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Keeping online threats at bay and cleaning malware components from any PC is a job for dedicated software like RemoveAny. It is not an antivirus, but rather a security solution you can use to scan the computer for spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits and Trojan horses.

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The well-developed interface makes the whole process very simple. The application relies on a very clean and simple look, with suspicious files displayed in a list in the left side of the screen. The right one presents a wide array of information regarding the dangerous processes, along with a Google shortcut to look for more details on the Internet.

Once you open RemoveAny you are prompted to choose between simple mode and expert mode, and although the latter would seem more appropriate to advanced users, there are only minor differences between the two options.

The scanning process takes less than a minute and the application remains very light on computer resources all the time. While the program provides a very simple way to remove a suspicious item, it doesn't include any documentation at all.

Once you decide to remove one of the items flagged as dangerous, RemoveAny will terminate the active process and will also clean the Windows Registry to make sure there won't be any invalid entries left on your computer. Still, it's important to note that the actual file won't be deleted from your computer.

All in all, RemoveAny can be quite a nice addition as a supplemental layer of security. Since it doesn't use a malware database and is based on behavior observation only, the software doesn't clog the system it runs on.

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hey everybody welcome to another review today I wanted to review threatfire I know it's been a while since I done threatfire and decided to you know give it another go here I also want to tell you guys that regarding testing other sweets there's really not seeing much of a point in retesting the same ones over and over even if they come out with something kind of new unless they come out with something radically different like they add a major component or something to it they're not going to do much better than what they already are especially if felt all the relying is on signatures so just kind of give you guys a heads up on what I'm going to be looking for especially if you guys request something so um so you can see threatfire is on out you know do the little update now the one thing I did change and I'm letting you guys know this is I'm going to do something different i'm going to do five links with the security level 24 and five links or so with the security level 23 which is where it comes or the default is the reason i'm going to do this is um right now this pc is only being secured by threatfire and technically it's not made to do that it's made to run alongside an antivirus so turning it up to four might give it a little bit better detection capability so let's see what it can do these are fairly fresh so so you guys have okay so it looks like it's got something there we will kill in quarantine not seeing anything from that one as you saw the first two weren't found by Microsoft this one was looks like I excellently got these two twice so I'm gonna have to grab two more and this is number five okay and I think this is number six looks like it got something there so now i'm going to go ahead and change the settings back to standard so we only saw pop up twice when it was on that setting on four ok that one's not working hard so I'm going to pause the video and I'm going to go grab two more links I'll be right back up just after I paused it i had this pop up so i'm going to kill and quarantine this and ok now I'll be back ok this also came up so I'm gonna quarantine that one now I got one here seems to be kind of happening constantly not and doesn't seem to be working anymore so that's kind of interesting was your I already got this one yep already did looks like computers kind of locked up so what I'm going to do now is another it is finally all right I'm going to try to get two more now hopefully that doesn't pop up anymore be right back okay so I got two more links and this came up again so we'll kill that I don't think I ran this one then of course that one seems to be dead so I'm gonna go grab one more Oh alright so I'm going to go grab one more i'll be right back ok so i got one more and I'm trying to get it to go in there but I keep getting this pop-up so it's definitely working away here at getting rid of the threats it's just that there's a lot of stuff on here so I'm going to let this run and there's really nothing to do here for threatfire I mean I guess I could run scan it's got some kind of scan but i'm going to do that after i restart and then um then i'll be back so instead of wasting your time watching me do stuff here that's what i'm going to do to get rid of some of this stuff out of memory after this is finished whatever it's doing okay there you go I'm going to restart the computer and then I'm going to do a scan here a full scan I guess so I will be back okay so i restarted i did a root skit rootkit scan which is what you get with this product when you do a scan and it didn't find anything you don't get a antivirus scan because you have to download it so um it didn't find anything like you saw and now we're going to do our scan with our regular stuff I also want to let you guys know that sunbelt software which owns pc tools i think yeah I think so no pc tools is owned by symantec now nevermind well anyway sunbelt software which has at viper AV was a bought out by a company called GFI and info that i could find is that basically GFI makes mail server in that type of security and now they actually get the Viper engine to use in their suite normally or in their security systems normally they use things from bitdefender kaspersky and so 4 and so on so we'll see what kind of Viper turns out to do in the future hopefully you know this will give them opportunity to get even better so now I'm going to install malwarebytes and then I better do a quick scared and we'll see what happens so I will be back when that's done see you then hey everybody so welcome back I wanted to actually I'm going to change something up I got a request to test our fire like I'm doing and I also got a request the test remove any which is a piece of software which says they can clean up an effect of the computer and I know that this computer is infected so I want to kind of turn this into a duel test here so let's set up this remove any and see what it'll do so it's going to ask me to reboot and I'll be back when it reboots ok so Windows is restarting now and see what happens also went and tried a komodo cloud scanner and they still have some more improvement to work because that didn't find anything yet so just that I gave it a try that's why you're seeing this live pc support pop up okay so let me find that remove any so let's do a simple mode scan and I'll be back when this is done okay so I did do a scan with simple mode but in the end Allah gave me was the option to submit the report to the company and have them analyzed it and that was it so now that I did a full scan it looks like it found a couple of more programs here and I guess if you hit Google here hit find it will search for it I suspect okay so it says this is found by heuristics this is off of their website too and also this one okay and I was also detected by dr. Webb so that's kind of nice so now let's see what can I do with these ok let's try scanning again can never use this program before so I'm not sure where I'm going here with it so let me pause that no nevermind oh I can't remove them okay well that's useful alright so back to scanning with malwarebytes and I'll be back okay so malwarebytes to finish scanning here and found eight things see what it found it looks like we have something in memory too trojan registry value and good amount of files here so we're going to remove all these ok that one's delete on reboots and I have to reboot and that one's also delete on reboot and so is that one and that one so I'm going to reboot and I'm gonna do another quick scan with malwarebytes and if it doesn't find anything then I'm going to do a scan with hitman pro and i'll be back when that's done either one depending on what happens alright see that ok so i ran another scan with malwarebytes and it looks like it found four more things so I'm going to remove these hopefully they'll actually be quarantined doesn't look like some of these can be quarantined especially these right here for summer for some reason some of these showed up last time if i remember right so i want to reboot one more time and then i'm going to do a scan with hitman pro and won't see what that finds okay so man pro finish scanning and all i found was a tracking cookie so that's it really you can see that as good as threatfire is it's not a replacement for an antivirus and remove any pretty much didn't do much of anything so that's it for this review but you guys liked it and I'll talk to everybody later take care


File Size: 933 KB Downloads: 65998
Added: Jan 4th 2018 User rating: 3.2
Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win Vista 64 bit, Win 7, Win 7 64 bit

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спасибо за кейген для RemoveAny

October 16, 2018, Sergio think:

Tack för RemoveAny spricka

September 12, 2018, Emerson think:

great works on my PC. Regards

February 16, 2018, anonymous think:

спасибо за серийник для RemoveAny

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