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No matter how inexperienced a user might be, their computer still needs to be protected against unauthorized access to ensure privacy is maintained at all times. PGP Desktop is a specialized security application that relies on cryptography for protecting a wide range of data against intruders.

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Basically, the software solution encrypts information that can be later accessed only by those with the corresponding credentials. This is why when installing the application, users are guided towards creating their own PGP keys, protected by a chosen passphrase.

The main window of the application allows users to explore their created PGP keys and to choose the ones they want to use. PGP Desktop can also be used for encrypting outgoing emails or chat messages, thus ensuring that no data can be remotely accessed by malware or ill-intentioned persons.

Another function of the application is creating encrypted virtual disks where private files can be stored, kept away from prying eyes. Alternatively, one can encrypt existing partitions or disks, as well as shred the free space (so as to clear any traces left by erased documents).

In addition, the application also comes with a specialized component that enables users to safely delete their confidential files without any possibility to restore them, even if using specialized software.

Users can rely on PGP Desktop to decrypt email messages, attachments or text exported from one’s email client in PGP format - simply dragging and dropping the files onto a dedicated window is enough to perform this task.

All in all, due to PGP Desktop, business owners can rest assured that company documents cannot be remotely accessed by unauthorized personnel, whereas home users can hide their private files from intrusive siblings or friends. Nonetheless, a license need to be purchased once the evaluation period expires provided users want to continue using the aforementioned functions.

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okay this video covers the public key encryption technology known as PGP we're dealing with encrypted email and encrypted files being sent across the internet so once you install PGP Desktop you'll have to actually create a new PGP key and it'll ask you a bunch of questions here and you'll go ahead and enter your information enter your email address as I'm doing here and your passphrase you're going to make sure is sufficiently strong enough to be secure and the passphrase you'll you'll be asked your passphrase when you receive emails from people who use your public key to encrypt email okay so I'll go ahead and just pause the video right here it's going to take a while to make sure my passphrase is is correct okay I finished typing in my password I'm going to go ahead and hit next it's going to generate the public and private key for me I'm going to hit next again and hit done so I've got my keys here and the first thing I'll do is I'll go ahead and export my key and show you what it looks like I'll put it in my documents here hit save let me open my documents excuse me from my desktop and I'll show you what the actual key file looks like see if I can find it here I'll use notepad to open it and you can see that the keyring the key the public key itself is just a bunch of gibberish all right so what I would need to do is I would need to start an email and attach this to an email message now the reason I'm doing that is in order for people to send me in an email that is secured and locked specifically for me they need to know what my public key is once they know my public key within PGP Desktop they're gonna and I'll show you how that process will work outside of PGP Desktop as well right now let's just say I want to secure this file for someone okay I've got to have their public key in my keyring so in PGP Desktop it's got to be listed here now currently this is going to make no sense but I'm going to send this to myself and I'm going to secure it for myself so I'll right-click PGP Desktop and add sensitive info dot xlsx which is an Excel 2007 file to a new PGP zip file and as soon as I click that it's going to bring up the zip assistant I'll go ahead and hit next here I have keys for all recipients and I'll go ahead and select them and again this is going to make no sense but I'm going to add myself to the list okay but normally in your keyring you'd have a bunch of people here on the left-hand side to choose from and I'll hit next and I'll go ahead and hit next as well and finish okay now this file right here is a file that is secure that I can send I can right-click and I can say you know I want to send this to a male recipient and it's secured for that individual and only that individual when that person receives this message they're going to have to type in their password to open the actual message okay so that's I guess a little bit of an endorsement for PGP Desktop but really an endorsement for the concept of public key encryption overall


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