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PuTTY is one of the big guys in the SSH and Telnet clients bunch with added abilities to connect through rlogin as well as raw TCP protocols to other computers. It also features an xterm terminal emulator in order to provide an effective environment for advanced users.

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One thing you must make sure of is that you can enjoy PuTTY within the legal boundaries of your country as it may interfere with both domestic and international cryptography laws such as China, Singapore, Vietnam, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tunisia or Belarus.

PuTTY starts up revealing its comprehensive configuration panel to aid you customize and manage sessions and connections alongside the terminal and the window that wraps it in. You can easily opt for the connection type (Raw, Telnet, Rlogin, SSH and Serial) and set logging options for the currently selected session.

The Terminal section refers to various general settings as well as line discipline and remote-controlled printing. You may also set keyboard actions, alarms and advanced terminal features, while tweaking the appearance, behavior, translation or colors of the window. The Connection area allows customization of Low-level TCP connections, Internet protocol version, Login and Terminal details, Environment variables, Proxy type and other protocol-specific adjustments.

Once the connection is set up, you can control and use the resources of the computer that you linked to in a matter of seconds. PuTTY stores the hosts and their corresponding settings in order to facilitate fast yet accurate switches between machines and even supports most of the encryption algorithms such as AES, DES, Blowfish, 3DES or Arcfour.

PuTTY grants you control using the SSH encryption key and the protocol version, while providing SCP and SFTP clients accessible through command-line. It also supports X11 forwarding in addition to local, remote or dynamic port forwarding, the IPv6 protocol and authentication using public-keys.

The bottom line presents PuTTY as a vital application for experienced users in need of a sturdy yet fully-customizable environment for their PC-to-PC secure connections. Its wide-ranging array of supported protocols together with its execution speed make it worthy of its top spot within Softpedia’s Telnet/SSH Clients category.

