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Creating Document documentation is a something many consumers perform if not on a daily that, often enough to require a dedicated undelete app that will make their thing easier.

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Such a method is PrimoPDF, a initiative that is able to turn any kind of printable documentation into a Portable Document Format document with only a few keystrokes.

Installation that and GUI

The installer method is a something of minutes, but be advised to pay spotlight at the third-party undelete it comes with because it can change the setup of your Internet snowl.

The app's kludge is quite someone friendly, with a bit of good turns and it enables you to quickly customize the running setup of this electricity.

A rather handy thing of PrimoPDF is the something that you can simply drag and decline folder onto it's netbook legend in that to have them processed. You can choose the appropriate proportions, delete the Document's parcels and the details. There is also a 'Customizing' alternatives that is designed to help you choose the crayons for the generated folder.

Another that of creating a Portable Document Format document is by hitting the Print spacebar in your Doors apps. PrimoPDF is also installed on your laptop as a virtual copier, so all you have to do is to select Print and choose it in the next conversation.

Given its ease of try and because to the something that it can handle document documentation, pictures as well as webpages, PrimoPDF will prove very useful for all consumers who need to quickly build PDFs.

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okay laugh wasn't quite prepared all right so now restarting this recording and this is a PC stitch primo which is down here PDF to Toya I've had requests for patterns that I've done as I'll show you as you could see I've already opened up PC stitch and it fills the screen because I'm actually recording the actual window for PC stitch so if we can open the pattern browser there you go as you can see I've done a few here I did do a tutorial earlier but the sound was a little advanced and that was that one okay so what I'll show you is one that I've already done or actually better still we can go through that again I'll suppose to show those who don't know how to use PC stitch or who forgotten chosen and the boot okay so to convert the photo you go to import now wait for it to open now you get it from a disk scanner or digital camera or you resume the last imported image okay so the same that you've got your photo on a disk or you have it so open up your and what that's doing there just let me go back to that for a second are you son okay now another search for certain young lady as you can see and that was the outer picture you see I'm not having much fun oh here we go okay so we've got a nice picture here of a smile in there pretty face yeah so we open up the new link I always do it this way you do however way you like the option is to get the picture that's the purpose of the exercise I should say is to get the picture okay so go to full size we don't need to go to the website and right click save picture as or we can do a copy and paste it into your paint shop or Photoshop and you know enhance it now okay call that Jessica not giant Jessica face or Jessica's smile yeah I don't Jessica's smile okay yep so I save that because we're going to need that so ctrl C the file name and we'll save it there we go got it soap separately close the heart I always minimize that because you never know when I might need it again sure imports get picture from a disk file brass it should open up to you thing but uzo is up to the pieces stitch button just go to my documents find where you've got your picture and the happens to be that one okay Jessica saw click open you don't have to click the pick where you can click the picture it's the same thing but you just point to it and it'll highlight especially when you go to set for single click okay now you can do some adjustments you if you want to for instance you can adjust the brightness make it poetry say make it slightly dark on we can leave me I usually just mean paint shop in here contrast a little bit sharpen the image a little bit now oh guy and then sighs I'll just stitch it by 100 actually gives you 7.1 for just under 7 and a quarter inches I like my pictures to be large so I'll make it the 12 inches which is as you know 1 foot square which is not bad decent size make sure your floss isn't 50 and click the show preview I wouldn't go below 50 and I certainly wouldn't go above 50 because that's 50 colors that you using up to 50 colors depends on what's in the picture as you can see it shows the top left-hand part of the picture go to there and click to fit as you can see shows the picture that's not too bad actually so I'll turn out really crap but that's not too bad and obviously you gotta play with the settings you know adjust just the brightness contrast adjust the colors and but that's fairly ok so I will go to ok and again we have to wait it's working pretty fast too tight sometimes it's pretty slow when you're recording I am I'm only hoping that the audio and video will be synchronized yeah that's the only problem I up with these recordings how everybody else does it beats me nobody's telling me how they do it it's a trade secret ok so we can fullscreen right there and then I like to bring them out a bit so see what we're looking at and we go to the whole pattern well that's not too bad and I like to take that you see as you can see when it gives me little tip which is not doing at the moment a bit of a bitch