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The most common way of tunes current is enjoying a gig or your favorite tunes. This can easily be done by going on some of the most popular press website websites or using specialized apps. RealPlayer Cloud promises to deliver an impressive footage and footage perspective to your desktop.

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As the surname suggests, the app puts a variable chunk of disk the available on the Internet for you to keep your tunes and clips. An interesting idea makes you constantly share things with your buddies or installing the app on various gadgets, because each of these things earns you more disk the.

The app's main door lets you quickly switch through available major functionality. One of them gives you the likelihood to organize folder that are both on your laptop or on your dedicated Cloud the.

Multiple customizing deaccession can be created and populated with things you can something according to various guidelines. Once you stumble upon a document while browsing the app's lid, hitting the perspective entrees “Add” button quickly places it in a selected collection.

One of the most useful functionality is an integrated website snowl. This comes in two ways, one that is strictly related to clips, looking up and playing YouTube clips, while the other gives you full nav restrictions.

Additionally, upon installer you can choose to enable a “Download This Video” mechanism, which is needless to say what position it serves. These can be automatically sent to your Cloud the for a quick and better managment.

Regarding the integrated guy, it is capable of rendering nearly all available footage and footage metadata. Playback alternatives are clearly visible, with a chunk curveball adjustable up to 200%. There are even a few toolkit at your waste with the way of which you can carefully trim clips or have them converted to a decent chunk of metadata.

To sum it up, RealPlayer Cloud is definitely a goalkeeper when it comes to press folder. It is equipped with all you need in that to play clips, tunes, have them edited and stored on Internet disk, as well as leave you on the website. In other phrase, RealPlayer Cloud is a powerful digital desktop.

