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When it comes to burning discs, the software market is filled with numerous types of dedicated applications so that even beginners can easily create their video or data CDs and DVDs. Such a tool is Nero 8, which combines its user-friendly interface with complex features and functions.

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In order to offer a helping hand to all novices, the main window of Nero 8 displays a button placed on the bottom left corner (similar to the Start button in Windows), where the complete application list can be accessed: Burning ROM, Express, Vision, BackItUp, CoverDesigner, WaveEditor, SoundTrax, ShowTime, Recode, PhotoSnap, and ControlCenter.

Depending on one's needs and knowledge, each of these tools can be selected and put to test. For instance, a beginner might prefer to simply burn a CD, while experts might need to back up their data, create a recovery disc or design an artistic cover.

The Rip and Burn section brings forth several other utilities enabling users to rip audio CDs, clone their discs, and burn an audio CD or DVD, a Jukebox, data or video one.

The Create and Edit tab is meant to differentiate Nero 8 from other similar burning apps as individuals can edit photos and generate slideshows, mix, compose, edit or record audio files, edit and capture videos, and even create disc labels or covers, and convert tracks to other formats.

Another equally feature-packed section is the Home Entertainment one, where one can play music and videos, or view photos. Nero 8 also enables users to connect to television channels - manage media, watch live TV or record from it.

Each of these functions can be further configured to meet each person’s requirements, but it is best not to apply any modifications if one is not sure about them, as they could affect the performance and quality of the software.

Nero 8 functions as efficiently as all the products in the series, meaning the RAM and CPU usage level might occasionally peak. This only occurs when intense burning actions are performed, especially if there are numerous open third-party products. The response time is good, there are plenty of options incorporated to keep you glued to your computer for quite a while and we did not come across any errors, hangs or bugs in our tests.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Nero 8 is an efficient and reliable piece of software, which is well-deserving of all the attention it has been given over the years.