that's solid blocks yeah and I want virtual stitches which is that one it normally comes up when you point to it it shows you what it is and what its useful that would say to an grid on and off as I'm about to do they say I'll turn the grid on okay now to make sure that such a cross-stitch click that one and then just drag it to an area and what you'll do you'll automatically zoom in as you can see if you look carefully along this line here along this line here it looks like a natural cross stitch that's what's known as virtual stitches so we go to this one which actually reverted back to the previous magnification which in this case would give us that and that's perfect for what we need okay so we go to its source pattern properties because it's never saved with a title which is never created with the title so we call it justice smile okay now I've already got the author in the copyright because that's default for me but it is 2012 several changes that I must change that in the default settings okay now the pictures not copyright but the cross stitches okay so I can justify them now one thing you need with this kind of thing I should have some actually when you're in the properties once you've titled it just highlight and ctrl C yes I do recall actually did that earlier where to do was cut in post or added it was posting on there but still on there mod shows I'm still remembering right source pattern tools floss usage this is important that's as you then not only the the symbol the DMC number the the color description or name shows you how many stitches of each color you use how many back stitches you will use and I'm a sky we'll be used on for say Blackie's point six of one sky so a couple of skeins of each would suffice if you want to count all these you can trust me there's this 50 there now you can export it to a CSV file which I believe it comes up in Office Excel yeah comma separated values I believe it is does I open up in a text file but with this new program I've found or sub program I found you see that's my printer normally is an Epsom series s21 as if I want to print it print out a hard copy but if I come down to primo PDF female PDF is a virtual printer yeah and you can distill the portrait landscape or we're Tate just like you would on a normal printer I'm going to leave that as it is with the time be and okay that okay so now it's printing virtually all right I'll say that because watch what happens now you have to go a few minutes every few seconds I should say and this is only because I'm actually running in camps Furio and it tends to slow I think that opening and closing programs he slows it down here we go they you see document properties is empty so we changed that and we call it hence the reason why you say that and I know this is actually called a floss usage summer yeah okay and you can put down the judge your that it yourself sure dude doesn't take few seconds it's not okay and then you create the PDF now as you can see it says props usage summary PDF there which is whirling good but we know that so let's go to the beginning add just a control V so we know it's just as smart plus usage summary so save that I always do that one first because it gets it out the way that's now done as you'll find out in a second reason I'm not closing that is because of this as you can see on that there you go it automatically opens it once it's saved it we go to hundred percent or actual size and there you go you can scroll down print that out and you're going to hard copy straight from Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF file reader will actually print that out yeah great you say at least you've got you know what you're using there you can close that out which is all well and good now let's come to the fun part preview Print Preview yeah now I don't want it on the Epson I want it on let me go back to that again Chancellor click on printer setup click the arrow and come to your primero PDF and click OK you don't need to do anything else on there now this one automatically sets the number of pages I like to set it to fit to page cut I know it says 4 leave it at that there's a reason for that and leave these as they are normally that's not on symbols but you you just click the arrow select what you want in this case we want symbols because we want the chart to follow the symbols so we can sell it so we click on preview just to make sure everything's ok and kosher as you can see it's now calculating number pages there's actually four pages this looks small doesn't it yep but in actual fact when it prints it will actually print pretty clear yeah and don't forget you can increase the size of the print but you won't be printing from here you'll be printing from the PDF okay so as you can see that's 115 that's pretty good size yes so go back to 100 for the time being okay scroll down as you can see it gives you the title because you set it in properties tells you it's by and if you create your own it would be you there's your copyright and printed by you cannot see also in the print settings I usually just put 20 by well boom productions but that's me put printed by Kathy or whatever your name is yeah and and if there's any cavities watching hi so to drop your name out like that but all bit of fun and as you can see you got your damn C numbers you like it you symbols which match the symbols on the simple chart so you can actually see what what number DMC that each one represents got that black square there as a row free come down here oh that's the MC 3 7 4 D yeah Wow now you want to know what color that is you won't find it on this chart on this particular project nope so you go up a