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Panda Global Protection is a security system designed to keep your computer safe from any web-based attacks.

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After a quick installation process, you can get acquainted with the user-friendly interface, as well as view the protection (antivirus, firewall, identity, vulnerabilities, anti-spam filter, parental control) and maintenance utilities (automatic backup copy, online backup, optimize performance), and configure their settings.

Scanning can be performed in three ways - quickly (scans the memory, running processes, cookies), fully or custom. It does not take a long while to finish, and during this time you can view the numbers of scanned, infected and resolved files. Plus, you can schedule a scan, view events reports, statistics, and quarantined malicious agents (name, original location, reason, status).

Furthermore, you can select the items you want to scan (files on disk, mail, instant messaging, Internet browsing) and threats to detect and exclude, enable behavioral analysis and heuristic scanning, enable Panda firewall protection as well as protection against fraudulent websites (and adjust the level of sensitivity), enable the anti-spam filter (e.g. create a list of trusted senders) and web content control (e.g. create a whitelist and blacklist).

Additionally, you can enable automatic backup in case disaster strikes, but also restore copies, save copies to a CD or DVD, defragment a disk volume, and cleanup your computer (or schedule a file cleanup).

All in all, Panda Global Protection is a pretty good tool for providing your computer with the security it needs against web-based attacks. Its firewall may not be the strongest, but the program can be easily used by a user with average experience in the antivirus department, and it takes up a very low amount of CPU and system memory. The software may need some improvements, but we still recommend it to users.

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hello everyone this is John would get PC security calm in this video we're going to review the portal and walk through the Panda Global Protection product now this is a home user personal security based product it's compatible with Android Windows Apple and iOS machines and tablets it does come in a variety of ways to licenses you can buy it for up one three five ten or unlimited pcs over a one two or three year period so they really do give you a really good set of options there in terms of how many PCs you want to coverage an unlimited option then in a one two or three year period now down below here in the video at any point if you want to go down there is a free 30-day trial there are links down below to do that and purchase the product today and save up to 50% on the product so I'll cover that again at the end so let's just jump right into the portal here now when we first opened the portal here there's a couple of different ways to access the components in the product so when I first click on the top left hand corner and click on the menu here it presents us with all the products and we're going to walk through a number from here and then we'll cover some some other ones in a different video here in the playlist so let me go off this but this is the view now there's a couple different ways to look at other products here so down on the bottom left bottom on the bottom here there's buttons if you click on the buttons all these tiles in a tile format are actually all the same products up here in the drop-down okay so you could access them in the buttons down here on the bottom or on the right-hand side you can click over here on the right-hand side and just change the pages like this at any point you can click into one of these and click out of them you could also in the top right hand corner up here click the menu here and click customization and move these tiles around from page to page so the number of ways to access the portal and look at the different products we're going to use this drop down menu here to do all of them so when we click on antivirus here and the drop down is just like clicking on the antivirus here in the as a tile here so let me walk through a couple of the main features here so from an antivirus perspective when you click on the tab there you can obviously look at you know when you perform your last scans you can do click here look at schedule scans to see when you actually want to set up automatic scans in the product also there's full reporting here to click over here you'll see a full report and then on each one of these tabs in the product top right hand corner there's a Settings button so if you click on settings here is where you can change all the parameters and settings under each one of these categories and each one of these categories does have a settings menu so from a firewall perspective you can see all the things that they've pre-selected here and how you want to change your setup your firewall a little bit of intrusion prevention again back up here with any virus I clicked on the tools to quickly there a lot of the scanning for compressed files behavioral blocking behavioral analysis these are all things here and on-demand scanning quarantine exclusions these are all the settings here and how you access the settings so kind of go off and do this again here I'm going to click on the Start menu up at the top main menu and then click done into viral wall and then from firewall you can see if it's enabled and what it's blocking and then click in the settings to access those so that's how you get around the main menu then we've kind of looked at AV and firewall does have this product the global protection from panda does have a great USB protection so you can scan USB drives or any drives the you hook into directly into the computer or through a cable and of course the settings are up here for USB protection go back out here to the main menu it does have this product also does come with Wi-Fi protection so there's some wife reputation built another product where you can monitor how your Wi-Fi settings are to make sure there's no uninvited intruders trying to access your Wi-Fi network so that's a great feature that we found was included in the product there's also a tremendous feature called data shield which we are going to cover in another video but the data shield feature within the global protection here from panda it's just an extra layer of secured against malware that they've built into the product so there are some and we're going to we're going to do a separate video on that so I just want to let you know it's part of it it's a great feature and we're going to do another video on the data shield portion of this product come back out here there's some Safe Browsing and PC tune-up there's other PC to nips of features so you could if you want to clean up your defrag your drive or free up space on your PC and scheduled cleanups you can do all that right here in the PC tune-up a lot of not all security vendors provide PC tune-up but this is one that panda does put in their product which is pretty cool back on the main menu here there are some additional tools down at the bottom any thefts so if you have other devices other tablets and laptops and heck who doesn't these days right I have a couple I think most people have multiple devices if you if you enter your devices in here for some reason if they get lost or stolen you can remotely locate your windows and iOS and Mac devices and if you have an Android device you can not only can locate it but you can lock it and wipe it as well so this is a tremendous feature again we might add another video here when we do that data shield video on any theft to give you a little bit more information there are some additional tools here there's a virtual keyboard file shredder and krypter and a password manager is a great password manager in here you know if you or anyone uses multiple passwords as we all do you can create a master password and then put all your other passwords and websites in here so you only have to enter in one master password from there on out in this password manager here from panda that was a tremendous feature there also as a virtual keyboard so if you're entering personal information financial banking information and are afraid of people using key loggers capturing your keystrokes that is a bad virus out there key loggers this virtual keyboard will allow you to enter that data safely and not record keystrokes so that's what the virtual past virtual keyboard does so anyways in that's it in a nutshell so I wanted to cover you know the main portal some of the main features and how to access the settings within each one of the features like I said we're going to cover the other components in another video so that is the video today on panda the global protection again you could use the links down below to go ahead and download and purchase the product today receive up to a 50% discount on that product on the global protection product again also please subscribe to our channel by clicking on the red virus symbol you see there in the upper left hand corner of the video if you enjoyed the video today please give us a thumbs up and please also check out our other videos and playlists where we walk through and review other security software products for both consumers and small businesses so that's it folks this is John again with get PC security comm stay safe and thanks for watching the video today


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