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There are numerous products available to programmers and those who want to manage database solutions might appreciate the functions of Oracle SQL Developer.

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It is a so-called IDE (Integrated Development Environment) meant to cut down the hassle when it comes to the development or management of Oracle databases. Before installing it, users need to make sure they have Java installed onto the host computer or the setup process will fail.

Not only does the software solution support editing and debugging of PL/SQL applications, but it also comes with a platform for deploying SQL scripts or queries.

Due to the app’s integrated DBA console, developers can easily administer the database contents, generate reports or migrate third-party databases to Oracle.

The interface is neatly organized within several sections, so that each action or query can be performed without needing to access additional windows or menus. Thus, the left panel can be used to find and select objects, while the right section provides details on the selected items.

In addition, Oracle SQL Developer can be used to connect to non-Oracle databases with as little effort as possible, so users can explore data stored in Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL, Sybase Adaptive Server, and IBM DB2 databases.

Other functions provided by Oracle SQL Developer are the creation or import of database designs, along with the building and editing of Data Modeler objects.

The component palette can also be adjusted, yet the options are quite limited for certain page types and existing components.

Overall, the main purpose of Oracle SQL Developer is to simplify the process of database management for all those who work with Oracle data. However, only advanced users who experiment with the application, as it might come with a steep learning curve for the novices.

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what's up Internet i am manish and in this oracle database video i am going to show you how to work on oracle database 11g or 10g using SQL Developer now what SQL Developer is SQL Developer is an ID integrated development environment always say a graphical tool for database development provided by Oracle it sir the ID is written in Java language and generally do not require any installation to know more about SQL Developer you can read this oracle blah the blink of of this blog is in the video description below one more important thing guys SQL Developer required jdk 1.7 or later does make sure you have JDK installed on your system to download JDK you can go to this length this website and download JDK from here don't worry the link is in the description below you can get it from there okay to work with SQL Developer we need to download it so just open up your browser and go to oracle comm then go to download and in the developer tool section just click SQL Developer after doing that you will be here here first of all you need to accept the License Agreement just click it and accept it and choose the appropriate version of SQL Developer it depends upon the system or the operating system of your machine I am working on Windows 7 64 bit I am going to download this file it's around 224 MB if you don't have JDK install you can download this file also or you can download JDK individually from here ok I have already downloaded this file for you this must be in my directory download directory here it is as you can see it's a Jif file compressed file we need to uncompress it as jpg just right click and extract here I have already extracted here this is what we get after unzipping this file ok now just copy this folder and move this folder to your Oracle home directory and where you will find the Oracle home directory just go to your root directory my root directory C then go to app and just paste it here it may take take one or maybe less minutes okay now just open this folder and in this folder you will get SQL developer dot exe this is a file which me requires so as we are going to work with this SQL developer on everyday basis so it will be better if we make a shortcut of this file on the text also right-click it to send to and send it to desktop and here is our SQL Developer shortcut just open it by clicking or clicking it double-click it out and here we are it's ok back to work with our database first of all we need to make a connection to make a connection with our database just click this green plus button after doing that you will get this window in the connection name you can give whatever you want like I am going to the MySQL the username you need to supply the username if you remember we unlocked three user safe system and HR during the installation if you haven't watched my installation video just go back and check it out my database playlist you will get how to unlock these usernames so here we are going to connect with our user HR and password for my HR user is HR only see if this password otherwise is going to ask you for the password again it in every time you connect to this user in the host name if the database is installed on the same machine over which astir which you have this SQL Developer then just don't mess with this let it be localhost but if the database is installed on some other machine then you need to supply the IP address of that machine in here that we will see how to connect with the server in the future video port ID is 1 5 to 1 this is the default port for our database in the s ID this is the important thing here s ID is a unique identifier for your database whenever you are going to make a database you going to provide a unique name which is a global database name that that's our s ID if you remember during the installation the global database name of our database is or CF or if I say there is only one or one database I have made here by the name of what see also I'm going to put what CL yeah sorry what CL and after that just it will be better if we test whether we are not connected or not if something is wrong here then we going to get an red color error message here but it as it is showing success it means everything is fine just click connect and here we are this is our box shade where we going to put our every jury and try to execute it for the for this video purpose what I am going to do I am going to show you the user doing so just I decide should W show user Terminator and to execute the jury either you can aggress rebuttal you want to get your result of this QE here in this output window or if you are a fan of keyboard shortcut like me then you can do ctrl + enter you can press ctrl + Enter to execute it after doing that you'll get the answer here everything is seen that's it for today guys hope you liked it thanks for liking commenting sharing and watching more of our videos


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