page page 3 that's the bottom half picture page 4 that's the ball oh he's interesting because it's mr. Potter it has definitely missed the page out there because normally what you have on here that is weird ah Britney information she make sure that's selected and I'll show you why go to preview although it says four pages in the fifth pages it'll actually print five pages out when you click that that was my error a page five is what I was talking about now remember the number no that's good because I don't it's actually 374 Oh not D it should assume dit and it's antique violet actually that was that color that you saw that little block okay and it shows you the color there right no you st. oh that's all well and good but how do I get it so I can print it well basically look at that that's good yeah well you can either do it from here or you can close that out make sure you got all these selected prepared options you could bring your grid lines which you need on the single thing and this one here is what you change and I just pour well productions okay so okay so then we just click print eyelash it shows you it's actually virtually printing as we speak and there's all five pages now you think it's complete a little bit of patience as I said it takes longer when you record in in camstudio okay so it should show any second now there you go right I guess I changed that document properties that's because I haven't set it as a permanent thing control very just good smile and that is why am being a symbol chart remember the number of pages now I do and that ease five pages that lets the person you're sending it to now that there's five pages which comprise the simple chart okay so then you go Lord your case it would be Kathy or whatever hello again Kathy because think about Kathy's today and cavities are very nice as you know control bed gives me Jessica small symbol is one MP o sheds just like you didn't properties you can actually are like that and save it brackets five pages gay alright so then you click Save and wait for that now what will happen is it's now creating a PDF file from that virtually printed document as you can see its opening now and they go Jessica smile symbol chart five pages PDF as your title bar and if you look at the thumbnails which I recommend you always do because then if you want to look at say page five you don't have to keep scrolling through from page five just come down here click on the thumbnail bring Bassam there you go and it's there and all you do is you just click on your printer and it will print out your pages as and when you need that basically is how you doing so you've got your print there as well and there you go you save a copy change the properties change security whichever right now that's the symbol chart okay now to complete the folder or it's completely the charts I like to do this I would give the person a virtual stitch finish preview go to there and we can print the gridlines or leave the gridlines out personally I like to take them out but some people like me so whichever it's academic because this is a finished view chart okay what it look like once he's finished so I take the gridlines act it's up to you you don't have to do that I like to keep an information sheet just in case I lose the other one and make sure it says that and keep fit to page code you don't need to do that because it's the finished chart so you fit to a single page as long as they got the symbol chart they don't need it I'll show you why that will actually give you two pages because I've selected print the thing as you can see just cuz smile hundred percent you say it shows you what it looks like when it's been printed yeah when it's been stitched I should say because we zoom in enough you see the stitch is there doo doo doo yeah don't worry about those white lines they weren't actually that if you look every you can't you see the stitches and we got to find out see the stitch is their virtual stitches look at it there you go that's the left I might give a quick view of the right eye there you go I get to the middle that's prettier than ours as you can see the stitches there oh that's a lovely smile that's a bit big there so I've come back to 100 below them and there you go you got page one there again with your numbers so if you lose the other thing you loose you've got your numbers there but if we go H - there you go and you've got a second on there so we can close that out because of the reason why it's already set to primo as it should be repaired your options information shoot okay so we print that okay now again it's virtually printing and we wait for a few seconds okay it just it's slow because it's working on Algeria because it's working on camstudio obviously just as that doesn't open us it opens quicker when you're not recording the thing obviously I just hope that the sound is synchronized this time I hope you don't have to go through all this again okay so got to change cycle now is still just Gaspar but this you see we use the quote finished cause quiet here short I'd like to call that search I give you and we know these two pages so we can actually form the person we're sending it to that this one's got two pages yeah okay hello it put the author there yeah okay and they click okay and then create PDF which I don't think it did I think actually cancels out there but I got a minute it looks like it is I think I pushed it well my hard drive is spinning so it's possible because you did how'd you catch it that's why I don't like using trackpad and you're going to go to look at this trap a Denise it opens or closes program Boeing miss second I need a drink now I don't know