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Network administrators might occasionally want to scan the available ports within their network, and a dedicated software solution can reduce the time it takes for them to complete this task. Net Scan is such a user-friendly application that is especially created to allow users to scan an entire private or public network with as little effort as possible.

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One simply needs to enter the IP range they are interested in by specifying the start and end IPs, then adjust the value of the timeout (in milliseconds) according to their necessities. However, it needs to be mentioned that when it comes to scanning and processing numerous IPs, the application might slow down and even temporarily freeze, so it is recommended to stop any other running programs and only then start a new scan.

In addition to displaying the connection status for each IP, Net Scan also shows the name of each computer so it is easier to identify a certain PC. Moreover, users can view details regarding the network protocols supported by each workstation and they can try to establish a connection using the port they choose.

In terms of customization, Net Scan offers users the possibility to modify the colors used to indicate successful or failed connection, as well as the hue used for the actual connection. In order to change these colors, one simply needs to access the Settings window.

Al in all, Net Scan can come in handy to all those who want to analyze the status of several IPs then explore the network protocols (such as FTP, HTTP or telnet) supported by the target computers. Nonetheless, advanced users might prefer a more feature-packed application for their network scanning needs.

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hi this is Rick here from hoagies garage today we're taking a look at the obd link MX bluetooth version for Android this is a low B D code reader device also looks like it does some data logging and acts as a dashboard so I'm pretty excited to take a look at this and dive in and see what this thing made it so after opening this obd link MX box we get this instruction manual and then the obd link unit itself unit feels really solid on the front here you can see it's got little icons for power obd the host communication and bluetooth communication and all those have led's underneath them and then also this button here looks like it might be to pair the unit the instructions look really really simple and English it looks to be perfect not like the last device we looked at so the first thing is to download install the so we've downloaded and installed the obd link MX app and then at this point it's asking us to plug the obd link MX into the diagnostic link connector port so this is basically like your standard obd2 port that you plug any sort of scan tool into and so I have my obd link MX i'm going to go ahead and plug it into the OBD port or incorrectly and it's plugged in so now I've got the green power LED and then the blue LED that's pointing slowly for blue the next step it's going to have me do is turn the ignition on in my car but not start it so if you have a push to start you make sure your foot off the brake pedal and you press the button maybe once or twice until you get all the lights illuminated on the dashboard and then you know your ignitions on the next steps it's going to have me go through is on my phone I'm going to come down to bluetooth make sure my Bluetooth turned on make sure I'm visible to other Bluetooth devices and then after that it's going to have me go back down to the OBD link MX and actually hit this blue or the button and then that makes the blue LED blink from slow to fast so once I see that fast blink then I'm going to come back into here into my bluetooth settings I see the obd like MX populated here at the bottom I'm going to click that it's going to start to pair confirm the passkey okay and then at this point obd link MX is shown as paired in my list of Bluetooth devices it might not be connected yet which is totally fine but once you get it paired you can move on to the next step in the process which is step 10 which is actually going into the obd link app i'm going to do that next basically a message that only connect to obd link devices which is fine because that's what we have now and then connect at this point what it's trying to do is communicate with the car and the different control units to see what protocols are available so there's some industry standard protocols that it's looking for right now getting some vehicle information about my vehicle asking me if I want to edit the settings for the connected vehicle I'm going to go ahead and say yes so this is my Acura ILX so I'm going to put that in it shows my year shows my VIN describes what type of car it is it shows the engine size the volumetric efficiency fuel cost per unit I'm not exactly sure how accurate that is but that's what it pulled so let's get enough for me and I'm back out of this so after we've got the obd link MX device connected we get this menu pulled up we see that it shows that connected up at the top and then we can choose from another six available options so if you go into settings you can change something like the communication how it interfaces with the Bluetooth connects and going to the vehicle editor which is kind of what we saw before talking about the Acura ILX is this the vehicle you want that change the units between metric and standard you change the logging setup this user to find P IDs so if you know of some PID that you want to be pinging the ECU to try and get data from the control unit you can add your own PID and then actually add your own map it looks like you can connect up to Dropbox you have a Dropbox account if there's nothing my also there's Diagnostics menu so this you can pull up any trouble codes you have this is almost like just having a scandal