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A lot of users all over the world are familiarized with Playstation 2 and many of them spend countless hours playing a wide range of games on this platform. PCSX2 is a simple program that allows users to load their Playstation 2 games on the desktop PC, and let them fully enjoy their favorite titles.

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PCSX2 is the kind of freeware that all hardcore gamers are looking for (especially when certain games are launched only for Playstation 2 but not for PCs). So this emulator grants them the opportunity of playing Playstation 2 games on the computer.

The installation process take a little while to complete, so let the freeware do its job. When you initiate the PCSX2, you can opt for one language out of several, and configure it accordingly.

In first-time configuration window you have the possibility to select resolution, renderer, interlacing, aspect ratio, D3D enhancements, texture filtering, gameplay controls, and many, many others (just make sure you thoroughly analyze each section when configuring it to ensure smooth software functioning).

One thing the needs to be mentioned is that in order to use PCSX2 you need to load the original BIOS of your Playstation, as it is illegal to use pirated copies in order to play games. If a genuine BIOS is not detected, the software does not get installed.

Once all the settings are correctly set up, you can take a break from your work or studies, and play an older game using this emulation software, while also benefiting from high speeds (if your computer supports it, of course).

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hey guys FUP obama here along with my boy 90s baby gamer once again once again we're back to bring you part 2 in our emulator review series and in this video we're gonna talk about the PCSX2 now the pcs sx2 is a ps2 emulator so you can play most of the PlayStation 2 library on it not the there's a separate emulator for the PlayStation 1 that we'll get to the PC ESX it's actually called the EPS X huh EPS XC yeah my bed will do the video on it and then you'll get the the correct title anyways haha anyways so what games do you play on it mr. knightley's baby gamer well I have played Metal Gear Solid 2 on it beat that and right now I'm actually playing Metal Gear Solid 3 on it and for those who don't know I actually do and I still actually have it because I haven't sold it yet all my 360 and I have the HD collection as well but that simply not hooked up so I've been playing some Metal Gear Solid 2 and some no Gear Solid 3 on it I've also been playing the ESPN NFL 2k 17 update that they've done that's right and even that's promote my channel you're gonna be in anyway later on but it is you know on my channel if you want to know more details about that but um so those are games that I've been playing I've been playing MGS 2 and I'm about to get into mgs3 so the I've only been playing those two games but I actually really enjoyed playing MGS 2 so let's go into because we both played the the Metal Gear Solid 2 game on it let's go into what you need to run it because I feel like that that's an important fact about this emulator and this is great because we both have very similar rigs the only different really between our Reds besides the aesthetics would be the fact that your graphics card is a GTX 750 - the ti version so that's the biggest difference between our rigs really so we're both in the same boat pretty much when it comes to this emulator aren't we yeah we are um I would say that with this emulator - we mentioned this in the ppsspp video you will have to download a separate PCSX2 emulator to play online but it's it's really no hassle you can just go and download it I'll sit I'll give you guys the link below and I'll write you up free for your multiplayer just be aware it's very limited to certain 2d fighting games but it's still a cool feature to have nonetheless yes still very cool so very awesome so yes nineties baby game because I'm a little a little bit on the should be more on the technical side but I'm still a little bit behind so what are some what are some improvements you can help to improve somebody's gameplay like what are some of the settings you found that that have worked for you well example of so since we have both the same CPUs I'll let everybody know we both have an Athlon explore 860 K now this cpus is really really underrated when it comes to budget rates it may not be under it you may be thinking this off all ivory if it's a budget but I can see more of along the lines of the FX series of CPUs but anyway great for gaming however emulators are kind of a different beast right they really require strong CPUs in order to have really good performance this also goes for another emulator which we'll get into a little bit later on in the series but I'll save that for later um but with this particular emulator um you probably want like an Intel Core i3 at least Core i5 core i7 so if you just because of the perk or performance I'm not a fanboy have an AMD CPU for crisis so but getting on to what you can do let's say you have ESPN and the commentators they sound kind of drunk right because the gameplays going slow and the sounds going slow with it which you can do is you can take her around in the settings go to the plug-in settings in the audio go into the synchronizing mode and then change the time stretch which is the recommended setting to a Sigma press ok and the sound should be in line with what the frame rate is or rather the sound should be normal to spike the frame rate drops it can break some game yes begins running that like 9 frames don't explain next I was let's say I was gonna say that's the one biggest caveat to this to this little trick I guess is that sometimes on MTS too if you if you do this trick it will crash the game yeah just be careful the the little workaround for it that I found is all you have to do during it mostly happens during cutscenes but all you have to do is just switch it back to the original setting just a synchronized I think it is you switch it back to that and then it'll still go through and it'll it'll work and then you can switch it back and forth without interrupting the gameplay yeah and the emulator lets you know too that it will break some games in parenthesis next to that option right but your your NFL game boy that that looks so pretty even even now ps2 game it's really like when you're in a dome and you get that lighting in when you're in stadiums it's it's incredible to me for a ps2 game and you know you're raising up the settings to make it look that good imagine if you can get it at like a 4k TV it's pretty impressive what this what these emulators can do put it out on the 4k TV whoa oh that's pretty good and not to promote the game too much although you have a lot of videos on your channel of it another shameless plug well uh well actually also give you guys a link off because there's a update for it for the original NFL 2k it was 2k v right right right and there was an update that this one guy did that brings the current 2016 rosters into the game yep so that with the I believe of player phases or in similar phases like he tries to tune it to the player phases and it has custom shaders in the game as well so it actually does make it look better than the original he did really all he could and the guy made it a straight sports by the way and he did really all he could with a really they're limited when it comes to those older games it's not like they can just moderate as easily as like a TCG so great job yes a very good job are there any last tips or tricks anything else you think we should mention well I just wanted to touch base on what I was saying earlier about the a and D and the Intel CPUs AMD has been known to have some really great CPUs for like that those budget rigs I would say if you're trying to go for something more high-end you're gonna see all over the place people recommending the i5 and i7 that's just cuz a better core per core performance and really Intel CPUs when it comes to these modern emulators they just perform better and I would say definitely if you're if you have a budget rig and it's an envy CPU don't expect the world when it comes to this emulator don't expect to play you know all these games and not run into some issues that you just can't really fix so just be aware that okay uh I guess we'll leave it off there guys so remember the the name of the emulator is the PCSX2 it runs playstation 2 games and most of the libraries on there you just go through the configurations also pretty simple it's not too complicated we told you about the sound trick too you know just in case your your game may come in too it may be one of those games that has a weird audio problem but it's really it's kind of rare so you know you can still use that trick don't have to use it just be aware that sometimes it may break your games but otherwise you guys should definitely check out this emulator play your favorite ps2 games I actually know some people that playing vice city and Grand Theft Auto on it v City and gratifi they're playing Grand Theft Auto on it alright guys so thanks for watching remember to comment like and subscribe check out my boy 90s baby gamer on his channel on YouTube and thanks for watching check remember to check out part 1 and the next part coming to you in a couple of days see it


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