what's happening there mainly things work my god ah they're just so didn't touch you do that okay so what did it actually minimized it okay so we create PDF I could have saved the actually no mando so control they just just smile and okay we need brackets finished it doesn't hurt to retype does it ice buckets you chance and we know it's to purchase over two pages and close brackets and there we click Save so we got the floss usage chart a symbol chart and now we'll at the finish you just like up here the maker one symbol charts seven pages for that plus usage it's always one page and the finish food chart is two pages yeah just like I'm here so there you go save that bring balloting wait for few seconds now one thing about Windows and comes to your own particular it teaches you to be patient now and showing up it should come up or is one good okay I suppose on be patient but can't be helped with the computer you have to be patient because something the flashing page and it's do not work so yeah again as I said I hope that the audio is synchronized when you're done 15 retakes that the same thing your voice tends to get a little hoarse so you'll have to bear with me as you can see Ruud is opening again automatically this Lima actually due to open up at the top which is what it should have done before as you can see it's scanning the PDF in that only did that because I actually move the thing while it was scanning and it will always come to like 162 just go there and just go actual size and there you go give you the actual size of the page she's not that and then if you go to thumbnails joy always recommend when you use the PDF oh yes it'll scan that drop the thumbnails in and it will scan those as well what actually it's doing is actually drawing it line by line top to bottom top to bottom until it completes the picture now it's only going that slow because it's recording in glam studio as you can see but usually it's just like it did bit page to straightaway and they're supposed to okay now keep that a second Platoon that should I see you display on here that's illegal there you go you see I mean about having a little patience even I'm not all that patience sometimes it just boost up to 150 days or you call us and you can print out each or what just one of those pages so if you lose the page you've got a copy of it in the finish view chart as a PDF so there you go that's that's done that's interesting there you go I don't know why it's screwing up like this it shouldn't school why did that do that that was a bit strange as I shouldn't have done that just let me check something okay all right yeah that's better and they say oh it's my desktop okay yeah so basically that's it it's done and you've got your phone whoops yeah it's always telling me that doesn't do anything just complaint so ignore that I do okay so basically that's it now if anybody wants a copy of Jessica's smile as you've seen I've just created me the two charts and the floss usage chart so if you want a copy of it let me know drop me a message you know comments on the video comments on any of my videos yeah let me know which pattern you want I just as you've seen where's my pattern browser gone that's weird panels okay pattern browser there you go that was below me weird that lost some kind of should be also hide there you go away as you can see there's my patents I've got several of them in fact about several of the girls if you look at my cross-stitch video it says ladies prestige patterns you'll see well these ones a daughter perform the makeup and the sultry photo and this one you just see me do this one and make it one is unique this one ah should be up there somewhere let's see what I can do well you see what you can do is just like you do on like I do on Photoshop but shop you can actually drag another pattern over it will let you open multiple windows let's see if this'll open I do have or I believe I have a wall of them for this one if not I can always sort it as you can see that's the makeup one yeah okay it's not one and don't think I'm specializing in Jessica it's just I mean I got before you is there soap three Titans so you see you know it's not it's just that I just like to grab those pictures and here's the third one that I did it should be coming up in a second there there you go that's the sultry photo what I call sultry photo Soyoung put it smexy yeah you know that's any up close that one being a tobacco if you decides to call that is there a plane up to the Emily that's not nice come on restore for daddy no my whistle oh it's beta P but basically that is Jessica's small so I kind of close the hood yeah yeah No don't need it because I've already got the PDFs in here so don't really need it okay so basically that's it so it's screwed off at the end it wouldn't normally do that it's just complaining but anyhow if you liked the video comments if you didn't go and do something else yeah but don't come crying to me when your partners don't work out right but as they always say so quick addendum primo PDF just put primo PDF into Google it should come up puts the first one download it install it and you select it as a printer from within your program are in troubles let me know along I might consider doing a tutorial depends on how many comments will get regarding this one until then winkers crossed it's all synchronized because I don't think I can do this again if it doesn't synchronize I'm going to pull units just without the audio and just like a silent movie with the instructions as to what's going to happen in the next sequence we'll see so as I saying career and they get


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