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Restoring deleted files is a task that can be easily done nowadays, thanks to the many software solutions available and the most difficult task is to actually find a tool that really does what it's supposed to.

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Recover Files is one of the utilities that promise to help you a lot in this matter, coming with all the needed features to support its goal. This program is made to bring back the files lost either by an accidental delete or those erased by viruses.

The interface is quite simple and you won't have any difficulties when using it because all you need is a couple of clicks to operate it. Just pick the drive you wish to scan and hit the 'Analyze' button if you don't have the time to get deeper into details.

If you're a power user on the other hand, there's also a filter area that will enable you to search for a given filename with a specified size or modified in a certain period of time. Plus, you have the option to hide temporary files and overwritten ones.

The scanning process takes just a few minutes, but this also depends on the size of the discs and the filters you have configured. The undelete process, on the other hand, depends on many factors, but it's still great that it manages to recover the deleted files.

All in all, Recover Files won't disappoint you and, as we found during our tests, the recovery is swift and you will have your files back in no time. To conclude, noting that some files cannot be recovered because they have been overwritten several times, this tool can save the other documents with minimal effort.

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hey guys in this video I want to make it quick and short but I want to show you how to recover deleted files and this isn't just deleted files from your computer but it's even from external direct devices such as memory card USB flash drives external hard drives even if you've deleted files and they're gone from your recycle bin or if your computer crashed and you just can't find them no more that's what that's the kind of stuff that I want to be talking about it and I'm going to show you how to recover those deleted files very easily before I do I want you to understand that if these files have been deleted for a very long time for weeks or months and if you have installed a lot of software or other things on your computer in the meantime then the things that you installed in your computer may have overwritten those files that you think that you've lost on your computer and you may not be able to get them back but what I'm going to suggest first is to go and download this software you can download it for free it saved my files dotnet this link is also directly under the video in the description if you click on it it'll take you straight to this site and you simply click on the green button where you can download it for free and I want to show you what the software does here in just a second and how to use it to recover deleted files but you can see that this product is more than just one of those usual generic products that you're going to find on the internet but the company that makes this product they are a Microsoft Partner and they're also an accredited business from a Better Business Bureau you can check them out and get more details if you're into all that and it is for Windows so if you have Windows XP or 7 it's great for those or even Vista and so what I want to do I want to show you the software and here it is it's a data recovery software by a company called pre de logic and it works very simple if you've never tried to recover deleted files before you're not going to have any problems with this there's simply really just two options you're going to use here unless you want to recover emails as well and the first one is scan and you can choose here if you want to recover items from your hard drive even if if even if it's from a reformatted drive if you reformatted your hard drive you can still recover these files from an existing partition emails or if you have an external device hooked up to your computer such as an iPod a memory card from a camera a flash drive external hard drive or whatever you have hooked up if it has a memory device this will scan that memory and show you what's available to recover and so you can simply go through these options and just pick and it'll walk you through how to do it or you can go to the advanced scan which is also very simple and if you know the files name you can simply type it in here and search for it otherwise you just checkmark that you want to scan the recycle bin also files without names corrupted hard drive sectors and reformatted partitions and then you're going to get down here in this section and you're going to checkmark the box next to the device that you want to scan so if you have an external hard drive such as I have here on this one I would checkmark this is the one that I want to scan or if you have a USB drive or whatever you're going to check mark it and then you want to click start scan and it's going to go through and it's going to scan all these files that it can recover and it's also going to show you every file that it can recover and it's going to break them down on a list through here and it's going to list them out into folders images HTML documents whatever types of files it is that it can find let me cancel this just for a second and I'll show you in more detail what I mean by this go back here and we'll do C Drive okay and you'll see here as a start scanning it automatically recognizes these types of files and it's going to break them down to categorize them such as images documents HTML other files and there's a lot more options it will show and you can click these plus signs and it will show you the files that it can recover for you so if you want to check it out if you guys really do want to know how to recover deleted files this is the perfect software does it's not want to cost you 200 bucks you can download it for free and scan all scan any kind of device you have with memory on it and now if you do want to recover those you do have to buy the software cover my think it's like 30 bucks or something but it's really affordable when you compare it to a lot of these other products out there on the market that does the same thing and they charge 100 200 dollars for it so I just wanted to run this by you so if you want to know how to recover deleted files this is an excellent software choice to use and like I said you can find it it saved my files net and that link is underneath the video once again just click on it it'll take you here and click on the screen button to get started


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