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Proxies still play an important role in Internet filtering and connectivity, especially for users who struggle to bypass restrictions and firewall rules that block certain websites and services.

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Proxifier is an application that aims to help you take another step towards total freedom on the Internet, as it is designed to grant you access to any online resource through your very own proxy, no matter the software solution you use.

As you may already know, some of the Windows apps we're using do not come with built-in proxy support, so it's almost impossible to start them if there's a firewall restriction in place. But not if you use Proxifier. This application has been designed to enable any program to access the Internet through a proxy, no matter if it has such an option or not.

The user interface may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance, but there's nothing too complicated. The proxy servers can be configured in a couple of seconds while setting the rules is only a matter of a few clicks through Proxifier's menus.

Perhaps a small inconvenient is that you will need your very own proxy, so the application isn't able to scan the Internet and give you one. During our tests, however, it was very easy to create so-called 'Proxification Rules' that allow selected applications to use specific ports on specific target hosts.

Another plus for Proxifier is that it comes with detailed logs to inform you which programs are using the proxy or not, as well as detailed traffic statistics to check out what's happening at any given moment.

Overall, Proxifier offers a great experience as it supports a very wide range of applications and remains very light on computer resources.

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welcome to my video tutorial today I'll be showing you how to bypass Internet content filters at school now this is a very simple process the first thing that you need to do is on your home PC you need to download something called Proxifier so I'm just going to type that in Proxifier comm I'll leave a link in the description for you guys and click on download now that's standard edition and a portable Edition now the reason I'm telling you this to do is at your home PC is that this website will most likely be blocked already at school so when download the portable edition download the zip file and once you have it downloaded what you need to do is extract it so I have a copy right here I'm going to extract here and then I'm going to get a folder like this now what you want to do is you want to take this folder and copy it to a flash drive like what you that's cool so you just place this in a flash drive now let's set it up and double-click on Proxifier now on your icon tree you're going to get this little gray box so I'll double click on it now as you can see it's an evaluation copy do you have to pay for a Proxifier this is a 31 day trial if you guys want a key you can p.m. me and I'll send you a key for Proxifier just tell me if you want it for portable or standard edition but for this tutorial we're using port elation so you just PM me and I'll send you a key I'll just get continued evaluation for now and it opens up this piece of software okay now the first thing I need to do again open up an internet browser again and click on X Roxy let's go to X Roxy comm I'll leave a link click on full proxy list no most likely your PC is on using port 80 so you want to select proxy port it's like 80 because most schools will leave that port open so as you can see I have all the port 80 opened I'll select something that's close to you the closest possible practice of available right now is the United States ok so I'll click on View proxy checker remember you're doing this all at your home PC here setting it up and when you transfer it to your flash drive you'll be able to use it at school because these website will 99% show that these websites are blocked at your school click on proxy server and you want to fill in this information so I already have this filled in here there's no reason I think I did already ok I click on start test and if the proxy works that's it it's a valid proxy now you wanna click on View sorry options proxy settings and click on add and then you want to type in the proxy that you tested that works so I try the first one here you want to have it back port number 80 and then for the version it looks like HTTP because this is a HTTP proxy I'm using you can select a Sox 1 5 but those of us are sometimes very slow so I'm just doing HTTP for this tutorial click on ok now that's this one proxy I can add multiple proxies but I'll only add one the more proxies you add you're just changing our practice together so you'll be more nonetheless while surfing the web so I'm just going to put one click on ok I'll click on options one more time clicks on rocks if occasionally and you want to make sure process or accept the following so that means anything that you open up that has to do in an internet connection will work so let me show you guys if I my bring up this processes are now occurring right here this what's going on so this is working to the proxy I set up if you type in an invalid proxy or yeah if you have an invalid proxy like example edit that just cut that out and I type in some crap like click on OK ok one more time exit that inari and I relaunch it it's not going to connect to the internet the reason is because once I launched it launched the application true Proxifier and because I typed in an invalid proxy it's not going to work see the next part can i displace webpage so that's a simple tutorial we just fix back my proxy it and paste okay as if it works works ok so that's just a simple tutorial how to bypass content filters at your school and place of work I remember this is using Proxifier portal elation you can send me a PM if you need a key to Proxifier ok so that's pretty much a tutorial once you have set up Proxifier you want to go I just copied to one of your flash drive or something and plug it in at school and from school you just want just up the reason why I told you guys to select portable edition is because it doesn't require any administrative rights to launch this so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and remember if you need a key for Proxifier this PME I hope you like this video remember to rate comment and subscribe to my channel thanks


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