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Admiral I'm me and I daddy this is Popeye and we are the RC sailors unfortunately he gets pushed to the side because the star of the show today is the armand nero 6s four-wheel drive brushless 1/8 scale monster truck we have the ARMA series that has been on our channel behind us here to show you quick size comparison because the first thing you'll notice about the Nero is it behemoths all the other RCS that we've had from the ARMA series look at this the arm of Raider 2 the 1/8 scale armor Raider now compare this 1/8 scale buggy to the 1/8 scale monster truck there is no comparison you would think that was like a 1/6 scale or something that is just crazy that's a 1/8 scale buggy right there and just to compare one more vehicle this is a 1/10 scale monster truck the granite VLX which is a really great little RC and just to compare that one tip to 1/8 scale there it is it just behemoths I mean there's really no comparison in size at all which just is mind-blowing impressive fun and just what one reason alone to buy it just the size this trick is a beast one thing we've always loved about the ARMA series is how durable they are and how well-made ARMA does all their vehicles so we want to bring all our series out just to show you the difference and to show you how we love and yeah we we know that we've got a bit of experience under our belt with armor this guy though blows these others totally out of the water as it should the price point is much higher so we're going to go over the things that we like and dislike in this video this is our review we've had our hands on this now for a couple weeks we've really really through its paces we've got the number one viewed speed tests in the world online right now for the arma Nero and you know we've done bashing and just unboxing we've learned a lot since our unboxing to actually this part of the video now called the review so we showed you the size let's start with the outside here you've got these giant monster tires they're d boots tires and they're actually really nice composite they're a little on the hard side but it's kind of a good all-terrain tire you can drive it on asphalt rocks sand everything we took it through it just annihilated it except for like pure shrubs well yeah but that's kangay third that's unattainable so tires are amazing and I would recommend that if you do want to change the tires out eventually just run these and run them hard until finally you shred one or something but we're in ours very hard with no issues no tearing no coming apart at the seams or anything now the body is super nice because it is a very tough durable lexan body it is lexan so it's going to get dented in your hard crashes which ours has some dents in it now and the body clips are held on with these rubber connectors I love we absolutely love that attention to detail because you're not going to lose your body Clips it's just annoying to lose them and just a little tidbit of information for anyone out there that likes using cameras we put some velcro strips on the top and back here and held on really really well so it's a good body plastic material to put velcro and things on now let's move on from this lexan body I really want to talk about what's underneath that body because this alone they could almost I think I think armor could sell this as a vehicle in and of itself forget the body because this thing looks like the Batmobile how awesome is that it does look pretty sweet it's got this very just a great so manly like I'm gonna tear something up look to it before it even gets power underneath the hood it is just an awesome redesigned from the ground up when I took the body off for the first time I was expecting to see a flat tray servo melted up front motor mounted in the back metal plates because that's what army really has right plate but that is not the case they have something in here called cantilever shocks these are our first cantilever shocks on the channel I didn't know that at the time of the unboxing but I did know that I was impressed by how they looked thanks to our subscribers and just a little bit of research that I've done I know and understand cantilever shocks a bit better now and for those of you that don't have cantilever shocks yet because we featured tons of vehicles on our channel without cantilever shocks these basically allow you to have a good range of movement in the shock without having to raise the vehicle up too high that's good because you're not going to roll the vehicle as much now that it's it's lower but you still have a lot of range and your shocks they were getting a bit squeaky now because well we need to put some wd-40 in there or something to get with all the dust and dirt it gets in there and dries it out so all those little bearings we need to kind of grease back up love that cantilever shock design and I'll try to show you guys here it just looks really cool too amazing design absolutely amazing so moving on from from the shocks I'm going to just go and point out probably the biggest negative thing of the Armony row I think both versions have experienced this problem the steering servo is I think arm is biggest and best steering servo but may not may not be all of them but ours when we when we steer it a bit and then let go of the transmitter to Center the steering it does not come back to full center all the way it's almost like it's not strong enough to and it's pretty sluggish in steering too it wasn't in our speed run but after we bashed it they got very sluggish in steering so I don't know if we got some dirt in there but it needs to be cleaned out or what's going on but that's something I'd consider upgrading very very soon down the road because mmm it's just a little annoying that it doesn't Center back out so that that's really the only negative thing that we experienced and driving and bashing as far as breaking something goes the battery tray on this vehicle is pretty sweet you've got this little button on the side that you press and it releases the little double lock and you have access to batteries let me just I've got mine in here really tight with some extra foam so they didn't shake around it does come with that foam actually so well I think wrap yeah that's been wrong as I was saying I love the battery system it's easy access you can drop your batteries out from the bottom without even taking that body off and we're running these onyx 5403 cells so it's a total of six cells it's a 50 C discharge rating with XT 90 connectors so don't be thrown off by that I have some batteries that are XT 60 s they're smaller than this this is an XT 90 a big yellow plug I really thought I was going to convert these to Dean's but I like the connection I like how solid it is and I like that it really keeps the dust