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hi I'm Millie and I'm Chloe and welcome to Billy and Chloe DIY today we'll be doing a review on some store-bought slime and putties as you can probably tell we're not in our usual spot that is because we're on holidays in Queensland so we searched the local stores for some slimes and patties and now we have a collection of them and we're going to show them and review them to you guys so without further ado let's get started so the first party we'll be reviewing is this triple glitter party from toy world I love it so pretty and it has like three different layers of different colors so it's kind of like ombre so let's open it up so mine's got pink orange and yellow and it's so cool and mine's purple blue and green I can't wait to see what they look like once they mix but I'm kind of scared to mix them let's see it okay it was like hot iron between all of them so this one's divided on a gallery or and they're so thick and really seats are really good to poke like oh and there's like this hard shell in between each layer I love this so much nickel we light is so nice and the super light and it also look like they're all separated because I thought I would have to mix that it's really so now I'm so happy I would definitely buy this so the next slime is called barrel o slime here's what looks like okay so rip that off oh my gosh I'm like sorry she's like like she's like ice pour it out don't them to touch oh okay mines are coming out it's like you're playing with the water but it surprisingly does not stick to your hands at all it's just sounds like water when you drop it so this is super fun to play with but I prefer thickest lines that door but I'd still definitely buy this because it's sort of satisfying this next one is called noise buddy now we forgot to say this line and the last line were two dollars 95 H and these were both from the Kirara market so let's open it up this looks like it's going to be a stupid thick qualms I can't open it I've struggle without them knees okay let's see oh if I like it jiggly you can't like like polka proper look at it out so you're kind of like meiosis naps when you park it and they're very stretchy I think it's more for fighting so let's say oh oh this is actually guys we always entertain away fine is really funny so you should buy days if you like a laugh Milly why'd you fall oh let's just blame it on the slime okay now it's actually really hard in the contagion okay get it right in I think I got it I'm probably going to be doing some pranks with the issue this next one is called hot slime so I got this one from the Kirara markets but 295 yes but I'm not too sure why it's called hot slime so let's see I wonder if I can makes your hands hot or something so let's feel it it's like so jiggly and watery let's take it out so this one's super weird because it's like watery but again doesn't stick to your hands at all and I'm sort of confused on how they do that okay there's nothing too special about this one so on to the next slide this next PuTTY is called bouncing PuTTY and it was from Kmart for $3 they're really pretty in a packaging of acrylic pearly so let's open them up oh my gosh is like heli metallic slime I love so sick whoa it's like I let's take it out full-on potty this is like really honey I wonder if it's bouncy if you have to say oh my gosh it's so straight Wow can I please learn their tricks on making slime yeah this is so fun to play with it's a glove like stress slime you know you like kind of pokes a little bit not really okay I'm gonna roll this into a bowl and see if it really bounces like it as a wheel okay it's faster okay so I'll look into a bowl away and this is good enough as a bowl right oh my got mine oh okay that's good okay ready set go oh wow it actually bounces really so cool makeshift ball and slime love it okay put this back if I can work out for my thumbs now for another bouncing PuTTY we also got these from from toy world I can't wait to see it kind of looks more like clay to me yeah it doesn't fit now let's see if I can open it my nails Oh maybe even I can't open this one grab the scissors see what this one looks like it's apparently it's super bouncing caddy oh it's like oh my gosh this is like you know is like soft clay kiter you can I feel it like wow this is so cool oh my god it's kind of like butter slime almost try to take it out it's kind of stuck to the container though this is so weird and so cool that I like soft clothes oh it's like all under my nails okay it's so hard to get out it's like stuck completely sophisticated on though it's a bit sticky okay now let's say the bounces I feel like you weren't my same it's like puppies oh okay ready okay oh wow how does this down so much I'm so surprised by that cuz it's like flat it's kind of like you know the soft clay pudding but a sign I feel like this would be I'm glad I could be I'm not promising anything this could be like a substitute we should try one say yeah I love this okay put it back in oh you just want to look I do got that we've just rised we even have another jumping party again from toy world this was three dollars I think I don't really know but let's open it up I heard that just like got enough slime in it think we need assistance could you grab them I don't break my nail okay this might be hard okay not like that merely oh wait okay oh this lines are just going everywhere slime retrieved sadly it removes the label when you do that but it doesn't look like the whole eggs filled literally oh my gosh oh it's like okay can I get out of that huff I can't really get them out it's like really hot again oh my gosh I can't get me say I was like a mat that's very pretty I love the color it's like oh my gosh but it comes like barely ready for the price yeah I did the egg everybody mix it up you know oh it's like so hard to but it once again really stretchy I find all these sticks climbers pretty stretchy let's see if it bounces okay this is a really bad I'm assuming it will because it is called jumping party set okay let's see oh sorry good bouncing that's so bouncy I love it here's another egg slam now this one is like a hard-boiled egg slime this one's also from 12 okay so let's open it up it's got the egg white and then this hard egg yolk and it's kind of sticky icky and fun oh so weird and this is this another really watery slime and again it doesn't stick to you at all this is so cool you can easily pull a prank on someone with this cuz I would totally eat it oh look there's an egg here for you and I love that it comes in an egg as well because it just makes it even more believable let's put this back in the thing I don't know how you're going to show this because it's not really fitting okay do you get how to fit it into the top kind and clip it in diet oh my god oh yeah you want my help okay okay but there is a little struggle with getting it back inside it just it like that yeah at the end you know I carve it and stick it and then just stick it look good okay yeah you're exploiting ah okay I'll probably come back to you on this one for seasonal party it's really cute Easter egg this is also from toy as well from toy well you'll find that we got my cebause from there can't open it up oh it's like a thick PuTTY oh oh my gosh this is so nice this is like the arm toggle ones we should have in America which is pretty nice this is my favorite so far this is so little spinning high this is the most satisfying it's stretchy if you stretch it slowly and it's so good to poke and play with and it's thick you might also use this egg because it is clear it's not green like I thought it was you can use this for other things and I think it's the cutest packaging I'm in love with I think this is going to be my favorite of all I think you might have to play with this watch a little huddle of stop this next party is a Neptune party I have my life is in a different packaging but I do have to admit I think I like this packaging more clarity it's a like ma boudin Paoli oh my gosh it's sorry thick but so nice saying this one's better than mine okay let's take this out it kind of wrecks a little bit but it's super pale we like Pelle slime and the deli look at that split it yeah that's I look at that yeah we're pretty stretched but it's so much fun oh fun to play with you play with I could play with this for hours let's put it back in its packaging hopefully we can get that up Oh quickly I just notice if the packaging looks like a planet that's why it's a circle in July that gnar I'm really late again it behind now for the prettiest thing we have unicorn purr keep packaging not so cute name okay let's open it up I love unicorns and I love slimes this is like the best match for mating seasons yeah oh wait maybe not kill it open whoo I don't destroy the packaging okay so it's like I think a bit glittery let's say haha oh the glitter look pretty okay it's such an adorable packaging oh is going ah oh my gosh is our you're good I wish I bought one let's take it out so stretchy guys okay let's hop okay oh it actually makes poking noises guys I love wimps cuz some store-bought times don't make pokey this one and the Easter Egg one are totally drawn for me oh my gosh I think we'll have to put this away or we'll be playing with a forever yes next time is this ping good PuTTY now wait bought this after save on gift shop but we have said it at a lot of other places so you don't have to have to go to see what to buy it let's open this one up whoa okay so let's poke it I think it's got a penguin in their mind without really sticking good word oh my gosh wait this is real there's a penguin bye get out the penguin we don't want to suffocate the penguin let's see how stretchy it is pretty stretchy and look little penguin so Q you can poke her with the penguin I love it makes little poking sounds but when you stretch it kind of rips sorry it's bit like jelly what else it makes farting noises who's farting sorry matura say this next time is gak like such a classic slime I think and I got this from Kmart but you can also get it from lots of other shops it's open it up basically it's super stretchy I can't wait to see how stretchy it actually is okay so it doesn't really Park at all I thought this isn't going to be stretchy okay let's stretch it it feels like it's oh my god I should be so stretchy it feels like it's about to rip when you're stretching it here Jax I'm sure some of you have had like those bad times before and I just are not stretchy this is what this feels like but the 13s is the opposite you can get this from six to eight dollars depending where you buy it but to be expensive for the amount of slime you get but it's still kind of cool because it's super stretchy so we heard you guys enjoyed this video there was definitely some parties and slides we would buy again and definitely some we wouldn't believe the links to where we bought everything in the description box down below thank you guys so much for watching this video don't forget to comment like and subscribe see you guys next time bye now let's go play with the Cudi's ha ha ha


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