in order to properly run this program vary from low to high, depending on a number of factors, most of which were previously discussed. All tasks are usually completed in a pretty decent amount of time, and without popping up errors, crashing or hanging. The interface is accessible to all user categories.

Overall, Nero 10 proves to deserve all the credit it has been given all these years, and is still one of the best burning tools out there, packed with an array of options which can keep users busy for quite a while.

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this is the this is my first time downloading neuro I'm trying to check it out and see what it is I just down the newer 10 with cereals and some of that let me see what never been burning rom and me click on here and see what this is I think one has a good video editing editing on it mind you later this is to burn rom the isos Isis and I'm guessing is just burns different stuff that's all for ourselves and stuff of that you can switch it to up top you can switch to DVDs burn it to a DVD DVD like if it has like so Maya so images houses psych certain stuff on it you can pick the ISO image you know a nicer version they've of it the dates you like those dates and stuff with us for that never back it up on what that is if any of us need our help getting like free programs and stuff without for the computer or need like a sale number like a like a key registration key Oh hope you find it if you need a lot help find it and download it download it like what it is and then installing to make sure it does work if it does work out upload it and put on a video comment this one is snare a backup 10 if it loads up on lipid just take a long time on autonomous gift for now we're going to narrow no it's loading them now guessing like it turns on all day back up now welcome to the setup of auto backup set up auto backup will backup all your files automatically within two hours please select a target ID all use that later to back up my bug games and stuff the sail back up like my program follows oh no here's was that burn in recovery recover lost data from deleted and damaged media I was pretty cool well this one's newer media up to try and make this video short this one I think it's for like burn like movies unless built in player too I think it is yeah this is like a this like windows media player it does music videos and that is and you can edit them this yet as the video editing on you can edit the videos and then publish to youtube or some other only see with other sites it has its going to get all my music or now oh that's doing all that I'm going to minimize it I've so much music and stuff on here never vision I I'm guess that's a camera like to do screen boarding or something oh no this is actually a pretty good program if you don't want to download it for free or whatever you can always just get it by to the store i would recommend to buy that store because you can have a full you won't be anything messed up with it if you like noah i would buy it but i'm not i'm gonna chide first and see if it works am I going to auto san andreas I've whenever this loads up I think the first time using it the program's take a long time to load up I just installed it like to like a min ago Ivan ease it yet it's the first time use I use nero nine when I got my DVD burner it came with a 30 day trial on it I guess now we had 30 day trial it's just send you to the neuro site that you can get a 30 day trial for it but you had to sign up and stuff for that this is only running on battery please note that the system I one second if I get my charger plug it in make sure by this most is stuff like when you burn like on white saying I poison at that system he's been in hibernation mode because it's love battery results of capture a quarter will be unstable I I'm confused about this part of it not about that i had to put the ec in my power but why is it have the first one I just put nothing on it says something about like I think it said something first ones burning the first ones for burning images image files like ISO dmg NRG and stuff like that just give me one second so I can plug my thing in I'll be back in a minute now I've got too many cords tangled up for now sure did this before almost got it all right almost got us gotta plug it in okay make this make DVD make a VC HD I'm guessing us for like memory stick stops make a blu-ray disc I'll got any of that so I can use it video CD that's pretty cool got a video CD in itself is normal multimedia CD recordable direct to disc what's up very cord video directly onto a edible risk and the old time I'm guessing that's for it if you ask you a mmm I'm guessing this is for Ike if you want to capture like a screen capture some like that like if you got it xvideo camera or something like hook up to your computer that you can move around and make videos and spare them straight to a disc no I don't want to do that make movie or slideshow capture video too hard drive disk stoles erase disk disk info finalize disk I've been saved projects that's what the nerve vision is for I narrow smart star smart and I do not know what this is at all this the final thing that comes with narrow attend mm-hmm again it's gone I just takes over short amount of time welcome to the nervous starts on their smart start smart I mean your command center for all your digital media project they're our two ways to get started select from above category tabs to launch applications from each project or to select from a quick task okay audio this is for audio burning and ripping our video photo data tours in short video does create video or photo slideshow range equate photo and video slideshow with no media hub I'm guessing I never media hub does that it's mostly neuro this is like the neuro like main thing like they like you do it's like oh what the hell eyewitnesses day after your programs for mrs. Lowe keep my cover formulas if my computer continues ask me again at my computer I convert video very non copy protected DVD movies two different playback formats with nero recode honest data backup data like this is like the newer center like I think they had before I had this before and here I narrow eat or nine it was like one of the earlier ones it's ro you can get the serial number for that but you don't need it if you want the program if you want if you want no 10 arm just send me a message and I'll go i'll upload it to his site so you can download everything with in here that you would need see if i click on this i'll show you its narrow dirt and multimedia suite retail plus keys but everything is not right there anymore I've burnt are we to a desk already at some reason I suppose just used several keys right here an Air Malta me a sweet thang mp3 / plug in the DS DT is plug in the very disk this all that stuff your needs there's two different several numbers you can use to do it let me see what it happens about double click on that see if I'll do it determine maximum speed right all eyes dish no further reading possible this is pretty good guy like easier in my desk and I'll go up that high and he says me just switch my desk in my DVD my samsung DVD burner and I'll try that out and see if it works I was just use a with so much sizes this video just let me just check what size it says you always want to check the size of it that you don't use a DVD for music he probably could but that's three point ninety four gigs so I'll use a DVD + R and get it out that's CDs DVD + r NN enclosing it if you don't like neuro you can always just use poweriso for burning movies but I think neuro is the best thing that you can get as it comes with everything you would need to edit videos and everything like that alright then let's go back on here I timing maximum speed now I want but well why are you burning anything you don't want to put maximum speed that it might be messed up and I guess you just click burn and that's it are we bad in this video's when this thing is done not test it out and see if it actually burn it right I just got darkness is finalizing the video now not the video the diet so that's just burnt the San Andreas it's just make sure it's right right the one thing you don't do unless it's a DVD you don't want to push verify written data it's con takes a long time to kind of slow for this video but it was like a whole bunch of space and she push okay picked out and pop it back in let me see if it works police uploads to the Grand Theft Auto thing then I know it works I think I'll have it on my computer but that's Nina make sure the backup and there is um if you need I was just making different video and share add it up this is very thought of GTA san andreas and run install usually has a publisher but this week I made one that's all made it but I'm just going to push us do this and see if it will push to play or what I don't know if I still have it none i think this is something new as good as that yeah i have it on my computer already yeah no never i think it's better than powers oh not that power says sucks is this naira is better well that's my review on my first review like if you would say on narrow products new a barony long 10 never back up back it up and neuro media hub pen never a vision kinda nervous start smart 10 i know the video is a little bit late but I haven't eyes need something to burn maybe saw Scott neuro so comment and subscribe if you need help comment or send me a personal message if you don't want anyone else to see it I'll be back later to make more videos see ya


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