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The line of online warnings is continuously expanding and a powerful the thing is a must for every laptop someone. Norton 360 comes with a start of advanced toolkit and electricity that work together in that to make sure that your laptop is safe and protected at any moment.

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Norton 360 combines a standard and a heuristic cylinder with advanced behavioral assessment methods that ensure real-moment safeguards, enabling you to clean the Cpu, protect your confidentiality and prevent parasite disease from accessing the laptop.

The deal consists of an kludge thing, a personal kludge, grip interface, parental grip and name safeguards toolkit, a undelete device to keep your statistics safe, as well as mechanism analytics alternatives, all comprised in a someone-friendly interface.

The kludge enables you to perform quick, deep or custom mechanism xrays, verify the guess kind of the installed apps and even check the linkage on the Twitter facade. Its main way is to protect you against the latest viruses, undelete, undelete, computers, stealthiness things and so on, which might infect the laptop via gmail and during browsing or instant apps meetings.

The built-in kludge adds an extra the surface to your laptop by handling and verifying all the connections, blocking overreach efforts and securing itunes.

Norton 360 is capable of protecting you against statistics thieves ventures and detecting fraudulent sites that try to steal your name. Furthermore, it can securely store your pedigree or loans cardholder statistics and activate automatic way filling for trusted sites.

The clean up and analytics alternatives aim to help you enhance the overall results of your laptop by removing unnecessary or temporary folder, cleaning the database and managing venture things.

Network the way watching, something scheduling, high tool consumption warning, power-saving and silent kind, undelete and restore using online disk are other drawbacks that this app comes with.

Norton 360 Premier Edition provides a full-featured package of toolkit intended to ensure ongoing safeguards for your laptop. Its purpose is to keep the Cpu lock and promptly take steps for eliminating the latest Internet dangers before they affect the mechanism interface.

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hi guys this is Anthony green over the review of northern 360 this is version 6 2012 a northern 360 is an all-in-one computer and internet security protection software from Symantec and I've personally used on products for many years now and I found them very useful some of the key features of not in 360 or PC security identity protection file backup and PC tune-up there we also have another feature called Norton Online Family which is a parental control feature so let's review these features in more detail in terms of PC security it includes protection from online intrusions like viruses spyware and malware it also includes browser protection I've been surfing the internet in it scans for incoming and outgoing email northern 360 automatically scans a computer and it's idle however you can pre you can run the preset and custom scans at any time including a Facebook wall scan but basically you know scans your Facebook wall for any malicious links northern insight allows you to check if any processes are slowing down a computer so as you can see on screen on the left side it kind of lists down on all the processes and actually if you scroll down the list you'll get to see all the other ones it gives you a trusted kind of waiting there as well as awaiting for low moderate to high users of your memory resources in terms of identity protection northern 360 anti-phishing technology protects you when surfing the internet by giving you advance warnings of potentially suspicious websites the northern safe web feature basically wants you potentially malicious websites directly in a web search and it gives you safety ratings so for example I ran a you know web search in Google on Windows 7 and as you can see alongside the results you'll see hello Norton 360 waiting if you see Norton secured green ok button or icon and you just hover your mouse on it you'll you'll have this little report that shows up a summary in this case it's run secured which is the highest rating and it's very fine very sign trusted the next one is the green icon it says okay on it and it basically indicates that the website is safe the other one is the red cross icon and in this case it basically indicates that the site is unsafe and it basically as you can see here there's so many full computer traps if you click this full report button here this yellow button will give you more details the other one is the grey question mark icon and it basically indicates that the site is untested and there's yet another one which I haven't personally seen it is a yellow exclamation mark it also means cautionary is it going to be kind of cautious when you if and when are you visit their website in terms of the northern 360 identity safe feature it allows you to create a password Walt it saves a password for future use in encrypted format so this is a really useful feature that at least that I find and turns off the automatic backup Northern 360 automatically you know backs up your your computer and you can actually set up scheduled backups - you can backup your files online or to your local Drive and the thousand 360 you get you know two gigs of free online storage space but personally what I do is I just use my external hard drive to backup the good thing is that you can create several backup sets and there are left for example if you backup your whole computer that could be pretty time-consuming and if you do it on on a regular basis it kind of you know it could consume a lot of your time so what I do is I create a you know backup set for for a weekly one which is less time-consuming it contains only a few files that I use you know more frequently and one backup set for on a monthly basis which backs are pretty much the whole computer in terms of the PC tune-up feature not in 360 runs disk optimization and file cleanup programs to fine tune your computer's performance it basically you know performs the fragmentation of your files and deletes unnecessary you know temporary files like your windows temporary files or Internet Explorer temporary files it also has a diagnostic report which checks a computer's hardware and software and reports any issues and fixes for it as you can see here the green checkmark means means everything's ok whereas you know an exclamation orange icon like this indicates that there could be a potential problem in this case it's indicating northern 360's detected a large number of startup items which could be slowing down the you just put up time and if you click the fix Now button it'll kind of give you options that you have to fix that specific problem northern 360 also has a monthly report but basically you know outlines all the activity that northern pre six is performed in the past thirty days and if you click this links and the report he'll basically give you more details on it as indicated earlier Norton online family is a parental control feature which is free to use for parents and you know to basically help protect their kids online and they also have a premium feature to it but which is available only to US presidents in terms of the competition the comparative data used in this chart that you see on screen is based on several independent tests run by Dennis technology labs pass proc software and AV test GmbH and as you will notice from the results you know not in P 60s cord either better or equal to the competition and the one that I've used that I want that are more popular Kaspersky AVG panda global and BitDefender like I've said earlier you know I've had a positive overall experience with more than 60 products now and also with a 24/7 customer service they also have you know free trial that for 30 days so you can kind of get a try for 30 days of course this is my my experience with not in 360 but not everyone has had the same experience so obviously it's something that you need to kind of test I have actually written a full detailed review at the length that he see on the screen you can also get that link in the description section of this YouTube video you can just click it I'll take it directly there you will also find the 30-day free trial link in there so hope you found this review useful if you've got any questions or comments you know feel free to leave them in the section below thank you


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