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RAV is a lightweight, yet efficient application whose main purpose is to clean your HDD and removable drives from the most common threats such as autorun viruses. It is also able to continuously monitor such devices in order to prevent malware from damaging your computer.

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It is important to acknowledge that a program like RAV cannot replace antivirus software, but it merely acts as a shield for known types of worms. Moreover, the utility hasn’t been updated in quite a while, therefore it cannot be fully trusted to deal with the latest virus threats.

RAV is brought inside an out-of-the-box package which doesn’t need installation, therefore it can be placed on a Flash drive and launched on any computer. It suffices to double-click the container to launch it and get acquainted with the user interface.

In terms of appearance, RAV sports basic looks, but despite its somewhat unappealing GUI, it is intuitive enough for all audiences. The scan process is triggered automatically at program startup and is maintained active throughout its entire runtime.

The detected threats are listed in a dedicated section, while the log section records the most important actions taken during cleanup. There’s also a ‘Repair System’ function, which we couldn’t elucidate during our tests, since it doesn’t provide any indication related to the processes being carried out when it is called upon.

On the downside, RAV takes up a lot of resources during its monitoring process, eating up to 25 % of the CPU’s power at times. This, coupled with the fact that it’s outdated, decrease its value considerably.

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the Toyota RAV4 now it's bit like the actor Mickey Rourke you see back in the 1990s it was a small life yet rugged looking thing yeah over the years it's kind of Palama pounds had some unusual facelifts oh yeah you see at least the Toyotas facelifts have been a bit more successful the mick is actually like the design of this new car like this color as well that's why I've worn these trousers in homage to this wonderful colour now the interior design of this car it's pretty unusual personally I really like it but then one person's quirky is another person's weird but I think it's a bit like a budget Lexus and that's exactly what Twitter is though isn't it and some of the materials are really nice so the leatherette on here and the Alcantara effect here soft trim up there it's nice but then when you look at some of the other plastics they feel really cheap and they don't pass the car wire flick test so I mean oh that's really hard in a state and there and there so it's a bit of a mixed bag but then this is quite an inexpensive vehicle so it starts from 20 3,500 pounds which is a bit more than some of its rivals but when you consider the kit you get and you get two litre diesel engine for that it's actually really good value but there's discounts to be had so if you click up there to go to Carlile Co dot uk' you can see what deal you can get on one of these cars and anyway I can't fault this car for interior storage so the glovebox it's a decent size you also have some bizarre storage up there good toys does this thing sometimes there's cup holders here space here more here a lot of space under there as well the door bins they don't know particular big but they are actually able to hold a large bottle now if you're buying a RAV4 you should go for the Business Edition because as well as stuff like a reversing camera you also get an upgraded screen an infotainment system on the whole is relatively easy to use not the best on the market but it's not the worst if you click up there on the card you can see that in-depth video review of it and moving on to the boot this particular car has the automated tailgate and it's a real pain cuz it takes so long to open facting the time it takes to open I can send a tweet to Toyota complaining about it do a selfie of me with the slow boot and post it to Facebook they're probably but I can't complain about the rest of the boot because it's really massive and very usable got various tether points there's no load lip at all the load height is actually low so it's easy for your old dog to just leap in and out of it you've got some extra storage under there around the spare wheel now if you want to make the boot bigger you can fold down the wrist sink you have to walk around to the chairs here to do it I actually have to go all the way around to this one do to this side and then yes you do have an absolutely massive flat useable low bay it's like a van now I just shut this boot and I'll give you time to go round and put these seats back because I'll look at that right put that one back put that one back it's a bit of a faff that are easier ways to do it in other cars I'm finally ready to go but for me look at this there's just so much space in the back of this car it is unrivaled I think in this class loads of knee room loads of headroom can really stretch out it's like being in the back of a limousine really it's alright we three in the back so the person in the middle seat is fine because there's a relatively flat floor the seat is a little bit hard for them the problem is is that the people in the Odysseys won't like it so much because of the shape of these contoured seats means that their bottoms aren't quite so comfy so a Honda CRV is better at carrying through in the back but for to calm complain about this RAV4 now if you click up there you can see just what it's like with three people in the back of this guy in an in-depth practicality video you'll also be able to see just how easy it is to fit a child seat and how much stuff we could pack into its boot now though we come to the driving section of the review and here this gets a little bit confusing so if you want a diesel RAV4 there's any one inch enjoys it's a 2 litre and you're going to get it with a manual gearbox which actually it's quite nice to use and it's four-wheel drive only if you want an automatic you can either have a hybrid which has a 2.5 liter petrol engine and electric motor and an automatic gearbox and that can be front-wheel drive we can bike with all-wheel drive the other option is a 2 litre petrol engine on its own which is just 4 wheel drive and auto only so not much choice you're just going to get this engine and it's actually alright you know provides enough performance and well toyota says it will do 60 miles per gallon and looking down the trip computer I'm averaging first up as the wheel ah 45 not too bad not too great now in terms of the driving experience but it's actually better than you might imagine ok so it's a little bit on the bland side but it handles as well as you ever need a call-out this too doesn't roll all that much in the corners and it's comfy too I mean the only thing you really notice is that well at lower speeds and rough surfaces it can fidget a bit but faster you go the better it gets the only problem with that though is the fact that well you do start to get a little bit more tire roar and noticeable bit of wind whistle as well and it's definitely a bit noisier than say a Volkswagen Tiguan I do think the visibility is really good though so obviously it's sitting up high but this - is quite low so it's really easy to see where the corners of the vehicle are also these pillars they're nice and thin at the front and the back so all-round visibility is good and you can see for yourself by clicking up there to join me for a passenger ride in my 360-degree video review of this car there are some other annoying things about the Toyota RAV4 is five of them there's his nasty fake stitching on the hardly plasticky steering wheel centre is right in your direct eyeline the hybrid model has a slightly smaller boot capacity and if the batteries eat into available space the seat heating buttons are hidden way down there randomly completely outside rattling diesel engine sends awesome numbing vibrations into the cabin you can blame them to me for that they make the engine the petrol and a hybrid model all have a seat the automatic gearbox it makes this kind of noise when you accelerate however you shouldn't necessarily let these things put you off the toilet rug cause it actually has plenty of cool features RAV4 comes with twice as five year warranty that you probably ever need it because this cars made out granite I suppose made of plastic and metal mainly if you have a caRAVan you want to be eco friendly don't worry the hybrid model has a good towing capacity ah there's somewhere to store the cars parcel shelf that's totally made my afternoon you can alter the height of the electric tailgate open soon so you don't bash it in low parking spaces you get this handy boot getting system which is also perfect for trapping small animals so then overall what do I think of the Toyota RAV4 well there's just not enough engine and gearbox combinations and it's quite a bit of tire and with noise at speed but this is a hugely practical spacious car and it's very comfy to drive now if you click up they can get more information and find out the best deal you can get on a raft for a car Loco UK thanks for watching enjoyed this video please like it share it and subscribe to our Channel and click over there to watch I detail practicality infotainment and 360 degree passenger I video the Toyota RAV4 now we do spot the Easter eggs in this video it was the two Yoda's in the cars boot get it tweeters all right


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