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Outpost Security Suite Pro provides you with a set of tools designed to protect your computer from potential threats that might affect the system. A powerful firewall, an anti-malware scanner and multiple online security tools work together to prevent identity theft and ensure that viruses and malicious software stay away from your PC.

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The main component of the suite is the integrated firewall, which can bring and additional protection layer to your system. It can keep an eye on the active network connections and processes in order to eliminate possible system breaches, prevent data loss and identify attack attempts in due time. The 'Rules Wizard' enables you to set permission levels and modify port settings.

The antivirus and antispyware components provide proactive and anti-leak protection, monitoring the system processes, files, applications and removable drives in order to detect suspicious files that might contain viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and so on.

On-demand scanning options are also available. You can run a quick scan or a custom scan (in this case, the user chooses the system sectors or the directories to analyze) anytime, but a full system scan is recommended periodically, in order to run a more thorough analysis of the system files.

The application uses the SmartScan technology, includes signature and heuristic engines and supports archive scanning. You can set it to automatically send detected threats to the quarantine section or remove them directly. Additionally, you can set custom alerts for practically every action or event, from malware or attack detection, IP or site blocking to malware deletion and rule auto-creation.

Process and registry activity monitoring, web content filtering, mail and anti-spam scanning, CD-ROM protection, entertainment mode, password-protection, scan scheduling and event logging are some of the other advantages that this suite comes with. Self-protection and auto-learning capabilities are designed to ensure continuous defense.

Outpost Security Suite Pro includes all you need to keep infections away from your PC and make sure that the system is working properly. With its arsenal of defense tools, it is a viable security software that provides powerful protection capabilities.

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we are gonna go ahead and review Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.0 and this is one of the simplest most user-friendly antivirus program I have ever seen alright right now I'm using the 30-day trial I will post a link on the description of the video below for the dirty date 30-day trial it'll take you to the website alright and from there you can download it but I've been using it here for a bit and it's really easy to use you know what I really like about this antivirus program it has a suspend protection button all right let's say you're downloading something or you're trying to configure something on the network or in store even installing a new program a lot of anti viruses programs get in the way and they don't let you install certain programs like if you're installing a game that plays online or if you're installing a program that uses specific permissions on your computer the antivirus some antivirus programs actually block it and you and you want to have the ability to turn off your antivirus if you want to and right off the bat when you open up this antivirus program right there it says suspend protection you can turn it off click on it you can choose if you want to suspend it just for five minutes an hour or until you restart your computer now that is awesome I had never seen that before on an anti-virus program I had never seen it be just right there a button you could just press right away most of the time on other antivirus programs you have to dig through the menu and try to find it and it could be a hassle but this one I give it a really good review because of that it scores some good points alright for my liking I like that's to spend protection button alright so on the home page here it's make sure everything's green computer is protected if it happens to get red you got to go ahead and click on the update selection here on the menu and click on update now and that'll update it and put it back to green alright let's go ahead and take a look at the scanners that it comes with you can do a quick system scan which will just I call it a cheap scan I don't recommend doing a quick scan I recommend doing the full scan and leave it overnight and you can also do a custom scan like if you want to scan your USB Drive or your external hard drive you can do it that way to just click right here where it says select selected file extensions click on select actually that's not the one sorry about that it's on there objects all right click on objects and from here you can choose if you want to scan removable drives which would be your USB Drive and your external drive stuff like that by clicking on add from there you can specifically choose what you want to to scan one of these removable disks is actually my USB Drive all right you just got to know which drive it is alright and you can take a look at your quarantine objects you can if you do find this is what I like about this program also it has some really good technical support so if you do find a Trojan or the programs have virus find something and deletes it or it can't even delete it click on sensitive suspicious file and you can send the actual company a report of the virus that you caught just so you can get some more info on it and get some more technical support on it alright so you can click on that and you can it'll take you to the actual website it's the maker of this antivirus program is called hag magnatum so it's gonna so right now it's gonna take me to the support because I clicked on there and here you can submit a file put your email attach a screenshot of how it looked like all of that alright so that's what I like about this program - it's got it has really awesome support technical support alright if you click on the tools selection here on the menu it doesn't really give you much tools all it has is an event viewer so that's one negative from this antivirus program it doesn't have much tools alright all you can do is just view events like for your firewall events blocked locked files are blocked viruses a attack detection component control anti-malware system guard its it only has an event viewer for tools so this antivirus program is a little bit limited I would use it just because of that button but you know every person is different but I really liked it because of the suspend protection button I like to have a button to turn it off whenever I need to a lot of other users don't really care for that they just want an anti-virus program that runs automatically this antivirus program does not seem to run automatically I think there is a way to do it probably gotta go in under settings and maybe under Advanced Settings here you can choose if you want it to update automatically it'll do it hourly trying to look for a scan scan automatically here real-time protection alright so it has what's called a real-time protection basically it's scanning your computer all the time every time you open a new file it'll always scan it for you so so that's good so it is automated sorry about what I said earlier this program is automated and like I said it's really simple to use really easy really from user friendly alright so that concludes this review hope hopefully uh if you're looking for an anti-virus program with that suspend protection I recommend getting this anti-virus program it'll make things a lot easier for you alright thanks for watching don't forget to subscribe for more videos I will be posting a lot more anti-virus reviews there's a lot of antivirus programs coming out new ones so I will be really reviewing them for you so you can you take a look at that thanks for watching if you subscribe I'll subscribe back to your channel and have a good rest of your day


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