and dirt out so probably going to hold on to this and see about maybe doing some more xt9 teeth stuff later down the road I do like that not that I don't like beans beans is still my favorite two of these batteries and each of these batteries are $90 so you're looking at one hundred and eighty dollars for two batteries to run this at six cells that is expensive on power but when you get into vehicles of this size and this munch amazingness it's going to cost a little bit more the motor in this is a massive 2000 kV brushless motor just providing tons of power we got ours to go fifty three point four four miles per hour right out of the box that's 86 kilometers an hour now they claim you can go 60 miles an hour I believe you can but not right out of the box it comes with a 15 T 15 T is happenin hmm ours came with it I just came with a 15 T pinion gear installed and you do get with the bag of goodies in here you do get a 17 T pinion gear that comes with it but the 15 T pinion gear is installed this is going to give you higher speeds and they recommend the 15 T for off roading really unless you're at a NASCAR racetrack and you really want to get that extra 5 miles an hour out of it just hold onto your 17 t and have fun with this I think is crazy fast and coming at you very scary it's intimidating this is the heaviest RC we've had on the channel I don't know I don't have a weight for you it is crazy heavy though and if that hit you going 50 miles an hour you probably go into the hospital so be very careful driving this and how you drive it please do not hurt anybody it's a it's a hobby it's going to be fun not dangerous it's I mean our vehicles are full-sized vehicles we drive on the highway speed limits are usually 55 miles an hour this is going 54 miles an hour that is mind-blowing it's four-wheel drive - so speaking of which the four-wheel drive let's move on from the vehicle itself to the transmitter it comes up a tactic transmitter at TTX 300 I love this the ergonomics of it are outstanding you have all the trend functionalities that you need on it throttle trim steering trim steering direction trim you also have a stand out knob at the front labeled with the differential lock system and you have this knob on the front with whichever version you get the blue or the green you've got this novel in the front which would lead you to believe that you could actually change the modes on this though we knew going into this ours is a $700 model the blue one with the brain is an $800 model I knew that this function wouldn't work probably no reason for them to make one without the knob they include the knob because you can upgrade it to have the brain later now I did I was under the impression that this version could change the modes somehow under the hood like manually without doing it remotely I thought that hundred-dollar difference was so that you could turn this knob and do it remotely on the blue one again I thought you could change the modes on this I was totally wrong it comes on one mode it's their speed mode blast is what they call it that's right so if you get the green one you got one mode and I've been told that you'll be able to upgrade this by adding that brain later I don't know how much the brain is and I do know I've recommend anybody that's going to spend $700 on an RC and $200 200 more dollars on batteries just spend the other hundred dollars spend the extra hundred dollars and get the one with the brain that is the biggest tip the biggest recommendation I could give anybody looking at this this is great it almost makes you wonder why they even bothered to make the Uyghurs and without it if it was like a 250 or 300 dollar difference bigger price jump I would get that but I could justify a small child it's a very small jump that's exactly right and to justify that extra hundred dollars even more you've got for drive modes you have a drift mode a wheelie mode speed mode which is what we have in a rock crawling mode and you're you're pretty much getting four vehicles in one when you have that brain I really wanted to do the wheelie mode I wanted to do the crawling mode and why not drift with a monster truck that sounds awesome well we can't so we have limitations on ours we've got a $900 vehicle that does speed mode and if we would have gone with another hundred dollars we'd have four more modes there well three more for total mode so that's a huge huge huge huge tip anybody looking to buy this that hasn't bought it yet just get the blue one yes the green one is labeled as just the Nero 6s the blue one has in the title Nero 6s with diff brings that's right a differential brain okay now that's really we've kind of broken it down for you as much as the RC sailors break things down if you want to check out all the true technical jargon I'll provide the link to ARMA or C in the description box below they have done an amazing job on their website and promoting this the videos explaining things and showing fine detail shots and stuff as far as we're concerned the average consumer would you would you buy this and have fun with it is it worth its money is it durable or the replacement parts if you need them those are the things we're concerned about ARMA has some of the best replacement parts and customer service because they're backed by our hobbies in hobbico so that's that's an amazing company you don't have to worry about part availability or anything like that so two huge thumbs up ergonomics of the controller design overall the vehicle just an absolute blast it's a head turner it's a jaw-dropper it's stupid fast it's almost too fast and it's full road ride so you're gonna be able to pull you know fifty miles an hour in the grass - it's crazy how impressive this is is it worth its money that price tag I think it is I really think it is I yeah I wish the price difference between the brain and the not brain versions was a little bit bigger but since it's so small I'll say one last time if you're gonna buy the Niro get the one with the brain it's a no-brainer that's it Chuck okay we like it it's going to be here in the RC sailor household in my garage for quite some time to come - big thumbs up hopefully we get to take this out and bash it as often as possible because it's it's probably our most impressive ground vehicle that's ever been on the channel and that says a lot that really says a lot we really like this it's a lot of fun pick it up for yourself get it for someone for Christmas you will there's no doubt in my mind even if you get this version you know you will smile I mean is it's just fun thanks a lot for watching guys for more RC reviews giveaways every month and just fun in the hobby in general of RC stuff be sure to subscribe to our Channel we'll see in the next video you


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