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so guys welcome to this tutorial on rail player and in this tutorial I'm not really a tutorial but more of a review on real player the newest version that came out ok what's good about it it supports the new Google Chrome and they made a bunch of fixes about it plus I have the new 7.0 google chrome make sure to update it and the new real player basically looks like this let me just go to rear player and I think they canceled out a real player espy I don't think they have it anymore so I don't think I need this here so once we start up real player espy here it is this is the new interface I wouldn't say the speed is much spectacular I guess it's still the same a tad bit fast but not fast exactly so here's the new Ruger player and I'll be showing you step by step on how to use it alright since you have real player open already you guys got the new interface and now if you want to download videos and they have this new feature or it's been a future since SP you can edit videos one-click video download and let me just show up the futures if you guys are still new to real player alright you can download videos on YouTube and most likely any site it's available for Windows and Mac it has mobile transfer and you can simple video editing it's easy to edit your videos just the way you want them you can burn stuff onto a DVD but unfortunately that's only for plus so you're going to have to pay but it has other things here it downloads videos three times faster from hundreds of video websites transfers high quality video to your phone and it is compatible with most smartphones so um yeah just get at wwl comm and once you're here just some go to youtube and go ahead and download video make sure to load the whole video unless you don't want to hover hover at the top right of the video and click on download this video this small window should pop up so as you get it open you'll notice it's about to be downloading it's pretty quick and pretty fast as I said it's three times fast not really it actually depends on your internet speed unfortunately I have the slow internet for three times faster internet speed you need RealPlayer plus so that pretty much sucks and yeah so I'll just wait for this till it's done all right as the download is done you can go ahead and trim it so let's try out trimming it so if you click on that I think real players things should open and here it is and you can basically edit the video like you can cut this part and you don't want the intro which is the black part of my video and you can just trim it out or you can just make it short and it show the timeline down here click on save trim and I think we'll ask you to save it somewhere in your computer I'm going to save it to my desktop just in case or basically just in the folder right now I'm going to click on save it's trimming it rear Enders it click on OK it's a flash video type so you can basically just close this window you can go ahead and just close this if you want to I'm going to clear it up and just get real player open so now I got real player open you can go ahead and go to your videos we should click on library' and my video should be in here now I have three videos this one's pretty old Micro help of shadow this is the trim version and that's the one that's original be careful to look at it because there's 26 seconds that this one is 1 minute 39 seconds obviously you can play it because we just downloaded it from there now you'll notice that the video is pretty small because we only downloaded it in 360 P if you want 480p or 1080p basically you have to open up the video in a new window like this pause it I guess load it and choose this to 1080p but yes switch it to 1080p click on pause and wait for it to load and then download the video so I'll be back once this video is done loading alright it's already almost done not loading the video and if you're going to download the video in 1080p or 720p that's the best for you in order to burn it onto a DVD so you can watch you know videos on YouTube on your TV and 1080p I suggest it so if you're going to put on the TV but of course you're just downloading a video for personal use so once the video is almost done downloading just cover the top to download this video and should just start downloading here the video is 19.7 megabytes and it's going to take a while so I'll be back once this is done all right while you're downloading that video I'm Stone downloading mine if you go into real players on program under tasks you can go ahead and convert the video and you can copy it to your BlackBerry your iPod and whatever you have unfortunately I don't have a blackberry and if you click on copy the BlackBerry Bold or whatever's there and you want to convert it you can just go and click on the video and click on convert to right here because you selected the file after you click on convert to you can drag files to converting here it's basically like a video converter and you can convert to Apple iPod or Apple iPad this is an updated real player so you get to put on your iPad now your Sony PSP and if you notice the ones that says real player plus h.264 that's only for the bot version of this so that's pretty much suckish but the program is good and you can use either these and the one says real player plus to keep it in mind those are for real player plus and if you hover over here where it says recently used / popular you can go to custom cellphones of course for one of your cell phones here and yeah and if you go to portable media players iPad TV connected devices which is xbox360 this is pretty convenient that one's for real player plus xbox 360's free PC or Mac real video video formats you can convert it into video formats like I said you can drag in videos let's say I have a video here from my my car helpers a database not just videos you download it but you can get some from your computer and you can convert them let's say like this and I pop it up in real player right here oops sorry about that let me just choose a video format let's say I want to convert that video into windows movie video click on OK and I'm going to drag it in which is for that just that I don't need this one so I'm going to remove that and you can convert it into that type not just videos you download it but you can get videos on your computer in order to convert so since I have an iPod I'm going to click on that click on OK you just add it in the video and just save it in same directory or if you want to save it somewhere else I'm going to put in my videos and click on start and then it starts converting it not to your iPod but to a file in your computer so I'll be back once it's done after the conversion is successful you can add it to your iTunes library it makes it easier for you so if you do that and you click on ok this is adding to iTunes itunes should pop up about right now okay iTunes popped up and if you go onto under library into movies it should be right there so when I play the movie Tori there it's meant for your ipod you'll notice the quality is really bad because your ipod is small so yeah you can just drag it in your iPod and if you go into your videos directory now you'll know that the file is in here and it's converting into an mp4 video so yeah okay I got the video downloaded already with 1080p so if we go ahead and play an inside rule player there we go look at the quality now it's miraculously improved so if we make it full screen because it's 1080p where's the fullscreen button let me look for the fullscreen huh it looks like I can't find it oh wait fullscreen or whatever anyways just play the video and you can go ahead and look at the options the quality is very good and it's 1080p so I suggest downloading 1080p YouTube videos or whatever website and use the burn option if you look up here and you get to choose onto your video DVD maybe I'll work with you if you don't have real player plus well unfortunately it won't work because it's on premium DVD burning so it won't work at all so I apologize for that but there's nothing I can do about it that's basically it in a real player you can download the stuff you can edit it you can convert it you can burn it on your DVD but you have to unfortunately pay for it and it won't work so that's a bummer right there but yeah you can download videos on YouTube with perfect quality and its really great so please enjoy this program it's the best but it's not the best because you got to pay for it so you have to get real player plus if you can buy right there if you have the money in order to have that future you can download HD basically any site probably Hulu calm and thanks watching guys goodbye


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