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Everybody knows that Windows comes packed with several applications that you never use, simply because they are not efficient enough or they are of no interest to you. Either way, the files take up space from your hard drive and they might even be loaded in certain situations as default by Windows.

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The worst part of it all is the fact that you can't uninstall them using typical means, such as Control Panel or dedicated uninstaller applications.

This is the exact reason why developers started to come up with tools that can permanently remove these Windows components. A good example of such an application is nLite which allows you to create a custom-made Windows ISO that includes only the elements you prefer.

nLite is a wizard-like application that helps you get rid of those unnecessary Windows elements once and for all. All you need to have at hand is the Windows installation CD.

The first step is to choose the task you want to perform, such as add certain drivers, update packs and hotfixes, configure the tweaks you want to integrate to the ISO or simply create a bootable image. The second step allows users to set up the unattended installation mode by entering the user name, product key, preferred resolution, and even the desktop theme.

Due to the nature of this software, it is best if it is operated by computer-savvy users, since removing various items might result in creating a non-functional ISO image. Assuming all the steps were followed correctly, the generated bootable ISO can be used by any beginner to install their new OS without any additional input.

All the stages are explained clearly, so no issues should arise. You may get lost in the process every now and then, especially if you're not an experienced user, but nLite is definitely one of the best choices you can make for coming up with a customized OS.

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hey what's up guys it's Matt here from headphone styles calm I've got another pair of headphones here for you today these are the monster and light in ear headphones they may look very familiar to you that's because they're extremely similar to the energies which are also in ear headphones by monster now monster resetting it these are extra lightweight headphones and that they do also still provide high quality audio at a very affordable price so that's what they're stating on the box this is the box that they come in right here I have the matte black version they come in a couple extra colors you can have a look at the other colors at the bottom of this video here I'll put a link to the other ones down there so have a look in the in the description of this video at the bottom so this is the box that they come in right here similar to their other models it's got the magnetic closing a couple you know descriptions on the back here little story about monster on the side now this pair of headphones also comes with a couple earbud sizes they actually came with a pair of buds on them that were too large for my ears so I had to remove them I put the very small ones on you'll notice these are quite small with the small ones on they fit me perfectly nice and snug fitting able to move around they don't pop out with larger ones they were coming out of my ear very easily you also notice that they have a extremely similar design to the energies they still have the magnetic closing here so you can wear them around your neck very convenient very nice monster logo on the back here and they are metal construction so when you put them in you feel that cold metal against your ear a nice quality build to these headphones right here one other thing which is very convenient is the anti tangle cord this is a flat cable on them and we of course have a microphone on them right here and this is also a pause and play button which is really easy to push nice and simple work here from monster nice logo in the middle of the cable as well and it comes down to the little 3.5 millimeter jack it's got monster written on it on the top I don't know if you can see that and here we have the gold-plated plug to ensure a good connection with your devices so overall I'm very happy with them the audio quality is really nice as well they do require a little bit of a burn in time so you may want to run these a little bit to get their optimal sound quality out of them but overall very very nice headphones for the price I'm always happy with monster products and I can't really complain the the sound on them is fairly balanced but they also still have very strong bass so if you like bass these are a great choice and you know I'll be doing a written review on these as well so you can have a look at the bottom of this video here in the description for the link to my full review and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more headphone reviews coming up thanks guys for watching I'll be with you soon


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