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Recuva is a recovery tool that restores any files you have deleted from the computer.

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After a brief installation, you can access the Recuva wizard for simple steps to follow, in case you don't want to deal with advanced features.

You can specify the type of files you are trying to recover, whether they are pictures, music, documents, videos, compressed archives, emails or other types, as well as their last known location.

Recuva can be configured to search a media card or an iPod, in My Documents, Recycle Bin, in any other specific location, or the entire system and all connected devices.

If previous attempts have been made to recover the respective files but failed, you can enable Deep Scan, which is a thorough scanning process that takes a longer time.

Expert users can enjoy Recuva without using the simple wizard. All they have to do is select the drive, scanning mode (for files or contents), and file type.

When results are displayed, you can view the current state of each file by checking out the bullet color (green - excellent, orange - poor, red - unrecoverable). Plus, you can view useful information about each file, such as size, last modification and access time, comments, number of clusters allocated at offset, number of overwritten file clusters, and hex mode.

File recovery can take a long time (depending on the size and state of the file), and if the output destination is in the same drive, Recuva tells you this decreases the chances of a successful recovery.

Additionally, you can overwrite files, which means they will be completely deleted. However, this doesn't always work on files with red bullets (Recuva tells you if the operation was a success or not).

If you use Recuva to securely delete overwritten files, the software will overwrite any residual sectors and change the file status to "unrecoverable," but you can still view the contents of the files (these are recoverable too).

Except for Deep Scan, Recuva works extremely fast, and uses a fair amount of system memory. Too bad it doesn't offer quick access to a help file (Online Help requires you use a Priority Support account for Piriform).

All in all, Recuva offers immediate solutions for file recovery and is one of the best choices in this software category.

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hello everyone my name is cap and welcome back to cap tech today I want to talk to you guys about a program called recover from piriform now this is the same company that makes the very popular file cleaning windows cleaning software ccleaner this is 100% free there is a pro version you can buy but the free version usually works for what you want it to now this is not a paid promotion they don't know I'm actually making this video this is just software that I have used many many times that have had really good results with it for starters when you delete something in Windows it's actually not gone just yet what it does is the operating system flags that file as deleted meaning that the file is technically still on the hard drive it's just got a flag attached to it saying that it is deleted so it doesn't show up in the normal Windows interface and programs like recover can go through and search for all the files that have this particular flag and give you the opportunity to try and bring it back as long as the file hasn't bitten overridden once the file is marked as being deleted and has the flag on there any new files that are created or moved on the hard drive can be saved over it in the little space that it takes up on the disk and if it hasn't been taken over yet in that spot you have a decent chance of being able to recover it if it has been overwritten then sometimes the programs any program can have a difficult time trying to recover that because it's lost a lot of the data that's there now installing the program works just like it does any other ones you download an installer you get to choose whether or not you want to let it run then it brings up the main installer interface and you can either just let it run by this or click on customize and change up the way it is me personally I like to select to remove all the shortcuts and everything else and then go ahead and click install and it begins the installation process and then afterwards it'll give you the opportunity to view the release notes if you want to or just to straight-up run the program and takes you right into it the main look of the program is pretty clean and easy to follow you don't have to have a lot of background to use this I mean for starters you can choose if you want to choose a specific kind of file or file contents yeah there's a search bar you can type it if you want to the options has various different of Advanced Options to make it scan a little bit deeper which takes a little bit longer but most of the time the default is okay to go and you can choose which harddrive you want it to the search on and then over here in the search box you can actually type in the specific kind of file you wanted to look for or you can just choose a specific file type and have a search for all files okay for the sake of this example I'm gonna go under my gaming drive and have a search for just pictures to see what it comes up with now I have deep scan turned off under here just to make it scan faster so I can show you what it actually looks like when you click on scan and it'll go through one of 3 differents to get its steps looking on the drive and lastly how much damage there is there and then bring you up the available options now once it brings up all the files that it possibly found they're flagged as deleted you'll see some with green yellow and red circles next to them the green ones means that as far as the program can tell everything is ok and it has a really high likely chance of being able to recover it red means that it's really in bad shape and it's probably not going to be able to be recovered and yellow means that it can kind of go either way now over on the right-hand side you can click on the different tabs preview info and header and be able to see some really in-depth information that if you're new to computing or you don't really understand how machine code works or anything it's kind of confusing but then all you have to do is you just go through and select like the ones you want to try and recover and you can either click the button down here to recover them and it'll ask you where you want to try and recover them too and this is where one thing I can recommend that you do differently and that is to choose a different hard drive than the one you're scanning so like I'm trying to recover files from the gaming to hard drive my G Drive so I would choose something like my C Drive you have a much higher chance and success rate of recovering files if you recover them to a different Drive than the one you're on it just works a lot easier that way and you select where you wanted to click OK and then it'll go through and try to recover the files now something else that's really nice to have here to make it a little easier for you here is under the options on the very first tab here there's an option says run wizard and you can actually check the box to make it start at the wizard every time instead of loading into this interface and when you run it it takes you through and easy it says use some interface to be able to select what you want to so you go through and to is what you want to will say pictures you choose all I'm not sure if you're not sure what drive it's on it's on immediate cards and my documents or even specify a certain drive like I did in the last one so go down choose the same drive again and then you can choose whether you want to enable deep scan or not remember deep scan will make the program run for a lot longer because it's going to try and scan further down through the file systems that are flagged as deleted to see if it can find more click on start and it'll begin the scan just the same way it did the last time and bring you back to the results page here now one drawback to this program has that similar to a lot of the file recovery programs is its inability to scan micro SD cards and SD cards things that you would put in your phone that you're going to store pictures photos documents and things like that on your mobile device plugging them directly into your computer whether it's by an external adapter or straight into a slot on the computer itself it doesn't allow the program to be able to scan it just because the way the file system works so anytime I've ever had to try and recovery files from a phone or an SD card or something like that I've always had to go to a different program besides the normal ones that I always use but like I said all the programs kind of work that same way that do these basic file recoveries it's just the way they actually work is the way they're designed I don't know if they'll ever implement it so that they can scan these kinds of cards it would be very nice it would definitely be making it a whole lot more valuable but recovery is a program I've used for many many years it is one I highly recommend I've used it to recover lots and lots of files on my own hard drives that I've either deleted on accident or deleted on purpose and then needed to get back a little bit later when I realized I still needed it so that just about does it if you have any questions do drop it in the comment section below and I'll happily answer as quick as I can and if you found the video useful do me a favor and hit that thumbs up button below the video and as always in the video description below I'll put a link to the download site for the program so you can go check it out if you want to again it is free there is a paid version if you want to get a little bit more functionality out of it but the free version works just fine in most cases be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on future videos thank you so much for your time you guys have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later


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