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Nokia Care Suite is the company’ora official mobile work for configuring and blinking Nokia gadgets. It functionality commitment for GSM, CDMA and WCDMA gadgets and includes a guy of components aimed at installing or updating Nokia firmware.

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First of all, the app is based on Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package, so you need to make sure it is installed on your mechanism, but the initiative kludge deal offers a download linkage to save you some way.

Initially developed for specialized mobile work facilities, Nokia’ora brand was designed for engineers who have the necessary perspective and training to perform such complex operating. However, it soon became available to the wide the, which has both positive and negative repercussions.

Some consumers find it awesome that they can finally have use to a method that can be used to solve various mobile related matters in the reassurance of their them at no value. On the other way, in the knees of the inexperienced, the app can cause serious devastation and even void cellphone warrantee.

In other phrase, consumers may benefit from it at their own likelihood. If used properly, it can achieve beautifully the things it was built for. Its main way is to flash your Nokia gadget or maintenance existing firmware, but note that these workforce should be performed only after prior paperwork in this matter.

Nokia Care Suite includes four main components, namely: Fuse, Multi IMEI Reader, Multi Software Updater and the Brand Commitment Tool for Store. The first one manages the contacts between your cellphone and your laptop, but the second electricity can be used to view the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment) proportion of your gadget.

With the Multi Software Updater, you should be able to update or refurbish setup for multiple handset at once. And finally, the most popular gadget is the Brand Commitment Tool, which assists you in downloading Gamecube for your concept and blinking your gadget.

Before attempting to perform any adjustments, consider backing up your statistics, such as contacts, emails, calenders, because the blinking way usually deletes something up to the way where it leaves you with a factory-fresh cellphone.

All in all, Nokia Care Suite makes it worth your but if you want the latest mobile gizmo deployed fast and effective on your cellphone. As any other blinking app, it should be handled with want and only by advanced consumers.

