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Norton Power Eraser is an easy-to-use Windows application designed to help you get rid of computer threats, thus adding an extra layer of security to your system. Beginners should have no kind of problems in figuring it out because everything's pretty intuitive, mostly thanks to the interface.

Norton Power Eraser Crack + License Key Download 2022

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The main window has a clear-cut look and provides immediate access to the three primary components of Power Eraser: scanning for risks, undoing the previous fix, and configuring advanced settings.

By proceeding with the default configuration, you can ask the tool to browse the PC for various threats and rootkits. It reveals the description, type and status for each item, along with an action to take, such as removing it. Keep in mind that a computer restart may be required to complete the task, so make sure to save any ongoing projects beforehand.

In addition, you can ask the program to create a system restore point before attempting to fix the problem, just in case Windows starts experiencing stability issues afterward and you need to undo settings. Meanwhile, log details can be viewed in a separate file, and its location can be revealed in Windows Explorer without leaving the interface.

Switching to advanced mode brings extra features to the table. For example, you can run a reputation scan with the Norton Cloud to verify a specific file or folder and find out the Norton community's opinion about it, perform a standard scan by taking into account the Windows files, as well as run a search on the computer if it has multiple Windows versions installed on it.

The software application lets you apply a proxy configuration, change the log file's default saving directory, enable multi-boot check, show only bad files, and exclude the rootkit scanning mode (requires a system restart). Plus, you can delete the log history to free up space, as well as restore all settings to their factory parameters.

Norton Power Eraser isn't quite a resource hog, but it still stresses up the CPU and RAM during the scanning process. It may take a while to complete a scan job, depending on the size of the target and settings applied.

All in all, Norton Power Eraser is a pretty handy program, and although it may seem suitable for experienced users only, rookies could install it with no risks thanks to its intuitive interface and the comprehensive help file.

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hello everybody and today I'll be showing you again after that's Sophos fire sermon will tell what you could see down there excuse me there how much choked on the hot cheeto I'm Norton Power Eraser Norton Power Eraser is a wonderful secondary antivirus scanner and the reason is it is very sensitive but it doesn't provide protection and Norton's always been one of those companies that you love to hate why do I mean by that you love to hate Norton because it is probably the stupidest program when it comes to remote when when it comes to actually uninstalling it doesn't like to remove its cell and so this doesn't gonna be hooked into the registry I don't have to worry about so what we're gonna do is we're actually just going to scan the computer and I'm gonna show you what it looks like it's gonna check for updates if it finds any updates for itself ill download them Norton Power Eraser I've always had mixed feelings about it and here's why the program is very powerful very nice of what it does it's just incredibly stupid it doesn't work when it comes to detecting what is actually malware and what do I mean by that it's not a bad program it data and not in the sense that it doesn't detect power and the sense that it's like comodo it won't detect every little thing if it doesn't like it and it's not gonna work with and that's kind of an issue that we've always had with Norton now in the fact that it doesn't uninstall but well we can I digress we can get past that but it's a wonderful tool if your computer is heavily infected you don't care if you have something like this or a little when knows defender down here running your occurring about how am I gonna get rid of that an hour and you're gonna say okay what's the most effective scanner you know some will say BitDefender great tool some are gonna say uh you should try hitman pro great tool malwarebytes a wonderful tool Norton Power Eraser this is norton in semantics are like a geniuses when it comes to analyzing Maur in depth but when it comes to getting a product that doesn't like screw up your system not too good at that in recent times the program does uninstall correctly they put a lot of work in effort to making their product better but oh it's got a registry issue what's this what's it repairing h key starting Firefox to exe that's not a threat you morons okay this is what I was talking about it did not find an error let me tell you what this is this is in my local files software it's a software key clients start menu internet Firefox that Exe S shall open in command Firefox not malware not freaking now or I don't know how they managed to classified as but now you see what I was talking about great tool for finding malware great on an infected machine but god this is one of those lurk upsets for you just want to hate the product and I'm gonna close this because I don't need it you don't need to be fixed it was wrong and that's actually just about it for this program so thank you very much for watching please stay tuned for the video if you have any questions about this product please feel free to ask them in the comments below and I will answer them so thank you very much for watching and good bye


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