and you can see exactly what the stored trouble code is so I had one that I had tried to set myself and plug the airflow meter and ended up getting this P 102 and then you can also go on and look up the code online so sit there and it will populate and then you can see sort of descriptions of the failure codes and then some of them even have remedies how to fix it so that options available to you which is kind of shows you some other information and it also gives you the ability to clear the code I haven't tried this yet so I'm going about to give it a shot and see how okay so that's me just shut up okay looks like I was able to clear the codes at that I'm pretty sure it also cleared the freestream data and some of the other stuff so this Diagnostics menu has a bunch of other tabs that you can use free stream is what happens when there's a trouble code it will take a snapshot of all of the different data in the card that way you can use that to that gossip problem its PID values is like a constantly running of a lot of the parameters that your car is able to monitor so it might give you an idea of how to diagnose then this report looks like this is sort of like a comprehensive list of all kinds of different that's it for diagnostics and then there's this monitors tab similar to the diagnostic staff they'll sort of tell you whether your vehicle is ready for an emissions check interesting this is just by plugging into the media not necessarily if they put the exhaust measurement tool at the end of your tailpipe so that is a totally different test so just by plugging in they can tell a lot about the engine and depending on your state you can tip here and select your state so I click that and click ok should be able to see whether my vehicle is ready to pass the Ohio me check so yeah it looks like my vehicle is okay it would pass it is written but either way this gives you a idea of feels good to go in the technician point looks like there's some other test modes that you're able to use either way that's the monitor section there's also a dashboard section where you can monitor real-time data and then you can customize this however you want so let's say there's one PID just click it hold and then you've got all these options you can change the size the display configuration the style you can really configure those gauges however you want so I'm going to go ahead and remove the display let's do fuel means but any other PID then there's this log section this is kind of neat because you can pull up a graph of some PID so looks like what they've got on there now is vehicle speed and passer for right now my views meet cereal this graph automatically skills to just need as you can see it's just taking a data log trace of my vehicle speed there's my climb answer flow rate accelerate a little more masterful it's gonna need you can also look at trip stats different trips you've taken see what your fuel economy is now that keep in mind that's once you set up your vehicle so you might have to put some of the parameters for that to display right and then looks like there's a file section so if you do wanted to want to take a data log you have the ability to save that to a CSV file then the always a lyric so let's graphing graphing is active do you want to stop yes for in a stop and then there's this other section here called Maps I'm to play around with this it looks like it will map your vehicle speed on the actual map so so far this is where I think depending on what your max speed is it'll change where I see this would have a ton of potential as if you're doing a track day and you want to see what corners you're taking faster than other corners you can see what your vehicle speed is on this map and it's like a heat map so the faster you're going it will be closer towards the sort of blue color spectrum there and then the slower you're going in vehicles returns Loretta as you can see if you can take a corner faster than another lapped lap better but kind of a neat feature combines the GPS your phone so here I have the engine rpm gauge pulled up and I'm going to test it against the actual teka meter and sort of see what the data lag grade is so it's okay not terrible definitely not instant but at the same time it looks like it might be quick enough to use for an actual gauge so overall after messing around the meeting linking MX to be very easy to use connecting you almost have to go through that certain step in order in the correct order or else it didn't connect properly this is a little bit cumbersome to get a grade but once you if you follow their directions to the T it works everything and it's super easy to reconnect the real time at the end of getting disconnected once you're actually in the app it's on the movie d-link MX application is really easy to use can immediately go in and start building the trouble codes under your car and then once you pull the trouble codes you can actually look those up on that database that they give you access to which I think really is better than a code reader because all the sudden you have actually wrong so that's definitely a plus and then you get the ability to do the data logging is going to pass the emissions check in your state you can pretty much find out whether or not it's going to pass now I'm not sure why I was working on mine I wondered if I had to move the trouble code in every skirt the car again and then just the ability to data like that minutes to refresh refresh rate was pretty fast seems like the dog must be tested that rate seems to be overall I would say that the media link MX is a great replacement this kid because it's constantly up to be your face was super easy to use and always connected in the tool itself for all I would say that it's definitely going to be in my garage for a while and I would definitely recommend today and you scratch and review and please check out some videos


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