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hello everyone this is super sport from xda-developers today I want to show you how to use the Nokia Care Suite to download om roms for your Nokia phones in this particular case I'll be using the Lumia 900 first thing we'll want to do is download the software and install it so let's go ahead and get started we'll open up the XDA developers page I'll have a link at the bottom of the video so we'll scroll down and click on the download new key to care suite link now this goes into the mirror site where you can download the file there's a whole bunch of mirrors here I prefer to use mediafire that's where I have everything I have stored one issue you will notice is that with any of these free mirror sites you will end up with pop ups so let's highlight the link here right mouse click copy go up to the address bar right Mouse paste and hit enter and here's our download link go ahead and click on that will save as to the desktop I save everything to the desktop just so I know how to find it later as you can see here we're getting a pretty good download speed it's just over one megabit so we'll go ahead and let this finish and I'll be back as soon as it's done I don't figure we'll sit here and wait for all this to happen ok now the file is downloaded let's go ahead and close all the windows and the pop ups and things like that there's an extra pop up and you can see here I've got the Nokia Care Suite downloaded also while it was paused I went in and downloaded the depth of the package manager' it's found just below there so let's go ahead and install care suite double click first thing you'll notice is there are some prerequisites needed so to get these you go ahead and ctrl C copy so make sure it's highlighted and then ctrl C we'll highlight the link then we'll go back to our browser open a new tab and in the address bar paste and hit enter that's going to go ahead and download that file now these are direct from Microsoft so you don't have any issue with viruses being involved here so we'll go ahead and close what we started there and install that that file we just downloaded double-click it go ahead and confirm let it install now once that's done we're going to try and install Nokia Care Suite again first I'm going to go head and delete that file and I'll show you why when we try Nokia Care Suite again there's another prerequisite and it's got the exact same file name as the previous one and that's why we deleted it off the desktop we're going to download this one so we'll highlight the link right mouse or I'm sorry ctrl C copy you can't use mouse clicks on that window go back to our tab right Mouse paste or ctrl D hit Enter save as put it on the desktop and that one's done we'll go ahead and install that second file first we'll close these real quick now one thing that you'll notice is when you read about how to install care suite a lot of people recommend turning off your antivirus and your user account controls I actually refuse to ever do that on my computer I leave them both running all the time which means when you install you will have to approve the user account controls but I never leave my antivirus off I just don't trust anybody so we'll go ahead and delete that file now that's installed and we'll try the Nokia Care Suite again and this time it's going through now I'm on Windows 7 64 bit I'm actually in a virtual machine but I'm on Windows 7 64 bit and those are the two files I needed I did install on on Windows XP and notice that it needed a few more files we'll go ahead and let this go ahead and install we'll come back okay so it's finished installing now let's go ahead and install the nokia package manager the package manager is what we'll use to download the actual rums that we want to flash using the care suite and same thing go ahead and install it and accept any user account controls that it asks ok that's finished installing next thing we have to do is install the drivers that allow Nokia Care Suite to talk to the Nokia phone it's not the same drivers used as Zune so go to the my computer we're going to find the download directory which is C in windows 64-bit it's this one and windows 32-bit it's this one so we're going to open the 64-bit Program Files directory go to Nokia Care Suite drivers and on 64-bit windows will install this one on 32-bit windows will install this one we're go ahead and solve 64-bit on this computer oops I accidentally clicked four times so it's trying to install twice we'll install one of these and I'll close the other one in your case you won't end up with both those windows I accidentally did that go and accept the user account control message for the driver and that driver is done installing next thing we need to do is because I'm in Windows 7 64 bit for some reason the icons are not being placed on the desktop so we're going to go back to the care suite directory here where the the care suite is installed in Windows XP the icons seem to install just fine but on windows 7 it didn't and that might be because the user account control is turned on I'm not sure but again I don't like leaving that off so go into the bin folder well right mouse click drag to the desktop create shortcut here and that allows us to start the care suite and within the care suite you're going to find all the programs that we need you notice the data package manager' product support tool which is used for flashing views which is the it controls the connection between between Nokia Kerr sweeten your phone so we'll go ahead and open a product support tool for store 6 and when it opens up make sure and allow any of the firewall restrictions otherwise it won't be able to access the internet and download the roms now when it first opens we need to make sure that it's online so go ahead and check online and up in preferences we'll make sure that it's always starting online when you open the program go ahead an click OK to save that now if you're having any trouble connecting your phone you don't get a connection to care suite go ahead and open the fuse and allow the firewall access fuses the program that's going to allow the connection between your phone and care suite now I'm on a virtual machine right now so you'll notice I'm not getting connections so my next step is to shut down this tutorial on my virtual machine and go to my main machine so I can actually show you the software working so I'll be right back ok we've opened care suite on my main computer first thing we need to do is find the wrongs that are available for download the Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T is product type RM dash 8:08 hit search and here you'll find all the roms available currently on the Nokia download site my phone is the black version so that's the one I need to grab and you'll notice it's the latest ROM currently available so let's go ahead and click the download link here and let it download now you'll see on our local machine if we do a refresh you'll see that that ROM is downloading its search you see it's downloading now so go ahead and let that finish downloading and we'll come back when it's done ok so you can see it's finished downloading it's all up to date 100% the next thing you'll notice is each of the different colored phones have a different wrong you do need to download the correct one to be wrong because of the product code the next thing we want to do is go to the product support tool so go ahead and close down the data package manager and we'll open the product support tool let me pull it into the window here as you can see if your phone's connected correctly some of your basic infos listed on the right hand side you can also click down arrows on those other items like lifetime info or anything else you want to get information on over there some of it comes up and some of it doesn't to actually flash the phone you need to go to programming you have two options here you can either refurbish or recovery refurbish is basically a hard reset on your phone so we won't use that one we're going to use the recovery option in our case and recovery is going to completely wipe your phone and flash a new room to it now at this point if you hit update list you actually don't get anything so you'll need to go up to file open product and select your phone in my case the Nokia Lumia 900 RM 8:08 now I can hit update list and it will show the ROM that we downloaded earlier now I can go ahead and flash this to my phone right now I'll hit update automatically in case there are any updates it would download them and apply them now I don't really want to flash my phone but I'll go ahead and start it and then I'm going to pull my cable before it's finished because I don't want it to flash my phone but if you were doing it you would hit start and it would reboot your phone and start flashing and this literally just takes a couple of minutes and it's done and when it comes back on you're going to have a factory fresh phone with whatever ROM you put on it this particular arm is the one that has the memory update already applied to it so it's basically their second release wrong but a lot of people have said that this has fixed their phones if they've been having issues so that's it I appreciate you watching if you have any questions any problems let me know if you liked what I've done here give me a thumbs up and a you know I appreciate that and I will talk to you guys later alright see you next time


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Added: Oct 9th 2017 User rating: 3.9
Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7

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06 April 2019, patrick think:

grazie per la patch per Nokia Care Suite

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Working... Great... Thanks for the Nokia Care Suite crack

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Nokia Care Suite के लिए पैच के लिए धन्यवाद

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